Toote Huwe Khwaab – Part 3

11 Dec

Toote Huwe Khwaab

Part 3

Maan- waise aniee


Aniee ‘ ji bhai


Aniee replied still busy on her own task


Maan ‘ what happened in handa house after I left?


Aniee looked up at him and chewed her lips, like hesitant to tell anything


Aniee ‘ wo bhai, geet did some mistake and all are angry on her.


Maan knotted his brow.


Maan- angry for 4 years?


Aniee shrugged her shoulder


Aniee- mohindar uncle is still in same condition, maybe that’s why all blamed her. But i don’t think she’s the only the person to be in fault


Maan- mohindar uncle ko kya hua? And what she did?


Maan almost snatched the red wrapping box from aniee


Aniee- bhai kya kar rahi hai aap?


Maan- aniee first tell me what happened between geet and all the people in these 4 years?


Aniee- wo bhai




Before aniee could tell her, someone knocked the door.


Don’t you bring anything for me?


Dev said while peeping his head inside Maan’s room


Maan: come inside, I thought you are already sleeping


Dev- nah, I was in study room to complete some assignment


Aniee- accha? You sure you were busy in study


Dev slapped her head in order to shut her up. Maan knotted his eye brow while eyeing both of them.


Dev- Bhai don’t listen to her bakwas. All time ready with useless babbling


Aniee- hawww, chi bro, I will definitely not help you in


Dev- baby you are going with me tomorrow, remember?


Aniee shut her mouth hurriedly as she knew her brother’s unique styles to punish her


Maan- kya chal raha hai tum dono ki bij mai? And stop talking in code languages


Nothing bhai– both said at the same time


Maan- sure? There’s nothing?


Dev- haan bhai, aap ye to bolo ki what you have brought for me?


Maan- waha bag se khud jake le lo


Dev went to open the bag to take out his gift while asking Maan about his days in UK


Dev- bhai, how you used to spend your times back there in London


Maan- Most of the time I used to come home late night. As I had to attend business parties almost every days


Dev– it’s boring


Maan- if you want to make your business well known and famous, then you better try to find the interests to go there.


Aniee- bhai, aap drink karti ho?


Maan- haan, kyun?


Aniee- drinks acche log thodi na karte


Dev- baby, there’s big difference between drinking and being drunker


Aniee- tumhara saar, bhai aap sacchi mai hosh mai to rehte ho na?


Maan- Aniee I have to drink a little bit in those parties, but not much


Aniee- phir thik hai


Maan- accha now you both go, I need to sleep. I’m feeling tired


Maan locked his room while bidding good night to his siblings. His thought went towards the previous convo again


Maan- tomorrow my first task is to ask daadi ma why she said those words against geet. If she still don’t want to say anything, then I am going to handa house


Maan said to himself. Just then his phone rang and he got busy on that phone call




Same time in Handa house:


Geet came out from her washroom while weeping her hair. She looked outside of her window and looked at the moon.


 (Imagine geet here Smile)


It was raining from last 3 days, finally the rain stopped today. But the moon is still playing hide and seek in the sky. Geet smiled to herself when she thought about today.


She went towards her bed side drawer and brought her diary with a pen, before sitting on the window.


(imagine Geet’s dress in white) 


Finally my excitement reduced today. After so many days finally I saw you today. You were so happy with all. I’m so glad that you are happy. I also wanted to be there in the list of ALL. But I know you must be moved on, like you said me to do before your departure.


One tear drop fall down from her eyes. She was so happy to see Maan coming out from the airport with his family.


She so much wanted to go towards him and hugged him tight. And tell him how much she missed him. But alas! She can’t do anything like that.


That’s why she hide herself behind the cars and saw him leaving. What pricked the most was, Maan didn’t ask about her for once. He must be moved on finally.


She again wrote on her diary,


What I can do when I myself know that all i ever wanted was what i always had? I knew what I wanted- and what I wanted was you. Too bad for me, today that is no less true that you are the one who is in my heart.No matter how many times i tell myself i’m over you, i always still find myself thinking about you. You are the one who is still inside my heart.


Geet closed the diary and looked outside. Every single relation she had changed in a blink of eyes.


The only person who trusted her was her father. Still she made him suffer in her own fault, her father is paralyzed from last 4 years.


But in these 4 years, her father never blamed her for all these ups and downs of her life. Just like always, he became a pillar to protect his child. Who trusted her more than all others who put fingers on her.


Still she made him suffer in her own fault.


Am I considering all as my fault? ‘ She asked herself


No she couldn’t. Because loving Maan is the most beautiful memories she ever had after she lost her mother.



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