Toote Huwe Khwaab – Part 4

11 Dec

Toote Huwe Khwaab


Part 4

It’s the very first day of college life. All are so excited about their first day. Every people have their own dreams that they want to complete here.


A red Ferrari stop near the college gate making all the girls gasps. Well not for the Ferrari, but for the handsome dude who come down from the car.


All know him by his name but none of the freshener saw him before. But all can guess that it’s the Maan Singh Khurana, famous businessman Anukalp Singh Khurana’s elder son. And last but not least, he’s the hottest dude of this entire college


As soon as Maan enter into the college, his friends come running towards him.


Yash: Maan what’s the plan for the rag


Maan, yash and Rahul are the three friends who always stay together in a group and they are the final year batch who will leave the college after 7 months.


Maan: come on man, its all of your works to think. And remember, for the most beautiful girl from the fresheners, tell her to have a dance with Maan Singh Khurana.  Am I clear?


Rahul: it’s nothing new, right? Its common from last 2 years.


Yash: wohi to. I was telling that


Yash’s words stopped inside his mouth when they see a BMW car stops near the college gate.


Rahul: its another freshener. Maan may be she is going to dance with you this time. Per konsa romantic song per?


Yash: may be she will be quite stylist as she is rich enough


The car’s passenger door opened and the girl come out from the car making the trio speechless.


The girl is totally in her simple college dress with two plaits with a big smile on her face.



Totally unlike from three of them’s guessing. An old driver comes out and handles her bag and she runs inside the college





Maan’s sleep broke with the ringing tune of his mobile. He smiled while remembering about the dream, about her, about his best friend geet.


Maan picked the call and answered in a sleeping tune


Maan: hey sweetheart


He listened the caller and smiled while listening


(im posting one side convo here)


Maan: sorry sweety, I was totally stuck with them yesterday and then got so much tired and just slept off


Maan: don’t even ask. I’m missing you already


Maan: yes, a lot


Maan: jaan let me just talk with daadi ma about it, then only I can tell whether she will agree or not


Maan: of course not.


Maan looked at the clock and replied,


Maan: ohh shit, i’m already late jaan, I need to rush as I will join in office today


Maan: accha listen, I will call you later, now you go and sleep, as its night there na?


Maan: me too, bye, good night sweety


Maan cut the call and went to take shower and get ready for office




The car stopped near the Handa Event Managing Office. Ramu kaka looked backward and saw the same thing. The girl is looking outside but looking at nothing specific


Ramu kaka: geet betiya


Geet came out from her thoughts when she heard him calling her


Geet: ji kaka, kuch keh rahi thi aap?


Ramu kaka: office agayi hai betiya


Geet looked outside and smiled a little, which didn’t reach her eyes like it’s used to before 4 years


Geet: oh haan, aap ek kam karna, 7 baje tak come here to take me, I will wait


Ramu kaka: thik hai


Geet came down from the car and entered her office


All the staffs wished her good morning while she smiled a little and entered her room.


Pinky came to her room behind her with a file in her hand.


Pinky: good morning mam


Geet: morning pinky, any new works for us?


Pinky: haan mam, three companies mailed us yesterday regarding arranging their parties. One is the new branded product’s lounging party, another one is their partnership with Mehta industry they want us to arrange a lavish party, another one


Geet: pinky relax, take a breath and put these files here, I will see them all


Pinky: ohk mam


Geet: now you can go, I will call you if I need anything


Pinky: ji maam


Pinky was going when geet called her from behind


Geet: waise pinky


Pinky: mam you need anything else?


Geet: nehi nehi, how’s you fever now? If you are not well then you can take a day off


Pinky: nehi mam, I am perfectly fine


Geet: ok then


Pinky gave her a long smile before exiting her room


This is Geet handa, for her every single work by her employees need to be perfect, but only after ensuring that her employees are fit and fine.




Adi alarmed everyone as soon as the black BMW stopped near the Khurana Construction. 


Yes, Maan Singh Khurana was coming today after 4 years to take the whole responsibility of the Indian branch from onwards.


Maan entered the office while all came near him with flower bouquets in order to congratulate him


Maan: what’s all this for?


Sasha the head architect came near Maan and said with a smile in order to impress him


Sasha: sir we are so happy that you are finally taking the in charge here. It’s just we wanted to show our happiness.


Maan looked at all and then told for everyone


Maan: it’s not like I’m some new manager who just joined here, it’s the khurana construction and one of the Khurana is here, so it should not be like so out of blue for you people. 


And if you guys still want to show your happiness to me, and then show it in your performance, that can help Khurana Construction to earn more profits. 


And yes, it will bring more advantage for your own as every employee’s monthly compensation will depend on his or her own personal work scale.


Now get back into your works, as I really don’t think you all need to stand in front of me to show your faces as I will only remember those faces that can actually show their brilliancy in their works.


All went back to their respective places and Maan entered his room with Adi


Maan: koi answer mila uss event company se


Adi: still not, but Maan tell me one thing, why you changed the event management at the last moment.


Maan: hai kuch baat, you go and check again if they replied or not


Adi left and Maan talked to himself


Maan: Because I want her to be a part of my dreams, that dreams for which I left everything behind. I want my best friend to organize my welcome party, as only Geet know what Maan likes


PRECAP: nehi dungi, as im not sure 😛




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