Toote Huwe Khwaab – Part 5

11 Dec

Toote Huwe Khwaab


Part 5


All went back to their respective places and Maan entered his room with Adi


Maan:koi answer mila uss event company se


Adi: still not, but Maan tell me one thing, why you changed the event management at the last moment.


Maan: hai kuch baat, you go and check again if they replied or not


Adi left and Maan talked to himself


Maan: Because I want her to be a part of my dreams, that dreams for which I left everything behind. I want my best friend to organize my welcome party, as only Geet know what Maan likes




Geet went through the Mitra’s file and then decided to take a break while reading another contact proposal. She shut off the file and forwarded her hand to pick up the coffee glass when her eyes went to the file below.


Geet: Khurana Construction


Geet mumbled while taking the file. She called Pinky inside her room. Pinky came inside


Pinky: Mam, u called me?


Geet: Haan Pinky. I was calling you to talk about this company.


Pinky: Mam, Khurana construction today send this proposal, they want us to organize their recent party as Mr. Maan Khurana is taking the place of company’s MD


Geet: who send that proposal?


Pinky: it was mailed by the manager of Khurana construction Aditya Sharma


Geet: we are denying it. Reply him saying we don’t have time to take any new project in our hand


Pinky: but mam, they are ready to pay as much as we want from them, and also they are a huge company, this proposal can make us more strong


Geet: it doesn’t matter Pinky. We already have so many projects in this month. I don’t want to take any more pressure


Pinky: ok mam


Geet: you can leave now


After Pinky left, Geet got lost in her own thoughts


Geet: Did Daadi ma told the manager to do this? Or else who will be the one? As much I know, it is only Daadi ma who’s taking care of the company. But daadi ma will never want me to meet with Maan. Then why she is again after me. I left na the way they all want me to leave. Then why all these drama all over again?




Maan almost shout in frustration


Maan: why can’t they take this project?


Adi: Sir according to them, they don’t have free time to organize any more party in this month. And we can’t also change our party time.


Maan: give me the number, I will talk with their owner.


Adi: Geet Handa se?


Maan: Haan


Adi: Sir she never talks with people without proper appointment. If you will call then her secretary will talk with you


Maan: bull shits, I’m going there. Let’s see she talks with me or not


Saying so Maan grab the car key and went out of the office in almost tornado speed, making adi startled




Pinky: But sir, I cannot help you in this


Pinky reasoned the same thing for the 15th time to the stranger who hell bends on meeting her boss


Maan: can you just please call her for once and let me talk with her, I’m sure she will talk with me


Pinky: I’m really sorry sir, I cannot do this. Mam will be angry on me. The only thing I can do to help you is help you in taking an appointment for the next available day


Maan: And when is it?


Pinky: let me check Sir


Pinky checked the papers and with a sorry face she looked at Maan


Pinky: Sir this week Mam is already stuck in many works, still I can make one for you in this Thursday. Ermmm for one hour  only


Pinky said the last sentence meekly to see the angry man in front of her


Maan: Call your mam and tell her to come here right now


Maan hissed in sheer anger


Pinky gulped down her remaining words and picked up the phone and dialed Geet’s room number


Geet: yes Pinky


Pinky: Wo mam


Maan snatched the phone from pinky


Maan: if you can give me at least 10 minutes from your so much valuables times, then can I come and talk with you


Geet: Ma.. maan, is that


Maan: Yes it’s me, and thanks a lot for remembering my name, now tell your secretary to let me come in your room


Saying so Maan returned the receiver to pinky


Pinky: I’m sorry mam, wo


Geet: its ok Pinky, let him in


Pinky: you can go Sir, Room is in 3rd floor, right side


Maan: thank you, for wasting so much of my time


Saying so Maan went towards Geet’s room




Geet heard the knocking sound and replied coldly


Geet: come in


Maan entered the room with a very angry face


Maan: why you denied arranging the party


Geet looked at Maan with the same anger


Geet: do you think I am bound to answer your questions?


Maan: what?


Geet: First of all, you barked into my office all of a sudden, harass my secretary, make a scene in my office, came to meet me without any appointment, and great now, you think I am bound to answer you whatever you are going to ask me?


Geet snapped al Maan while stood up from her chair


Maan: what’s wrong with you geet?


Maan asked startled, he thought geet will again manofy him the same way he used to do it, but here this Geet is totally new to her, he never knew this geet


Geet: what’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you maan? You are going to take a huge responsibility and behaving like a child in front of me


Maan: why are you talking with me like this? I thought you will be happy to see me after so many days


Geet: and why I will be? You are not an alien that I will be happy to see one


Maan: geet


Geet: can you please now tell me why you are here? I really don’t have too much time in my hand


Geet said while looking at her watch


Maan: I thought you were just joking


Geet: joking on what?


Maan didn’t reply to her question and asked politely


Maan: why you didn’t come to meet with me for once Geet? I came after so many days and you don’t even


Geet: you left and you came, what’s the big deal here?


Maan: it’s you who are saying it’s not a big deal


Geet: yes, it’s not. Now are you done? Come on maan, I mean, if you came here only to say hello to me, then you can just call me and say a hi, why the hell created so many scenes here. it’s not your house, learn how to be professional


Maan: im sorry Geet, may be I came to a wrong person


Saying so Maan turned to leave, but stopped near the door


Maan: I thought I came to my best friend, who always knew what that MD seat meant for me and thought she would happily do everything for her friend, but I was wrong Geet. You changed


Saying so Maan left


But the mistake Maan did was not to turn around for a second, if he did, he would see the same Geet, the same Geet who cried every time she said no to her Maan even for a small reason. He would understand Geet can never change, it’s the situation that made her change even when she don’t want to




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