Toote Huwe Khwaab – Part 6

11 Dec

Toote Huwe Khwaab

Part 6

Maan: it’s you who are saying it’s not a big deal


Geet: yes, it’s not. Now are you done? Come on maan, I mean, if you came here only to say hello to me, then you can just call me and say a hi, why the hell created so many scenes here. it’s not your house, learn how to be professional


Maan: im sorry Geet, may be I came to a wrong person


Saying so Maan turned to leave, but stopped near the door


Maan: I thought I came to my best friend, who always knew what that MD seat meant for me and thought she would happily do everything for her friend, but I was wrong Geet. You changed


Saying so Maan left


But the mistake Maan did was not to turn around for a second, if he did, he would see the same Geet, the same Geet who cried every time she said no to her Maan even for a small reason. He would understand Geet can never change, it’s the situation that made her change even when she didn’t want to





Geet was seething in anger while reading the file for the 4th time. It’s been 4 days that Maan joined as the MD of Khurana Construction and her argument with Maan here, in her office. It’s been 4 days that she rejected to work with Maan, and in these 4 days didn’t know from where Maan found out that years old contract between the Handa and Khurana, where it was signed by her father that for the 20 years Khurana company’s every party will be organized by Handa company


Pinky knocked the door and peep her head inside Geet’s room to see Geet making faces while reading the contract.


Pinky: mam, may I come in?


Geet: you head is already inside my room Pinky


Pinky: sorry mam, wo Mr, Aditya called again


Geet closed her eyes in irritation and then sighed


Geet: tell him that we are taking the project and will organize their program


Pinky: yes mam


Geet: and pinky, can you send meera all the details of this project, so that we can discuss all the requirements that Mr. Khurana wants in one meeting


Pinky: ok mam


Saying so Pinky left the room, and Geet again looked at the file in front of him


Geet: from where you get this Maan. I thought you are still dumb in searching old dirty files, and look here, you got the main contract that too 18 years earlier contact file?






Khurana Construction:


Maan smirked in his victory to see the mail send by Geet’s personal secretary. It took him 3 long days to find out that contact paper.


He knew his father by nature. His father is a man of words when it comes about maintaining relations, but in business he was very much professional and never cared about relations or friendships in business. As both the family always works together, so Maan guessed that there will be some legal papers regarding this.


Poor Maan spend his free times in that dusty room to search those papers after completing his meeting. And finally when he got some legal agreement between the Handas and Khuranas, he didn’t waste a minute to send that to Geet with a warning that he can take legal actions against her if she will try to break the contract


He came out from his thoughts when sasha entered his room


Sasha: you called?


Maan: yes sasha, take a seat. I want you to work with Geet Handa regarding the party


Sasha: with Handa? But Sir, Savitri mam told us that the party will be organized by oberoi company and


Maan: Sasha I know all these already that you are presenting in front of me now, but now hear what I am saying to you and do on that way. Am I clear?


Sasha: sorry sir


Maan: Keep in touch with Handa Company and fix a meeting in this week. Tell them directly that we don’t have much time left as they already wasted a lot of time in their dramas. And yes, give emphasis on the perfection word that the MD of Khurana Construction wants everything exactly the way he will tell to organize


Sasha: yes Sir


Maan: now you can leave


After Sasha left, Maan took out his phone and massaged someone with a content smile.



Precap: Board Meeting. Both of the MDs of Khurana and Handa – barking on each other to be on their points. Socho socho who will win the match


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