Toote Huwe Khwaab – Part 7

11 Dec

Toote Huwe Khwaab


Part 7

Maan: Keep in touch with Handa Company and fix a meeting in this week. Tell them directly that we don’t have much time left as they already wasted a lot of time in their dramas. And yes, give emphasis on the perfection word that the MD of Khurana Construction wants everything exactly the way he will tell to organize


Sasha: yes Sir


Maan: now you can leave


After Sasha left, Maan took out his phone and massaged someone with a content smile.




Geet come out of the car and looked at the building in front of her. It’s been a long time that she went inside of Khurana Construction previously. So many memories are attached here.


She smiles while thinking about the memory when she came as an internee for completing her graduation. Maan’s father suggested Mohindar to let Geet work with him. When KhuranaConstruction was there, why would she go to another place to learn the works?


She had to stand whole half hours just inside of Maan’s father’s room and had to hear long speech about what to do and what would not. When Geet was about to run away with a declaration that she would not work here, Maan’s father came inside of the cabin making Geet startled.


Well it was always Maan’s advantage of getting the similar voice like his father. And he didn’t stop playing prank on the very first day to sit on his father’s chair and making geet nervous


Those days were real fun. They used to go to the lunch and came after 3 or 4 hours. More than work they used to visit all around the restaurants as both of them liked to taste different foods from different restaurants.


Her chain of thoughts breaks hearing someone’s clearing voice just to get her attention. She looked at the person and see a girl looking at her with a warm welcoming smile


Sasha: Good morning Mam. Welcome to Khurana Construction. I’m Sasha Gupta. MK assigned me to work with you on this project


Geet: good morning Sasha. It’s nice to meet with you.


Sasha: It’s my pleasure to work with you. MK will be directly on the meeting. So can we move?


Geet: sure.


Sasha lead Geet towards the meeting room where she saw Aditya is also present.


Adi: hello mam


Geet: hello


Adi: I hope you already know that Sasha will be working with you from the Khurana Construction


Geet: yes aditya, I’ve already meet with her


Just then Maan come inside and asked Aditya why the projector is not on yet and asked about the presentation, while directly avoid Geet


Maan: looks like Handa Company’s employees become lazy that the people from that company forget about the time values


Geet: Looks like the Khurana Construction starts to work before the time so that they can be lazy in work and complete the work while taking extra time.


Maan: what do you mean miss. Handa?


Geet: I mean to look at the clock Mr. Khurana. Check the time, and in case you don’t know how to read the time I am telling you that we still have 12 minutes left to start the meeting


Sasha try hard to hide her grin to see MK trying hard to say something as a reply, whereas Adi keep looking at the pen in his hand as if looking at it is the most important work right now


Not finding anything accurate to reply Maan give an angry glare at Geet whereas Geet rolled her eyes as a reply as if she doesn’t care at all


There was a knock in the door and Meera walked inside with some files in her hand.


Meera: sorry guys, but I hope I’m not late


Geet: no you are not meera. Mr. Khurana, meet MeeraSinghania. She will be looking after your project. So you have to tell her all your requirements.


Maan: but I thought you were the one


Geet: I have many more important works to do rather than organizing someone’s birthday party, or inauguration party.


The sarcasm in Geet’s voice pain Maan a lot. but he tries his best to hide his pain and said to Meera


Maan: welcome to Khurana Construction. I hope I will be happy with your work to work in future as well


Meera: I hope so Mr. Khurana. I’m going to show you some plans, then it will be easy for you to choose something from them.


Maan: sure






After one hour:


Geet try her best not to burst on Maan while looking at him with anger. But looks like Maan prefer her as an invisible creature and continue commenting on Meera’s each plan.


According to him, some of the designs are for some fancy party, some are for some mourning ceremony, and some are for kid’s birthday party.He even commented on some themes saying they are Halloween party themes.


Where Geet is seething in anger, here the different thing was happening for Maan. Watching Geet’s tomato like red face he is feeling like pretty soon Geet will explode like the fire cracks.


It’s giving him an amusing satisfaction because one hour ago she did insult him in front of his very own employees. So it’s good to irritate her as well just like the tit for tat


Geet: Mr. Khurana do you have a ny personal choice for your party? Then you can tell us, we can custom it and continue working. Looks like you are not going to like any of her plans and she already showed you at least 30 themes.


Maan: I do not have any theme in my mind, but I also didn’t like any of hers. So what can I do now? I never knew your company become so old fashioned


Geet: then change the company and ask some other company


Maan: don’t forget about the contract Geet


Geet: then don’t dare to comment on my ability maan


Maan: then prove it by showing some good themes geet


Geet: you will get that Maan


Maan: okey, but when?


Geet: on the very next day, tomorrow we will come again and you are going to like the only one theme I will bring tomorrow


Maan: let me check whether I will be free or not


Geet: ohh don’t show that attitude to me, I know what you keep doing in this office


Maan: oh really?


Geet: yes, you know just to bossing around your employees, nothing else


Maan: geeettt


Geet: tomorrow same time i will be here with my team. Let’s go Meera


Saying so Geet left the room while keep looking at her back with a smirk


Maan: Geet Handa on action. I guess I’m going to like that


Maan murmured to himself


Precap: Will Maan like the plan?

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