Toote Huwe Khwaab – Prologue

11 Dec



It’s almost mid night. A winter’s cold mid night

All the lights in the outside were shut down

Both sides of the house’s, are looking like dark pitch black shadows

Sometimes from here to there the barking sounds of the dogs are coming, letting others know that they are awake to take care of their masters

People make sure to shut down there windows to keep their house warm from the cold winds.

But if you look closely, you will find out that in this cold breeze, one house’s only one room’s window is still open. But the person’s face inside that room was invisible because of the darkness.

The person is looking at the moon from last 4 hours, in deep thoughts.

It seems that the person is totally unaware of the surrounding and what is happenning around

It’s her daily routine from last 4 years.

Every single day she used to rush to Handa Industry at 8 am. Come back home at around 9 pm. Then after completing her works she stands in front of the window and keep looking at the moon. Until sleep comes down to her eyes

Yes, she is Geet Handa. The only heir of the famous industrious, Mohindar Handa. The famous corporate girl well known by all the industrious in India

Geet handa, who took the entire control of the Handa industry, at an early age of 20. When she was still a student to complete her graduation

Like every day, she is now looking at the moon, in some deep thoughts.

When the moon hides behind the clouds, she comes out from her thoughts. She comes back to her bed, sits down and opens the side drawer that is attached with the bed.

A black leather diary


Written above the diary

She opened the diary and came to the last side

On the date December 16th



Dard hota hai,
Dard hota hai ye soch kar
Ye soch kar bhi ki aap ko yaad tak nehi rahe ga
Yaad tak nehi rahe ga wo sare lamhe
Unn sare lamhe,jinhe mai aap na zindegi mana tha
Aapni haar ek saans me basaya tha
Aapna mana tha aap ne jaan se bhi jyada
jin ko main kabhi nehi bhul paungi
Takleef mein hoon… hoon main dard mai
Lekin mujhe pata hai
Mujhe pata hai ki waqt ki saath aap ka dia hua ye jakham bhaar jaye ga
jaise har ek din aap mere ek ek yaadein bhul jayenge
waise hi mai aap par nafrat karne wala wo haar ek karan bhul jaungi
haan… mai aap se nafrat nehi kar paungi
kyun ki ye dukh ka rishta to aab maine chuna hai
wo rishta jo aap ne jate jate khatam kar dia
par maine iss mare huye rishte ko hi chuna hai aab
aur aab…
aab mai jiyungi to aap ki iss toote huwe rishte ki naam per…
aap ka dia hua har ek yadoo ki saath mai jiungi aab…

Kyun ki aab to bas bacha hai inn toote huwe khwaab


(Poem written by Dipti_Sam, all the rights belong to the writer only, so don’t copy it for your personal use, or i will take legal actions against you)


She closes her eyes, as tears come out from her eyes. This is the only time when she let those tears fell down, when no one is there to see her pain, to wipe these tears.


From last four years this is the way her life is leading, just the way he left her four years ago


I know i know, very bad starting LOL

hope you guys will support us in this story

don’t forget to share your opinion, as we are totally confused whether you guys are going to like this saddy saddy starting or not


Loads of Love,


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