Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 51)

25 Dec



Part 51

It’s a usual morning in the Handa House. Ria came out from the kitchen with a plate and served bread to Mohindar and Arjun.


Arjun: thanks. AcchaRia, geet ne kuch khaya?


Ria: I’ve send nakul but she said she’s not hungry


Arjun was about to put the bread piece in his mouth and stopped abruptly.


Arjun: she didn’t have anything last night as well. Let me just talk with her


He stood up and was about to go towards Geet’s room when Mohindar’s voice stopped him


Mohindar: she is not a kid that you have to reminder her she is hungry now or not. When she will feel hungry she will eat something


Arjun turned to his father and said with an amusing voice


Arjun: exactly papa. She is not a kid that she cannot choose her life partner. She cannot understand who is right for her life


Mohindar: you are forgetting with whom you are talking like that?


Arjun: no papa. I exactly know whom I am talking. But maybe you forget to whom you are forcing your decisions right now. Papa she is our gudiya. You forget that? It’s already eight days. From last eight damn days she is not coming out from her room, not even talking with us. Sometimes eating once in a day, or sometimes don’t even touch the food. Kab tak chalega ye saab?


Mohindar didn’t say anything, stood up and leave from his chair without completing his breakfast.Arjun too took his laptop bag to go when Ria stopped him


Ria: Arjun, at least take a bit.


Arjun: maan nehi hai. I’m leaving. And you please take care of my gudiya


Ria: I will. But I think papa should talk with her. She tried but papa didn’t talk, and its making her condition more worst


Arjun: I don’t know what to do


Arjun sighed and left for his office.




In Geet’s room:


Geet sat on her window, hugging her teddy and keep looking outside at the small garden.


It’s been eight days now when Maan’s family left from here. She still remember how his father politely talk with Maan’s father that almost made Geet believe that he will be managed by Anukalp uncle. But everything turned out wrong when he politely refused the alliance.


Yes, Maan’s parents and Daadi ma came to their home. They even apologize for Maan’s behavior. Maan too tried to talk with her papa. Her papa talked with all finely, but later on he refused to marry his daughter with anyone who is related with music, and said directly that he cannot trust on a person who already lied on his face previously.


Later on, he declared to them that he selected one suitable boy for his daughter. And he already gave his words to that family and that too finalize his decision which he will not change. Still Maan’s father requested him to think about the children and rethink his decision. He will contact with Mohindar again.


Geet tried to talk with her father. She still remembered how her papa even refused to see her face while she was talking with him. He directly told Geet that he decided what is good for her and he wanted to see Geet happy with his selected boy. After that he didn’t even talk with her.


She wiped her tears when she heard someone knocking her door.


Ria: Geet tum uth gaye?


While asking that Ria entered the room and found Geet sitting on the same place where she saw her last night. She looked at the bed and understood that she didn’t sleep last night.


Ria: for how many days it will continue like that?


Geet: what happened bhabhi?


Ria: geetu at least talk with us baby?


Geet: I’m fine bhabhi. You are getting worried unnecessarily. I’m fine


Ria: yes I can see that. Now come on and let’s have some breakfast.


Geet: I’m not hungry bhabhi


Ria: and for many days it will continue? Did you see your face in the mirror?


Geet: I will ask for food when I will be hungry, please


Ria: ok fine. And yes, pinky called and she said she is coming to take you out. So you better go and freshen up. She will be here soon


Geet: bhabhi I will not go anywhere. I’m not feeling good


Ria cupped her face lovingly


Ria: you will feel better. Trust me geetu


Geet sighed and nodded






Mohindar entered the room and stood in front of the big portrait hanging on the wall.


He caressed the delighted big grin on the small girl’s face. His baby angel, whose one smile can remove all his pains.


After his wife’s death he didn’t have the gut to face the small girl. He didn’t want to face the helplessness as geet was a carbonic copy of his wife. Same eyes, same small round nose, and the same dimple.


But then he realized God had sent this angel in his life to remove the darkness. He was a failed man that time. He couldn’t save his dear wife, or his music. But just by watching Geet’s face he made a vow that he will never let any shadow fall on his angel’s life


He sat on the bed and looked at his wife’s picture.


Mohindar: did I break my promise Rano?


He asked to the picture.


He closed his eyes and those days flashed in front of his eyes.


He was betrayed. He was betrayed by his own brother. And later on, he was left with nothing. He was left with nothing to provide a shelter to his small boy and wife. Not even a penny to admit his wife in a hospital timely. Not a single penny to admit her on a good hospital when she was crying in delivery pain.


All his years hard works were stolen by his own brother. And those people, who earned money just by selling his music, were already sold by his brother when he wanted the justice.


He wanted his music back, but they all turned their face away saying MohindarHanda was nothing without his brother who is the real singer. And he was just a secretary to earn money using his brother.


And then the final storm came, when the bank notice came and told them that the bank had taken all his bank balance and told them to leave the house as well. He had to leave the house with his 9 months pregnant wife along with his 10 years old baby boy.


From then he hate this world. This music world is nothing but a dark shadow. When the spot light was on him, he was the star to all. And when that light was shut down, the darkness grabbed him and thrown him out of this world.


Was he not the singer, his wife would be with him. They would be together with a perfect family. He would not lose his wife. His children would not loss their mother.


Maan also lied. What if he was lying now as well? What if he was not using his daughter?


No. He will protect his family. He could not save his wife, but he will save his daughter. He cannot loss his daughter. In no ways he would let anyone hurt his daughter.


Precap: Maan and Geet’s meeting.


And yes the present is coming in next 2 updates and the story will be completed in next 6/7 parts. Try to read the notes below as I think its important

I’m pretty sad to see the continuous decrease in likes. and it can easily reflect all your boredom on my writing. So i will not make you all bore for a long time. i will complete this story in next 6/7 updates. only i know how i’m managing my personal life and still writing here rather than stop updating like many people. but its quite sad to see peoples’ negligence on my work. so its better i complete these soon. dnt wry, i will not run away but will leave after completing both stories 


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