Toote Huwe Khwaab – Part 8

25 Dec

Toote Huwe Khwaab


Part 8

Geet: tomorrow same time i will be here with my team. Let’s go Meera


Saying so Geet left the room while keep looking at her back with a smirk


Maan: Geet Handa on action. I guess I’m going to like that


Maan murmured to himself






Maan: what makes you think this theme is suitable for this inauguration party miss. MeeraSinghania? It’s looking like my wedding decoration, in which I’m not concerned right now


Meera: I think we can use this traditional theme, as it will be unique and it will create a celebration aura to all the guests


Maan: but I don’t think the program where I will be officially taking the MD seat, is actually any day for some fancy celebration? Come on Meera, wake up, I don’t want to prove myselfas any prince charming that


Geet: nor you can be.


Maan’s words were stopped by Geet’s answer. He turned his face to retort back. But then thought to choose the better option by shutting his mouth whenhe sawGeet’s angry face


Meera: its ok Geet, let me handle, and I can explain.


Geet: you don’t need to be polite with this man, where he is continuously insulting your patience.


Saying so geet turned to Maan and pronouncedeach word tightly while looking at his eyes directly.


Geet: first of all, it’s not any fancy party or any birthday party theme. For making your party unique you have to come up with some uniqueness. And if you can actually reflect a shade of Indian culture in your party, which will make the shareholders and your employees feel like studying abroad didn’t make you forget your own can actually make them feel easy to work with you in future. And this theme will make them remember this day for a longer period of time. And secondly no one will think as any wedding decoration because wedding decoration theme is not actually suitable for some danav type of person like you


Maan: geet you


Geet: and thirdly Mr, khurana don’t even make yourself a fool of considering yourself as some prince charming. Be honest and check the mirror and you will discover a vicious shrek which can actually come as a horrible dream in dark night. And then


Meera cleared her throat which made Geet realize what she was babbling in her anger, whereas Adi and Sasha looked at each other and then was gaping at their boss to see his face. Well expecting an outburst from him


Maan didn’t say anything but keep looking at Geet with an amused teasing smile.


Geet: I’m sorry wo I was


Maan: we are going with this theme


Saying so he looked at Adi,


Maan: Adi list down the entire requirement neededwhile discussing withMeera. Make sure she got every kind of helps. And start this from today itself. You trio can discuss everything in more details in sasha or your room


Adi: ok Sir. Come on Miss, come Sasha


Meera: I will meet you in office then


Geet:ya ok meer, bye. I’m leaving for office


Meera: okey, bye


As soon as they left, Geet started to pack her files and picked her bag to leave, when Maan stopped her by holding her hand. Geet didn’t say anything, nor jerked his hand. She knew she would not burst like that in front of everyone here


Maan: you still didn’t change Geet. And let me please you to say that I really liked YOUR idea, a lot


Geet looked at him dumb folded


Geet: I, I didn’t


Maan: I know it’s yours. I know you Geet. I know you much better than you know yourself. I know it’s your plan.Every details description here is illustrating your work. I wanted you to prepare everything on my special day. I wanted your touch in all these as my best friend’s wish for me. And no need to lie to me because I know my Geet’s works. And I know my Geet


Geet jerked her hand away from his grip and looked back at him


Geet: if you think that you can make me work on it, then let me tell you maan, you will never succeed in it. Because it’s the very last day I’m here in your office doing any work related to this program. From onwards Meera will do all the work. So you are still pretty bad in guessing Maan.


She turned to leave and stopped near the door. She didn’t turn back to Maan but said in a plain voice


Geet: don’t waste your time to understand me Maan. You will never be able to know this Geet. That old Geet died long time back and nothing left other than some ashes which is nownow standing in front of you.


Saying so geet left with teary eyes, where Maan keep looking at her retreating figure.


A single tear drop fell down from his eye. The pain on her voice just made him more helpless. How he wished to embrace Geet and ask her every damn question he wanted to ask her.


He wants his old bubbly Geet who used to run to him in her small problem and would make a baby face and tell him to take away all her pains






Geet went inside of her car still trying hard to not to cry


Ramu Kaka: office le jaunbetiya?


Geet: nehi kaka, maaki pass le jaiye, bohut din huyaunn se milinehi


Ramu kaka nodded and started the engine


Geet sighed and looked outside of the car, letting those tears fall down from her eyes.


Each day thousands of memories keep flashing in front of her eyes. No matter how much she tried not to break down, but she cannot forget the betrayal.


She didn’t know whom to blame, herself or those people who pushed her away, or to those who turned their faces after their own benefits.She wanted a place to cry her heart out but didn’t know to whom to go, to get some peace.


Precap: Some past revelation and yes take a look on he note below


I’m pretty sad to see the continuous decrease in likes. and it can easily reflect all your boredom on my writing. So i will not make you all bore for a long time. i will complete this story in next 5/6 updates. only i know how i’m managing my personal life and still writing here rather than stop updating like many people. but its quite sad to see peoples’ negligence on my work. so its better i complete these soon. dnt wry, i will not run away but will leave after completing both stories 

and thnx to those who are supporting me by commenting and liking my updates


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3 responses to “Toote Huwe Khwaab – Part 8

  1. Pam Kaur

    December 26, 2013 at 12:15 am

    not bored just busy sometimes life takes over and u don’t have time its not personal believe in yourself your a great writer and continue

  2. ushankitvc

    December 26, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    awesum part…..loved it…very curious to know what happened in the past….plzzz we r not bored…would like to read more of ur work

  3. sanghita0000

    February 21, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    nice update


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