Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 52)

06 Jan



Part 52

Geet: aab ye Pinky kaha chala gaya?


Geet talked with herself while checking her watch. It’s been eight days Geet came back from Mumbai, and after eight days Geet came out of the house with Pinky.


She tried hard to avoid the outing, but didn’t know what went on Pinky’s head that she kept telling the same thing.


She needed to walk in the park to loss her weight and only Geet is perfect to give her the desired company. Then Ria too agreed with Pinky and now here she is waiting for that stupid Pinky, who went almost 10 minutes ago just to but a water bottle.


As it’s a working day. So at this time very few people are present in part. Mostly the couple, which made her remember those days in Mumbai. She and Maan’s outing days.


She felt someone sitting beside her and turned to tell that she’s taken this seat for her friend.


Geet: bhaia ji, I’ve taken this seat


But her words stuck in middle after seeing the person


you are looking like a vampire, trust me


Maan’s Monolog:


I was trying hard to smile to feel her good. But the moment I saw her, I felt like someone stabbed on my heart with a sharp knife. She was looking pale and lifeless. Dirk circles were visible on her eyes.


I saw her shocked, and then saw one glance of the same twinkle returned on her eyes to see me. But then big fat tears made their way outside of her eyes. And I couldn’t control myself to cocooned her on a tight hug.


“sshhhh, don’t cry jaan, please”


In reply I just felt her hugging me more tightly, like not to let me go. Her tears were making my shirt wet. I understood that she would not stop. So I just tried to make the environment less complicated and joked with her


“People are looking Geet. They will seriously hit me now. Please don’t do that. I am just a human being, not some superman that I will be able to even stand after their free wash service”


She cried and chuckled at the same time. But didn’t leave me, nor move away from the hug. So I keep her close to my heart and patted her back by bringing her more close though it was not possible as she was already glued with me.


End of monolog


After sometimes Geet looked upward and keep looking at his face. Her head was just on his heart while hands were hugging him by his waist.


Maan: hey, you ok?


Geet: I will die without you Maan


Geet said trying hard not to break down but tears keep falling from her eyes.


Maan: ssshhh, you are hurting me more jaan. I just came here to find some peace and you are making me feel worst jaan


Geet wiped her tears and tried hard to give a smile to him


Maan: I missed you


Geet: I can’t handle it anymore Maan. I can’t even think about living without you


Maan: and you are not living without me jaan. Do you trust me?


Geet: more than anything I trust you maan.


Maan: then keep that trust on me


Geet: I’m sorry for that day. I know daadi ma, uncle, aunty must be angry on me for papa’s behavior


Maan: hey, there’s nothing like that. Even no one is angry on you, nor on your papa. Geet you need to understand that here I’m the one in fault. No one else, ok? If I would not lie to your papa, all these would never happen.


Geet: you apologized for it na? I don’t know what’s wrong with papa. From the childhood, I always saw his hatred towards music, but I don’t know the reason Maan. But I never thought he would be this much harsh over this matter.


Maan: and you need to know this


Geet: what?


Maan: yes Geet, now only this path is left for us. You have to talk with him. You have to make him share his pain with you. Only then we can make him realize that I’m not that much bad. His past stopped him from singing, apart him for music, and not letting him forgive me. You have to talk with him. You have to know the trust. Then only I can confront him, prove myself to him and win his heart for asking your hand.


Geet: he’s not even talking with me. It never happened before, you know?


Maan: I know that love. But you have to talk with him as he will not even see my face, forget about talking with me for one minute.


Geet: I will talk with him


Maan: and talk politely. Don’t be hyper or act like a cry baby


Geet: I’m not a cry baby. I cry when I am extremely sad. And what you expect me to do when I am not even sure whether I will be able to stay with you or not.


Maan: we will be together, forever and ever, you get that?


Maan said while pecking lightly on her lips, making geet blush


Maan: but if you will stop eating and turned like a witch, I’m sure on the very first day of our marriage I’m going to run away.


Geet: shut up maan, will you? And by the way, what are you doing here? You were supposed to be in Mumbai right now. When you came back here?


Maan: I never left actually.


Geet: what?


Maan: how can I leave when my jaan is here in Delhi?


His one simple word just brought wide grin on her face and she hugged him tightly.


Maan: waise let me inform you, I am going to participate on a live concert in Delhi


Geet: really?


Maan: yes, and may be one or two live performance of mine


Geet: I want to go there


Maan: you? But how?


Geet: what do you mean by how?


Maan: I mean to say, there’s so many problems in house. Do one thing, it will telecast on TV, you can watch from there


Geet: Are you mad? I mean seriously?


Maan: what?


Geet: how can you say that? It’s the very first time you are going to perform live. And I will not be there?


Maan: but Geet?


Geet: at least think about what people will say? Maan Singh Khurana’s girlfriend is not in his first concert?


Maan: well we can easily tell that Maan Singh Khurana’s girlfriend was busy to be Maan Singh Khurana’s wife that time


Geet: shut up Maan


Geet snapped at Maan while trying to hide her blush by hiding her head on his chest.


Maan smiled at his childish woman. How easy it is to make her forget all the tension, when he was hell worried to even think about what to do right that moment.


Pinky looked at them from a distance and smiled to see her best friend smiling after so many days. That was the only option left for her to make geet understand. So she contacted with maan last night, and brought geet here to meet with maan.


“May be this is what called as the true love” – she thought to herself and smiled.


Precap: Well present time begins from next update

and yes, as i’m done with writing Sargoshiyan completely, i will give double update if i will get 90+ likes

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  1. ushankitvc

    January 7, 2014 at 7:26 am

    awesum part…atlast pinky helped maneet meet…loved their convo…continue sooon


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