Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 53)

07 Jan



Part 53

“Geet where are you” – Ria called from upstairs.


She went to Geet’s room but couldn’t find her so called her loudly


Geet: I’m in Kitchen Bhabhi


Ria came inside and saw Geet cutting vegetables.


Ria: Geetu, are you hungry? You could tell me. Now come on tell me what you want, I’ll make it for you


Geet: no bhabhi. I am just preparing lunch for papa


Ria looked at her shocked and then gave a knowing look to her. In reply Geet gave a wide grin


Ria: so? Am I missing something?


Geet shrugged her shoulder.


Geet: I thought as I have to make him understand that Maan is not bad for me. I have to talk with papa for that. So why not making lunch for him and during the lunch time we will talk.


Ria: fine. It’s a good idea. But why it came all so suddenly, when madam was not even talking with me from last 8 days?


Geet: Maan suggested this


Ria: what? Don’t tell me you talk with him


Geet: I meet with him bhabhi.


Ria: honey you know how things are going. You shouldn’t


Geet hold Ria’s hand and looked at her sincerely


Geet: I know bhabhi papa is strict in his decision because he wants my happiness. But I have to make him understand that my happiness lies with Maan only. Bhabhi I will not take any wrong path or hide anything from you all. But I can’t live without Maan


Ria sighed. She too saw the honesty on Maan’s eyes when he came with his parents. And if he was not serious about Geet, he would not come with his parents. And Arjun’s thoughts too now softened towards Maan as he wants to see his sister happy.


Ria: just don’t be childish while talking


Geet: you too think the same?


Geet asked while pouting


Ria: why Maan too said the same?


Geet: don’t disturb me now. I’m busy in cooking


Geet said trying to act so busy


Ria laughed at that and caressed her hair fondly.


Ria: Arjun called to tell that I have to attend one lunch party with him. Is it ok honey?


Geet: haan bhabhi, no problem. I’m totally fine. So go and enjoy


Ria: you sure


Geet: of course


Ria: fine then, I’m calling you brother


Saying so Ria left and Geet got busy in preparing her papa’s favorite dishes.






Mohindar came to the dining hall for his lunch. Ria called him and told that she and Arjun were leaving for lunch with Arjun’s colleagues. So he knew that he had to complete his lunch alone as Geet would not eat with him.


But what made him surprised that Geet was sitting at the table and was putting foods on his plate.


Mohindar slightly avoided Geet and sat down on his chair. It’s been so many days that he didn’t see Geet’s one single glance.


Geet: I made your favorite foods papa


Geet said slowly


Mohindar: hmmmm


That’s what Geet got as a reply


The lunch was continuing silently, as both of them was totally unsure of what to say.


Geet: how’s the food papa?


Mohindar: it’s good


Geet: papa, can I talk with you about something?


Mohindar stopped eating and looked at her daughter


Though Geet was acting normal like nothing happened, the pale face and dark circles of under her eyes can visualize how she is living her life


But Mohindar’s past and fear of losing her only daughter came in his mind again, making him hard again


Mohindar: if it’s about Maan, then no use of it Geet. I already told you my decision. That boy is not right for you.


Geet: just talk with him for one time papa, please?


Mohindar: so that he can again tell some more lies and manage me to agree with his lies


Mohindar snapped making Geet more scared. No matter how much angry his papa used to be, he never showed that on her.


Geet: he is not a liar papa. And he is truly ashamed of his act. He was about to tell you all everything but his dad was in hospital. So he had to leave that day papa


Mohindar: I know what is right for you Geet. Don’t behave as if you know the world more than mine.


Geet: it’s not like that papa. Please at least one


Mohindar stood up without finishing his food


Mohindar: they all are same. Greedy and hungry for fame and money. And remember that I saw the world more than you all. And it will be good as soon as you forget that boy and move on in your life


Saying so mohindar started to leave, but Geet’s voice made him stop in middle


Geet: why you hate music and singers? Why this hate for Maan? He didn’t harm any of us nor did he have any intension to hurt us. Then why this hatred? And I love him papa. It’s not some doll in my hand that you will say to throw and in return will give me another. And I will completely forget about the previous doll.


Geet said from behind, trying hard to control the anger, frustration and pain.


Mohindar: you want to know? You want to know how your father faced the whole world turning against him only for the lust of money. They all are the same. My own brother betrayed me and stole my writing and songs. All those people who used to earn money by composing my music, selling my music, they all back stabbed me on my back just for some more money. I lost every small thing that I earned even my own house. I could not able to provide good treatments to your mother when you were nesting inside her. She fell down and I had to admit her when it’s only 7 months. Am I wrong to protect you all? Or wrong that I want to save you from these cruel people?


Geet cried to see the helplessness on her father’s eyes


Geet: papa I


Mohindar: you will not contact with that boy anymore. And you will listen to what I will say you to do. I will talk with Singhania and they will come with their son. If they will like you, I will go for this alliance. And it’s final Geet. I have had enough of your childishness.


Geet: it will never happen papa. If they were wrong that does not mean that Maan is also wrong. If they were lied for money, that does not mean that Maan will also lie for money. He does not run after money and I know him. I will not meet with anyone, forget about marrying someone else


Mohindar: you know what Geet? I was wrong. I was wrong to protect you both away from every cruel people. I was wrong to pamper you in everything as I never thought my daughter will stab me one day.


Geet: papa why don’t you understand that


Mohindar: I was wrong by accepting your mother’s decision when she told me to choose you over her. Or else I would never lose my wife over a daughter like you


Saying so Mohindar left. While Geet stood on the same place, totally shocked and numb. Mohindar’s every word meant nothing for her. But the very word that her mother died as they choose Geet to survive reached her ear. That only sentence only made sense and pierced her heart completely.



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