Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 54)

07 Jan


Part 54

Maan looked at his phone and saw it’s from Geet’s landline.


Maan: so madam is already missing me?


Geet: Hmmm, where are you?


Maan: geet you ok?


Geet: yes. I’m fine Maan. Where are you?


Maan: on my way to pinky’s home


Geet: pinky’s home? Why?


Maan: actually this morning someone was asking for her boyfriend’s concert ticket. Just going to give those ticket’s to Pinky. Tomorrow at 2 pm. don’t forget and don’t be late. Adi will bring you both in backstage


Geet: Maan I want to meet with you


Maan: yes jaan, we are again meeting tomorrow.


Geet: no I want to meet now


Maan: now? Did you talk with uncle?


Geet: yes, about that only


Maan: everything ok jaan?


Geet: yes maan everything is ok now. Can you meet me in xyz park? Then I’m coming in half hour.


Maan: okey I’m coming. I will give these tickets to you then.


Geet: hmmm, bye then. Don’t be late


Maan: ok bye


Maan put the phone on his pocket and turned the car while calling Pinky.


Maan: haan pinky. Listen I’m not coming near your house. Wo geet wanted to meet so I will give the tickets to her only. You both don’t be late tomorrow, ok?


Pinky: it’s not right jija ji. I was the one who helped you both to meet today. And you both are planning for date without even informing me. At least one small treat would not hurt na?


Maan: Sali ji, you will get your treat tomorrow. For now, let me enjoy my date with my jaan


Pinky: then I don’t have any problem. And also I don’t want to be bore between two hopeless romantic couple


Maan: oh really? I will see how romantic you will be.


Pinky: ok ok, now go. And don’t forget to give the tickets to Geet


Maan: yes I will give them. Bye Sali ji


Pinky: bye jija ji






Maan came out from the car and saw Geet already reached there. The shy was turned black in clouds looking like any moment heavy rain will start.


Maan: jaan, the rain will start any moment. Couldn’t we talk tomorrow?


Geet: no maan, it’s urgent


Maan: okey fine. Let’s go to some café where we can sit and will talk


Geet: no I have to leave early


Maan: accha at least lets go to the car. And here take these tickets or else I will forget later and then pinky will start her curse session.


Geet: I can’t take them


Maan: what? Madam you were the one who said that you will never miss my first concert, and for that I had to manage these last tickets for me. So better stop joking


Geet: maan I can’t maintain this relationship


Maan looked at Geet totally shocked.


Maan: Jaan what is it? Did uncle said anything to


Geet: no no. it’s not about papa. It’s totally about me and my feelings.


Maan: what do you mean?


Geet: Maan I can’t go against my family. So I’m ending this relation here


Maan: Jaan relax. Let me talk with uncle. I will come to your house tonight. Then I will talk with him. I’m sure nothing will be more prior to him than his daughter’s happiness.


Geet: and for me, no other relation is prior than my father’s relation with me. I cannot hamper this relation. And I thought about this. I’m feeling that much sad while talking this decision. May be its just my childish attraction towards you. We spend times together when I was apart from my family, so thought it as love. But now when I’m here, seriously Maan I’m not feeling the same attraction towards you


Maan: Geet stop it


Maan hissed at her words


Geet: no Maan, this is the truth. For me my father my family is everything. You know I used to like your songs, then drool on you imagining some handsome faces. And with times, these feelings now also start to disappear


Maan jerked her towards him while grabbing her shoulders


Maan: it’s not any mere attraction Geet. Mind your words and tell me correctly. Did anyone tell you anything?


Geet: no one told me anything. I went home and think about everything from the beginning. You know I don’t feel that deep feeling about you and


Maan: shut up Geet


Geet: please Maan. It will be good if you too understand it. The sooner you will accept it the better it will be for you and your career. In future you will get more girls like me who will drool on your success. And I’m sure among them you will find a perfect girl


Maan: Geet stop these bull shits


Geet: move on maan. I just wanted to tell you everything clearly. So called you I need to leave


Maan: don’t do it Geet


Geet: I’m doing the right thing Maan. Thanks God that I understood that it’s not love. Or else in future no one would be happy. Good bye Maan and all the very best for you future.


Saying so geet started to leave. She came out near the park gate and called a taxi. She was about to get inside when Maan pulled her from behind.


Maan: don’t do it Geet


Maan pleaded helpelessly, not understanding what else to say to make Geet understand.


Geet: move on Maan


Saying so Geet came out from his hold and got inside the taxi. Maan keep looking at the taxi till it disappear on the traffic.






A girl’ a simple girl’ is sitting in front of the mirror’ wearing deep red lehenga’ but there is no one to help her to get ready’ no one is here’ nor its her wedding day’


She is sitting alone’ her eyes are swollen and red’ continuously tears are escaping from her eyes’ but there is no one to wipe off her tears’


“Where are you mumma’ your gudia need you today’ Papa is not here with me mumma’ just the way he promised you one day'”


She looked at herself in the mirror’ more tears make their way out’


“You promised me Maan’ that no matter what happen you will always understand me’ then why you just turned away from me’ for once at least tried to understand what my heart wanted to tell you today’ you loved me from three months’ but I’ I loved you from the day I started to dream’ started to dream about my future’ started to dream about my prince’ when I heard your voice I started to consider you as my husband’ how could you even think that you didn’t mean anything to me'”


“You mean my world Maan… you were always special for me… you are still special for me Maan… you are still my reason to breath… but what I could do Maan… i can never go against my papa’s will… i can’t be happy with you if my own father is against our relation… nor i can live without you…”


She opens her drawer and takes out a bottle of sleeping pill… and start walking towards the balcony…


It’s raining outside… like the way her heart is bleeding in pain… she reminded about her past days… she was the ladli of her father… but now her father doesn’t even look up at her face…


The rain reminded her about her past…the sweet memories with her Maan… their 1st kiss… their 1st confession of love…


She is sitting in the balcony from past 10 minutes… cuddled up with her heavy dress… it’s her mother’s wedding dress… she always wanted to be the bride of Maan… wanted to hold his hand in front of the world… wanted to declare him as her prince proudly… but destiny planned something else for her…


Drenched in rain she cried her heart out… “Kash Maan, kash aap yaha hoti meri maang varne ki liye…to mai aapki hi bankar aapni aakhri saas le pati…”


Everything in front of her started to blur… then turned dark… she closed her swollen eyes…


It’s raining from so long. Arjun and Ria reached home very lately at the same time, as on the way back to home their car’s engine stopped and it took a lot of time to start the car again.


Mohindar too returned home at the same time. Mohindar directly went to his room, where Arjun went towards Geet’s room


Ria looked at their retrained figures, everything change now, in a matter of one week this family’s happiness turned into a dark shadow now.


Whenever Mohindar came from any journey it was Geet who used to came first to hug her father and started to tell each and every details against her brother,Arjun. And now she used to sit in her room all day long, after like 8 days, she stepped outside of her room. She just hope Geet will get her happiness


Now a days Arjun also become upset for her gudia, though Geet is telling them that she is fine, but her face tells all the truth, what’s going on her now.


Arjun tried many times to talk with her, to make her realize everything is alright, but their Geetu is upset as her father stopped talking with her. And it’s the biggest punishment for her. Don’t know when everything will be like before


Arjun knocked Geet’s door many times,


Arjun: Geet, gudia, open your door, hum pounch gaye ghar pe


But no reply from other side of the door


Ria come near Arjun and whispered,


Ria: maybe she is sleeping Arjun, let’s go, you can talk with her tomorrow morning


Arjun looked at Ria in moist eyes, its making him weak to see his gudia living like a dead body


Ria cups his face and smiled a little and said,


Ria: don’t worry, she will be fine soon, we are here for her, right?


Arjun nodes and both headed towards their room






In Mohindar’s room:


Mohindar come from the washroom and go to the bed, while switching off the light he finds a paper folding near the table lamp.


He takes his spectacles and takes the paper, he opens it and understands that its Geet’s handwriting



When i was born,
You were there to catch me when i fall, whenever and wherever.
When i said my first words,
You were there for me,
to teach me the whole dictionary if need be.
When i took my first steps,
You were there to encourage me on.
When i had my first day at school,
you were there to give me advice and help me with my homework.
You were there for me through all the times and more, the good and bad.

But you this child made you sad, made you cry

I’m sorry papa, but I never wanted to do it in my wildest dream

I can’t choose Maan over you, nor I can live my life without Maan

So I decided to stay with both of you, but in this earth it’s not possible

I choose to go and stay with mumma, from where I can see both of you

I know you don’t wanna see my face, but can’s take my last breathe happily without telling you that how much you mean to me papa
So i just wrote this to say ‘I LOVE YOU PAPA!!!”

(some lines are copied from Books of quotes, and i add my own lines with it, i hope no one will copy it in future)


As soon as he completes reading the letter, his facial expressions change. The paper slips from his hand and he ran like a maniac towards Geet’s room, while shouting for Arjun.


PRECAP: Some Reality check to Mohindar, by none other than arjun


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3 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 54)

  1. maaneet0887

    January 8, 2014 at 6:32 am

    😮 what happened to geet now?waiting for more yaar continue soon!

  2. ushankitvc

    January 8, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    OMG!!!!geet committed suicide….what willl happen now???continue sooon

  3. Indiegirl

    January 12, 2014 at 3:15 am

    Hope Geet survives and her father will accept Maan ….


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