Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 55)

14 Jan



After reading all yours comments, I feel like explaining two things. So read below as it’s related to the story.

Firstly, you all are highly angry on Mohindar for his stubbornness and not accepting Maan. Come on Guys, he’s a father after all. So he feels over protective towards his daughter’s security. And it’s normal as a father. So mohindar is not wrong in his place. I can share my Abbu’s one thought for this. Though he doesn’t have any past but still he always declines all the proposals that keep coming for my elder two sisters if the boy stays in abroad. According to my Abbu he doesn’t know whether the boy is dancing in bars with so many girls or taking alcohol in abroad (as alcohol is prohibited in Islam). So he directly says a BIG no to those proposals no matter how qualified those boys are. And it’s just the protectiveness of my Abbu that he wants to save us girls to stay living happily in front of him and want our secure future. Same thing goes for Mohindar, I guess. But yes he should get a reality check as well

Secondly, STOP abusing my Maan. He can’t just run behind Geet and get inside of Handa Mansion, can he? Already Geet was facing enough problems, so he cannot go to her house right now. He had to try something else and has to talk with Geet by taking someone’s support.

And oh yes, I’ve got my 2nd spammer in Sargoshiyan Thread. So this update is specially for the two spammers, Vanshi and Deviraju


Part 55


Pinky yawns and looks at her phone, which was ringing continuously


Pinky looked at the screen and saw Maan calling


Pinky: Jija ji , now please don’t tell me to go to Geet’s house as you need to talk to her. Its 8 pm now


Pinky joked


Maan: Did you talk with Geet?


Maan’s voice and seriousness on his tune made Pinky realize that something was in a mess


Pinky: Maan is everything all right?


Maan: I don’t know Pinky. Geet came to meet with me in the park and then she was just talking about some useless stuff. I don’t understand what’s running on her mind. I was trying to call her but her mobile is also switched off.



Pinky: hold on Maan. What she said to you? Is everything all right between you both?


Maan sighed and said in a frustrated tone


Maan: it was all my mistakes. If I would not tell her to talk with her father, this would never happen. I’m sure Geet’s papa told her something and she is hurt. Pinky can you just call on her landline and make a conference call with me. I cannot call her in landline


Pinky: I will do it, but what she said to you? Why are you so worried for?


Maan: she was talking about breaking up with me


Pinky: bull shits, that stupid fool, you just wait and let me talk with her. She’s gone now


Maan: pinky, just don’t tell her anything. I need to talk with her and make sure she is fine. Don’t know why I’m not feeling right


Pinky: don’t worry Maan. Ria bhabhi is also there in home. Nothing will happen with her. It might be like uncle told her something in anger and she is upset over it


Maan: yes, I know. Can you just call her and connect our calls together so that I can have a talk with her


Pinky: yes sure. Just hold on I’m calling her


Maan was walking restlessly on the room while Pinky was calling on Geet’s landline number. But no one was answering the phone.


On the fourth time, Nakul their caretaker received the call.


Nakul: hello


Pinky: dada it’s Pinky. Where’s Geet? Call her and tell her that I want to talk with her right now


Nakul: didi Geet didi is not at home


Pinky: not at home? Where’s she at this time?


Nakul: wo all went to the hospital, madam took so many medicines all together. Then Arjun bhaia and uncle ji broke the door and went for hospital


Pinky: what? Oh my God. Do you know in which hospital?


Nakul: no didi, they didn’t call back in home. And it’s almost 2 hours now


Pinky just cut the call as soon as she heard the sound of some glasses fallen in floor. She understood it’s done by Maan


Pinky: Maan? Maan you there?


Maan: I shouldn’t let her leave that time. I knew something was wrong when she was talking all that. How I let her leave? I shouldn’t


Pinky: Maan just calm down. Let me call Ria bhabhi and ask her the hospital name. Just wait for my call Maan. Maan do you hear me? Just wait for my call


Saying so Pinky cut the call.


Maan rushed towards the cabinet to grab his shirt. He doesn’t care anymore. He will go to his Jaan, no matter what no one can stop him now. He tried to be polite with others and let them decide their life, but not anymore. He had have enough now


Maan received Pinky’s call in the very 1st ring


Pinky: city hospital. Maan just don’t do anything wrong please. I’m on my way. We will go inside but together. Please Maan don’t make the situation worst. For Geet’s sake, please Maan


Maan: just don’t be late. Come soon


Saying so Maan locked his hotel room, rushed outside while dialing his mom’s number.






Geet’s painful screams can hear from outside of the room.  Arjun was looking inside of the room in every 5 minutes, whereas Ria’s tears were nowhere to stop.


As soon as they reached in the hospital with a pale and cold Geet, doctor informed them the medicines already started showing its reaction. So they moved her for stomach wash immediately.


As soon as a sister came out from the Mohindar, Arjun and Ria rushed towards her.


Mohindar: sister my daughter?


Sister: We cannot say anything right now. Sir told me to give you this form to sign in as patients health is not in a good condition


Ria: form?


Sister: yes mam. Patient’s guardian needs to sign this form with the condition that we will try as much as we can but if the patient cannot able to survive or in future the patient will not be able to live as a normal person, the hospital will not take any liabilities.


Arjun: she will be fine na?


Sister: we are not sure if she will be fine after her stomach wash. If not then we will have to change the blood of her whole body as well. You guys have to sign this form, only then we will continue our procedures.


Saying so Sister gave the form in to mohindar’s hand and went inside the room.


Mohindar was about to go towards the chair seat to fill the form when Arjun asked him from behind


Arjun: what did you say to her papa?


Mohindar: Arjun?


Arjun: Ria was telling me during lunch that Geet herself came out of her room and was cooking your favorite dishes for you. She was in a good mood and was telling Ria that she will talk with you today. Then what had happened in between those 4 hours that Geet took such step?


Mohindar didn’t reply.


Arjun: what did you say to my sister? She was not a girl to take such huge step. You must said her something big. What did you say to my sister?


Arjun asked with a loud voice while other people on the corridor looked at them. Ria pulled Arjun by grabbing his arm


Ria: arjun people’s looking, stop it. We will talk about all these later. Now it’s not the right time, please?


Arjun didn’t reply to her and told to his father in a grave voice


Arjun: your brother betrayed you that will not mean that Maan is also a betrayer. If he was he would do something wrong with Geet in these 3 months and left her in Mumbai. He would not come with his family. I never knew papa that your anger will let you step this much low. Because of your own perception today your own daughter is fighting on that room just to breath. I wish mumma was here today with Geet then no one would be able to hurt my sister like you did from last 9 days.


Ria: Arjun please, let’s go


Arjun: you failed on your promise papa. You promised mumma that you will take care of Geet and today you are the one for whom she is suffering here. Mumma will never forgive you. And yes, I will not leave you if anything will happen to my gudiya


Saying so Arjun took the form from Mohindar’s hand and left from there


Ria: papa wo Arjun was just hurt so he just blabbered what came in his mind. Please aap


Mohindar: no beta, he said the truth. I failed to take care of my daughter. Your mother in law must be angry on me today. i was so engrossed in the past that I never thought in the name of protecting my daughter I was throwing her near death. I was I just


Ria: papa please calm down. Everything will be fine. Nothing will happen to Geetu.


Mohindar: no no, nothing will happen to her. I lost my wife but I will not let God snatch my daughter from me. Then for whom I will live beta?


Mohindar asked Ria while tears welled up in his eyes. Ria too cried. She doesn’t know what to say to handle the situation.


Precap: Arjun heard the sound of someone approaching and looked up. What he saw made him guiltier.


Maan stood there folding his hand together in front of him while said in a pleading voice. And Pinky was standing behind Maan. His face was showing the pain he is bearing within him


Maan: just for once, please let me go inside. I just want to stay with her for once bhaia, please.


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3 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 55)

  1. dumas001

    January 14, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    Heartbreaking update maan felt some thing it wrong glad they were able to save her and her brother blasting their dad he cross the line when he told her he wished he did not save her and the precap can’t wait awesome update .

  2. Pam Kaur

    January 14, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    so sad geet should not have done this sad for both of them hope mohinder realises his mistake and lets them be together waiting great comeback

  3. neethuraj

    January 14, 2014 at 10:59 pm

    Felt very emotional while reading this part…hope everything becomes alright… continue soon.


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