Toote Huwe Khwaab – Part 9

14 Jan

Toote Huwe Khwaab


Part 9

Ramu kaka stopped the car near the old Handa house.


The house is a little bit far from the busy city. They used to live here till Geet was 6 years old. Later they moved on from this house when Handa Empire extended its business and living in the city became necessary for Mohindar.


Though the house has only 4 rooms in total with a big garden but this small hut like house was always a place of peace to Rano. So she made Mohindar promise her that once in a week he had to give his family all his time. And thus this place became a place for recreation as they used to come here in every week.


Geet came inside and knocked the door. After 3 knocks an old lady opened the door and looked at her first confusingly and then shockingly.


Geet: how are you granny?


Granny: Geet baby, is that you?


The old lady asked in delight and hugged her tightly.


Geet: won’t you let me come?


Granny: see how fool I’m becoming with my age? Come in baby


Geet entered the house and inhaled deeply. The smell and aura made her relax. She felt like she is finally in her home after like so many years.


Granny looked at Geet as she was looking around.


Granny: I didn’t let anything move out of its place baby. It’s just like the way Rano betiya left them.


Geet hugged the old lady in gratitude.


Geet: thanks granny for taking care of everything here, also for taking care of mumma.


Granny patted her shoulder and asked softly


Granny: did you have your lunch?


Geet nodded her head in negative.


Granny: then how about a lunch with this old woman?


Geet: will I get rajma and daal makhani?


Granny: as much as you want


Geet: then I’m in


Both laughed at this.


Granny was Geet’s nanny from her childhood. Her rajma and spicy daal makhani is always Geet’s favorite dishes, but Rano never let her eat too much because of the spicy taste.


Granny: you take some rest. I will call you when I will finish the cooking


Geet: okey granny.


Saying so Geet entered into her old room. She locked the door and switched on the light.


She smiled to see her small pink room.  There is only little furniture in the room – her small pink bed, one study table, one small cabinet that is also in pink color. All other spaces are filled with different sizes of teddies, dolls. Walls are decorated with her own paintings. Rano used to frame her best paintings and hung in the wall.


And there the big photo frame is. The little Geet was grinning widely in middle of her papa momma.


Geet went towards the photo and caressed her mother’s smiling face, her eyes were shinning in happiness. Previously all used to tell her that she got her mother’s eyes, which are the doors of her heart.


Tears welled up in her eyes with the thought.


Geet: They all are liars momma. They all lied. I didn’t get your eyes. If it was the truth then why they didn’t believe me momma? I didn’t lie with anyone. If my eyes reflect my heart then why momma? Why Maan don’t see the pain in my eyes when he was leaving me away? Why daadi ma told me I was lying? I didn’t lie momma. I promise momma, your Geet didn’t lie to anyone.


Geet whimpered like a child. She tried to stop her crying but couldn’t able to.


All these years pain inside her is now not letting her breath even, and she doesn’t know how to get rid of these pains. All she knows now is that she can’t live like this anymore. She can’t live alone. Not anymore.


She cried till her tears dries. Then she stood up, took her bag and went towards the garden.


There her momma lying on her favorite garden. Geet sit near her graveyards and placed the flower which she bought while coming here


Rano was the daughter from a Christian family. But she fall in love with Mohindar who was from different religion – Hinduism. When they got married, Rano’s family didn’t accept this marriage, or Rano as their daughter. They never wanted to see Geet also when she was born. So Rano didn’t go back to the village from that day when they said that they will never accept Geet as their grandchildren as she is Mohindar’s daughter.


Geet: i missed you momma. I know you are hell angry on me for not visiting you in those years, but I’m sorry momma. Forgive your geet, please? See I got your favorite roses. You remember how you were fighting with papa when he brought orchid plants for this garden? You wanted all types of roses here but papa wanted at least one orchid plant. Then you gave me 3 big chocolate bars just to be in your team. And we won over papa


Geet smiled at that memory, how they were asking for her vote when she couldn’t even able to understand which one was rose plant and which one was orchid plant.


Geet: I love you mumma. I wish you were here with us today. You would take care of papa then. I can’t face papa after that day momma. I know you too hate me like all of them. I was the reason of papa’s health, hai na momma?


Geet asked like a child who was desperate for her mother’s one approval that she didn’t do anything wrong.


Geet: but I loved him a lot momma. I submitted myself to him with believe that he too loved me. I thought he would be always with me. But he too left me momma. Where was I wrong? Then you know what daadi ma told me? She said that my shadow will destroy Maan’s life. So I move away from him also. I can’t see him sad na? Papa was so heart broken and within that night all took papa in hospital and papa too turned his face away from me. If he is not angry on me, then why doesn’t he response on my voice momma? Bolo na?


Geet whimpered


Geet: please momma, come back. Your geet needs you. Your Geet need someone to embrace her. She can’t live alone. It’s been 5 years and I cannot live alone anymore.


Geet cried while hugging her knees, near her mother.


She was sitting there for hours, when felt someone sitting beside her


Granny: you know Geet baby, when I saw you today after 5 years, for a moment I felt like Rano betiya was standing in front of me.


Geet looked at the old woman, who cupped her face and looked directly at her eyes while saying


Granny: Don’t let others control your life Geet baby. I saw your mother crying for her family even after so many years of her marriage. Even when she was happily living with your papa she always wanted her family near her. And I know today Rano is not happy to see the same emptiness on you Geet. Rano couldn’t go back as they wanted her without your papa and you. But you can always make everything right as your papa is still with you. You have the ability to be happy, to be with your papa. Don’t ruin the chance Geet baby.


Geet: he hates me granny


Granny: Your papa can never hate you Geet baby, cause you are their princess, remember?


Geet: but


Granny: go to him, pour your heart to him and let him know that you cannot go forward without his support. He will definitely be with you always. Your parents can never distrust you. Because they know their geet can never disrespect the values they learned you.


Geet hugged granny and cried, while the old woman keep patting her back, trying hard to sooth her pain.


Precap: Geet going to her father after 5 years. Daadi and Geet’s face off.


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3 responses to “Toote Huwe Khwaab – Part 9

  1. dumas001

    January 14, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    so sad poor geet loved that she met some one who trust her and geet and dadi to face off can’t wait awesome update why does every one hate geet can’t wait to find out

  2. Pam Kaur

    January 14, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    great geet will get her fathers support can’t wait for the face off with daddi waiting

  3. sanghita0000

    February 21, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    awesome update


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