Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 56)

22 Jan



Part 56

More three hours left


Arjun filled the form and now sitting in front of the room. He is feeling guilty to talk with his father like that. But the guilt of not being able to take care of his little sister’s happiness, not to be with her when she was in a vicious situation to make this big step, is far big and not letting him breath for a minute.


Another scream came out from the room, making Arjun close his eyes in pain. The screams are coming inside of Geet’s throat, even when she is unconscious.


Tears welled up from Arjun’s close eye lids. His gudia is like his own daughter, who is the biggest part of his life. That small girl, who never even saw the shadow of pain and hurt, is now on the room, screaming in pain. And he can’t even do anything apart from sitting here and wait for the doctor.


He wiped the tears and hides his face on his palm and sighed heavily. He has had enough. Now Geet herself will decide what she wants. And he will not let his father to step into her path. Not this time.


Yes he is guilty for talking with his father this way. He shouldn’t do it. And he will seek the forgiveness for his words, but he also had to show his father the reality, the reality that his father did not understand in his possessiveness of saving his daughter from the pain he once felt years ago.


Meanwhile in the small mandir in hospital:



Mohindar is praying for his daughter’s wellbeing when he feels someone’s hand on his shoulder. Turning around he saw Ria sitting near him.


Ria: please don’t feel bad on Arjun’s words papa. He’s just worried for Geet


Mohindar: I know beta. I do understand his feelings. And may be somewhere I deserved all those words


Ria: Papa, can I say you something?


Mohindar nodded


Ria: I know you were just trying to protect our Geet, but maybe we should not be so hard on her. We could take information from others about Maan. Like how he is with people, how’s his personal life, did anyone heard any mishap about him related with girls. You know?


Mohindar: I did a big sin Ria, and I know today Geet is here only because of me


Ria: but papa, she was happy today. She was actually thinking forward to have a talk with you. When I was leaving she was actually talking positively. I never thought she would take any drastic step like this. I would not leave her today. It’s also my fault.


Mohindar: no you are not in any fault. It’s all because of me. I told her that I was wrong by accepting your mother’s decision when she told me to choose Geet over her. Or else I would never lose my your mother in law over a daughter like her


Ria looked shockly at him


Mohindar: I lost my daughter. The girl who always used to tell me that no can harm her because she’s her papa’s princess, is now on the OT harmed by her own father


Mohindar chocked and let his tears fall down from his eyes. Only he knew how he’s feeling. His only daughter is fighting for his life and he is the reason of all these is killing him within


Ria can’t able to talk for some minutes. She keeps thinking how Arjun will react after hearing that. Because this is the only reason for which Geet took this big step. Geet’s that latter can make her understand in how much pain she was while writing that. But it’s already done. She should not let this issue stress any more


What you said is already said. You will not tell anyone what you said to Geet – Ria said softly


Mohindar: But


Ria: I know you never meant it, you can never mean this. Because we all know how much important she is for all of us. So let’s pray that she will be fine and forget whatever happened in these days.


Something is not meant to come out. Let them hide for the betterment of every relations – she thought to herself


Near the OT:


Arjun hear the sound of someone approaching.


Arjun: now what do you want? Don’t you think you actually ruined much enough? Now let my sister live in peace.


Pinky: bhaia please let him meet Geet for one time, please?


Arjun look up hearing Pinky’s voice. He thought it’s his father. But whom he sees make him guiltier.


Maan is standing there folding his hand together in front of him. And Pinky is standing behind Maan.


Maan: just for once, please let me go inside. I just want to stay with her for once bhaia, please.


Maan pleads while his face is showing the pain he is bearing within him


Arjun sighed. How can he stop Maan not to meet with Geet. He doesn’t have that strength.


Arjun: she’s still in OT. Doctors are washing her stomach to take out those medicines.


Maan looked at the OT door while Pinky squeezes his hand in assurance of Geet’s safety.


Arjun: and sorry Maan. Those words were not meant for you. I thought it was papa.


Maan only nods and go to the OT door, trying hard to show one glance if his jaan. Arjun can see the restlessness and turmoil running inside him


Two hours left:


As soon as the OT door opens, Arjun rushed there. Maan is already standing there, on that same position from last 3 hours.


Doctor: she is out of danger now. We washed her stomach and did some tests which are showing that nothing is there in her blood. Just make sure when she will be in her sense, don’t let her talk that much. It will be painful for her because of the sour throat. She will be moved on a cabin now. So you all can meet with her. But only one in once as many voices will wake her. Let her sleep


Arjun: thanks a lot doctor.


Doctor: you welcome. And yes can you come with me? You need to complete some formalities regarding the cabin and operation


Arjun: sure doctor


Arjun looks at Maan and said


Arjun: you go and stay with her. I’m going with the doctor


Maan look at him totally shocked


I trust you – Arjun smile a little at him and go with the doctor


Soon Geet is shifted in a two bed cabin. Ria came and help the sister to change her dress and to make her sleep in a comfortable position. And now only Maan is sitting beside her, holding her hand, waiting for his jaan to open her eyes and to let him take his breath out as because from last seven hours he is living like a dead soul.


At around mid-4am,


Geet opened her eyes, but stopped again for the light that was not letting her open her eyes. She heard some whispering something, then someone holding her hand, someone caressing her hair.


She somehow opened her eyes to see the doctor coming inside along with a sister. She looked around and whom she saw made her focus on that particular person only.


Doctor checked her and told her that she can stay this night and can leave the next day and instructed her to take complete bed rest and liquid foods.


All the time Geet was keep looking at Maan. It’s like everything around her turned completely blur


Arjun left with the doctor to talk, while Ria thought to give them some time alone and left with Pinky.


Maan came near her bed while Geet keep looking at him; she was not even blinking what if he would disappear.


Maan quietly sat on a chair in front of her.


Geet: naraz ho?


Maan: don’t talk with me


Geet: this much angry?


Maan: how could you do this? You never even thought once about me? Never even thought how will I live with a thought that my life left me


Geet: I’m sorry, how would I saw you going away from me. Its better


Maan: wait till you are ok. I will take you in a terrace and jump down. Then you will understand what I felt in all these hours


Geet smiled


Maan: now stop smiling


Geet tried to say something and coughed. At the same time chocked in throat pain


Maan: sshhh. Don’t talk. No need to talk. You rest now.


Geet: no, you will go away then


Maan: I have to go jaan


Geet: but stay tills the morning, please


Maan: I will be here, just right after you. Now sleep jaan


Geet: promise you will not go away when I will sleep


Maan: I promise I will be here and you will find me here when you will open your eyes after your sleep


Geet clenched his one hand and tucked it inside of her face and closed her eyes. Maan pecked her forehead and soon she went into deep slumber.


Precap 1:

Maan: I promise you that I’ll not force you in this relation, even if you will leave me and move apart but promise me Geet you will live you life happily

Maan said Geet while putting her hands on his head, making geet whimper in pain

She tried so hard not to break down when her family in just outside the room. Even when her Maan is leaving her, just for the sake of her happiness, her father’s happiness.

Maan: Promise me Geet that you will marry and live happily with who ever your papa will choose for you

Geet nodded while trying to suppress her cry

Geet: but promise me you will never stop singing , and will be more and more famous so that all girl will drool on you like the way I used to

Maan chuckled while trying not to spill his tears

Maan: I’ll make sure in future both you and your daughter will drool on me, making your husband feel offended and jealous

Both smiled trying to lighten the mood

Maan: Take care Geet. Be happy

Geet: I love you Maan, I really do

Geet cried enable to hide her pain anymore

Maan: sshhh, I know jaan. I know that you love me. But i want you to love your family more to choose them over me. Make them proud of you Geet

Geet: I will. Please don’t say bye now. I can’t bear it

Maan: no ways. I will surely find you in my concert in future

saying so Maan pecked her forehead and left the room hurriedly. But both of them missed the person who was listening to them from outside the room, with guild imprinted all over his face

Precap 2:
Mohindar: Go and tell him that you will be with him onward, every single day, in his every single concert to cheer him up

Geet grin widely at her father while fresh tears roll down from her eyes

Pinky: Geet now get up, we need to hurry up. Only half hour left to start his first performance. 


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8 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 56)

  1. dumas001

    January 22, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    heart breaking update ria found out why geet decided to end her life and so emotional when maan stood in from of maan begging to see geet not knowing that it was his father he wanted to blast glad arjun told him it was not him and he trusted him and the precap can’t wait thanks for the pm

  2. kaurparamjit32

    January 22, 2014 at 4:09 pm

    great just let them stay united now love it

  3. sanghita0000

    January 22, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    a very sad & emotional update…..plz can’t wait to see maaneet together without any sadness around them….precap is interesting…

  4. oshinsarah

    January 23, 2014 at 5:39 am

    i was literally crying and then this came out of nowhere…”wait till you are ok. I will take you in a terrace and jump down”….ha ha ha…..made me laugh so hard…!!! 🙂

  5. ushankitvc

    January 23, 2014 at 9:22 am

    a touching part….loved it….thank god geet is fine touching precap 1 and awesu precap 2….continue sooon

  6. monikaseth

    January 23, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    thank god geet ok and arjun trust maan awesome hope all go well precap awesome

  7. yasmeenali24

    January 24, 2014 at 1:36 am

    update next one please 57 the story in really nice and really enjoying it please next quckily


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