OS: My Only Exception (Part 1)

03 Feb

My Only Exception


I have to edit  every character names, so its so time consuming to edit the whole story, so posting the story in 2 parts. You guyz can get the real names in between (in which i submitted the story for the competition), so for that here I’m telling the names, so that u guyz don’t get confuse
Maan = Cavill
Geet = Kate
Dev = John
Mohindar = William
Rano = Kelly
                         Part 1

“Oh please God, please please, this time give me A in all subjects. Pretty please?”


She opened her one eye and peeped on the mark sheet and then checked her marks.


Basics in Natural Science – A


Principles of Marketing – A


Macro Economics – A


Operational Management – A


Human Resource Management – A-


“Not again” – she pouted while looking at the marks.


She came out from the crowd, and saw her friends too coming out with a wide grin.


“3 A’s and 2 A-‘s, not bad, right? “ – Meera asked but looked worried seeing the big frown on Geet’s face.


Hey you okay? Did you check your marks? – Meera asked worriedly.


“Yeah, do you have any works left here? Or else let’s go” – Geet said trying hard not to show her sad mood.


“Geet, tell me the marks honey” – Meera said still not sure about the reason of her sad face


“I’m fine Meer, It’s just the same thing again, you know the famous quote? History repeats?” – Geet said pouting


Meera – “hmmm, get it now. Just one course stopped your 4 again, right?”


Geet – “Yeah. Now let’s go”


Meera- “Crap Geet. You again topped among all of us. And it’s the best thing, ok?Don’t be sad as no one got 4 out of 4”


Saying so Meera side hugged her, and both started to go towards the car. It’s been two years Geet joined Dhaka University. And in these 2 years, she got one friend with whom she can say as a close friend. Meera and Geet both said Hello on the very first day of uni when they both were waiting outside of the room to open to get inside to start the uni life. From that day till now they are always together.


Yes they do have a whole gang of 11 friends. They hang around together. Do parties, all the funs together. But it’s a word “partner in crime” and that’s Geet’s Meer.






Meera looked at Geet who was sitting in the car looking outside. She opened her mobile and sends a message to a number saving as “Soon to be Brother- in law”. Then looked back at Geet and smiled softly.


Just then Geet’s phone rang. She received the call but didn’t say anything at all.


Caller: So madam will not say a word to me?


Geet didn’t reply but shook her head in negative.


Caller: Geet, I cannot see you through the mobile love. So can we do the verbal communication? Please honey?


Geet: Same thing again happen Dev, you know?


Dev: Same thing? Ok, you topped again? Then why are you upset?


Geet: not that topped fool. I again got A- in one course. Again was just one cm far from getting one perfect 4


Dev: honey, why do you get upset over this small matter? Come on, you will do better in next semester, trust me.


Geet: You’ve kept on saying that for the last 2 years.


Dev: I know I also keep saying you’re the best for what you’re achieving right now so stop being overworking your brain.


Geet: It’s not about overworking or anything. It’s my father’s dream to see me succeed and reach the top and you know it very well.


Dev: And you are at the top


Geet: But I want more, so that I can get that 100% scholarship in abroad. And for that I need that 4


Dev: I know. And I can see that you are trying too. And my soon to be dad will be glad to hear your this result, trust me. Now forget all that, please? For me?


Geet: You know how to change the subject, don’t you?


Dev: Yes because I love my baby way too much that she cannot stay sad. Now come on, give me a cute smile my honeybee.


Geet: I love you hubby


Dev: I love you too honey. Now don’t be sad. Go home and celebrate. I’m going to my class now. Will catch you later. Bye


Geet: Yeah bye


Dev cut the call and looked at Meera to see her grinning at Geet.


Geet: stop informing him each and every matter, you moron


Geet threw her bag on Meera while trying hard to keep a serious expression on her face by frowning. Meera laughed at her.


Meera: look at you? Stop pressurizing your face and laugh freely you drama queen


And both laughed hugging each other.






Geet reached home and saw her parents sitting on the drawing room.  Her father (Mohindar) was talking with someone on phone.


Geet: I’m home momma. She shouted towards them.


In reply her mother (Rano) looked at her and gestured her to keep silent by her finger


Mohindar: okay then. I will talk with Geet and then inform you. It’s their life so we should not force them. So let them decide.


Saying to Mohindar bid good bye and cut the call


Rano: how many times I need to tell you not to talk this much loudly? Is it a way to behave like a woman?


Geet: but momma, I’m still a girl. So why already act like a woman now?


Rano: Geet, don’t reply back on elders.


Geet looked at her father with a sad pout. And it worked like always.


Mohindar: honey stop being harsh with my baby girl


Rano: because of you she’s like this. Doesn’t even hear any of my orders and does whatever she likes. Don’t know how she will manage once she gets married.


Geet: Whoa whoa, hang on. Did I miss something?


Rano: Now that you can ask your father. I’m no one here for both of you, right?


Saying so she left for kitchen while Geet sat beside her father.


Mohindar: Dev’s mother called. Dev is coming next month. So they were planning for your marriage with Dev.


Geet: wait a minute, when did I say yes for any marriage?


Mohindar: Geet, listen to me baby


Geet: no dad. Listen to me, I already told you many times that I want to stand on my own feet first. I want to complete my education and want to get a good job.


Mohindar: but Geet, marriage is also important, right love? I mean, you both love each other and it’s been 4 years now.


Geet: I already told him that long time ago dad. I have to secure yours and momma’s future first. Then I will marry him.


Mohindar: Geet, I’m earning now and I can take care of your momma


Geet: but till when dad? Pretty soon you will be retired from your job. Then? I need to complete my education getting the best results, so that in the future I can work and earn a good living and also take care of you as well.


Mohindar: Darling you have to look at your life as well


Geet: My life will also be good and secure dad. I don’t have any other siblings so let me make a way to take care of you guys in future, please?


Mohindar: ok I will not force you. But you both can exchange and ring and fix the marriage officially. An engagement won’t hurt your path for building your career, you know?


Geet: But dad…


Mohindar: Shh, think about it sweetie. Talk with JDev and you both can decide. You have a whole one month to decide.


Geet: ok, I will


Mohindar: now go and freshen up. Then we will go for dinner


Geet: Dinner?


Mohindar: yes, to celebrate your result


Geet: dad you know I again…


Mohindar: It doesn’t matter what you didn’t get for a little number gap sweetie. What matter for me is whether you are doing great in your study or not. And I know my daughter is the best


Saying so he pecked on Geet’s forehead and side hugged her.


Geet: I love you dad. Did I tell you that you are the best?


Mohindar: hah hah. I love you too baby. Now let’s go and let’s flatter your momma. Or else we will not get anything for lunch.


Geet: let’s go


Both father daughter left for the kitchen to give some oil to Kelly.






It was the day of the engagement; Geet looked at herself dressed in a beautiful cherry pink silk gown, across her waist there was a diamante belt accentuating her curves, her hair done in loose curls bouncing down to her waist.


Anna: oh my God, You are looking not less than a bride Geet


Meera: Today Dev will fall flat for sure Geet


Heat rushed to her cheeks coloring them as she blushed at their comments.


Pinky: Stop blushing ever so much or else you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between your blush or the powered blusher.


Pinky teased Geet


Geet: will you guys shut up for once?


Meera: If you’re this shy just in your engagement, what will happen on your wedding day?


Anna: should I include your first night?


Geet scowled at them, grabbing her hairbrush she chucked at their direction which missed unfortunately, however the two of them laughed at her. Whereas now Geet’s face matched the color of her gown.


Finally its time, Rano brought Geet down near the stage. Geet looked at the stage and saw Dev standing up and walking towards them. She blushed more and looked down immediately.


Dev: May I take the pleasure to take my soon to be wife and soon to be mother with me?


Both chuckled and gave them their hand and Dev escorted them towards the stage together.


Finally it was time. They took the rings offered and exchanged, Dev was grinning throughout and Geet didn’t dare to look up, she felt flustered when Dev pressed a kiss to her cheek, she looked at him shocked whilst everyone chuckled clapping, whistling and shouts of encouragement filled the room.






15days later:


Geet was sat with her mother in the waiting room of the clinic. she’d recently come to get her checkup done for the pain she was enduring, for quite a number of years she’d felt severe pain during her periods, and these days her pain wasn’t endurable so she followed her mother’s advice and had her checkup done. Today was the day of the results they were going to receive for the tests she’d gotten done. 


Doctor: Hello Mrs. Handa


Rano: Hello Mrs. Keyshap


Doctor: How are you Geet?


Geet: I’m good aunty. We’ll take all the reports.


Doctor: relax honey. Why are you getting worried? Just don’t worry. Actually at this age hormonal problems occur a lot. I will just suggest some medicines and everything will be fine. And about the tests, it’s for getting sure, nothing else. So just calm down.


Geet smiled at this and forwarded the reports.


Mrs. Keyshap kept checking the reports and after sometime she looked upward and smiled at Geet.


Doctor: dear, I’m writing some medicines for you. You have to make sure that you are taking all these medicines on time, not to miss a single dose, okay?


Geet: sure aunty


She wrote down some medicines and gave the prescription to Geet.


Doctor: you can buy them from downstairs. You go and buy them. I need to talk with your momma.


Rano: is everything all right?


Doctor: everything is just fine with Geet. I want to talk with you about something else. About the new house my husband is planning to build. If now I can share the plan with you, you can tell that to Mohindarji. That’s it


Geet: ok then you both carry on. I am going to buy the medicines.


Rano: here take my bag and pay with my money.






Geet bought the medicines and was returning towards the doctor’s room, when she saw her mother coming towards her


Geet: done with discussion?


Rano: hmmm, let’s go


Geet noticed her mother’s worried expressions.


Geet: momma, is everything all right? Why are you so tensed?


Rano: yes baby, everything is just fine. Let’s go. Your dad must reach home till now


Rano said while trying hard not to show her tears to her daughters.


That day when Geet woke up at late night feeling thirsty, she found her water jug empty. She was going to the kitchen when she heard whimper coming from her parents’ bedroom, which made her worried. Her parents were not like those couples who would quarrel pretty badly on any topic and cry over it.


The next day her momma was over soft on her even when she woke up late. She made sure Geet was taking her medicines on time. Even send her in bed for rest in afternoon.


Later in the evening, Mohindar knocked on her room and went inside.


Geet: dad I was about to come to you. Is everything all right between you and momma?


Mohindar: yes, why are you asking this?


Geet: yesterday night, I heard momma crying. You are not lying with me, are you?


Mohindar: no Geet. Your momma is just worried for you, nothing else


Geet: for me?


Just then Rano too entered inside her room


Geet: momma why are you worried for me?


Rano sat beside her and cupped her face


Rano: baby just concentrate what you dad will tell you now. Don’t panic and trust on us that everything will be perfect, ok?


Geet just nodded totally confused of her surroundings


Mohindar: in your test, they found out tumor on your right ovary


Geet: what? But aunty told me that it’s just hormonal problem and she gave me some medicines as well


Mohindar: I know. Mrs. Keyshap wanted to discuss with us and didn’t want to make you afraid of all this


Geet: Will I be ok dad?


Rano: off course you will. We will go abroad and will do your checkup over there.


Geet: How serious it is dad?


Mohindar: It is that serious that we’re leaving next week for Australia, give me your passport so I can get the visa.


Geet only nodded in response.


Mohindar brought her more closely to himself


Mohindar: is my baby afraid?


Geet: Nope as long as her momma and dad are with her, she has got nothing to be afraid of.


Geet said while giving him a dazzling smile






Six months later:

St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney:


A young woman was sitting on a bench surrounded by greenery reading a book peacefully in the warm weather; she was dressed in a pink t-shirt accompanied by dark navy jeans and a light blue jacket over her. She wrapped a pink scarf around her as she didn’t want the blazing sun rays to touch her.


She was engrossed in the book till a small girl in red frock came running towards her


Small girl: miss. Geet, will you please help me to get that ball?


Geet looked at the child and smiled at her


Geet: hey cutie, how are you?


Dorothy: I was good just a minute ago. But right now I’m sad


Geet: and why is that?


Dorothy: because I discovered that I am too small to bring down my ball from that window.


She said pointing towards the window of the small church that is inside of the hospital


Geet: will it make you a little bit happy that Miss Geet will help you to get the ball every time?


Dorothy: very much


Dorothy said giving her a wide grin


Geet: then come on. Let’s grab that naughty ball which always runs away from you


Both went near the window. Its height is a little bit big that Geet had to stand on some wood pile to grab that ball. She threw that ball towards Dorothy


Dorothy: thank you Miss Geet


Saying so Dorothy ran after her ball


Geet was about to get down when her one leg slipped and she lost her balance


Geet closed her eyes tightly to feel the tight floor a sharp pain on her body, but instead of the floor she felt herself hanging in air and two strong arms hold her tightly


You ok miss? – A soft soothing voice asked her.


The owner of the voice made her stand on her feet but still Geet didn’t open her eyes, nor removed the hands that were clenching the person’s neck


“Hey you ok? Easy girl. Take a deep breath and let it out from your mouth slowly”


A person again spoke while rubbing her back to make her easy


Geet did what the person told her to do and opened her eyes to meet with a hooded pair of chocolate brown eyes and a worried face.


He’s nearly in his thirty. His hair was covered with a fade blue cap, firm jaw had stubble that covered his face making his more attractive, and damn that m shaped lips.


“Young lady, are you all right?” – He asked again


Geet came to her sense and created some space between them


Geet: Yes I’m fine, was expecting to fall on the ground and break my body, she laughed nervously.


“I can guess that by seeing your face” – He smiled lightly


Geet: thanks for the help. Don’t know how my leg just slipped


“You welcome, miss?”


Geet: Geet. I’m Geet Handa


Geet forwarded her hand for a hand shake


“It’s Maan, Maan Singh Khurana”


Maan shook her hand.


Geet: nice to meet you Maan. I never saw you here before. Glad to find one some of the same ethnicity here after a long time


Maan: looks like you are related with this hospital from a very long time


Geet: well from last 4 months, if it’s long enough according to you


Maan: Longer than mine, you know


Geet: so you are new here?


Maan: yes just joined here from yesterday. Will start my work from today


Geet: work as a?


Maan: As a doctor.


Geet: then our relation will be like cat and mouse


Maan: and why it will be like that?


Geet: Because I’m a patient here and I love to run away from doctors.


Maan: okay, but it totally depends on which department you are admitted into. By the way, if you don’t me asking why are you here for such a long time?


Just then Geet heard a sister calling her


Geet: Maan I need to rush now. My momma and dad are here to meet me. So I better leave now


Maan: sure, hope to meet you soon


Geet: off course we will, bye


Maan: bye


Maan watched her running off towards a bench to collect a book and then going towards the sister.


He too left for his duty






Times passed quickly for Maan. As he had to cope up with this new environment and busy to understand his work and collogues.


Though the people around him help a lot, still it’s hard for him to cope up when he’s alone here without his family, dealing every sort of things.


In these two weeks, he always saw her in one specific place when he was always coming to hospital in mornings. On that peach dark bench under the almond tree, with a book in her hand, engrossed to even notice who’s passing her by.


To Be Continue…


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  1. dumas001

    February 6, 2014 at 12:44 am

    awesome update what happened to dev after she got sick and left and it been four months so sad and so cute she has met the cute doctor maan sigh khurrana loved the update can’t wait for the next part thanks for the pm

  2. ushankitvc

    February 6, 2014 at 8:26 am

    looks like dev and family ditched geet after hearing abt hr tumour….wow loved maneet first meet…continue sooon

  3. sanghita0000

    February 6, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    interesting update….sorry for late commenting….my parents strictly restricted me from surfing net as I am busy with competitive exams….but still my addiction to maaneet made me to comment when my parents are asleep…..I hope u will forgive me…

    • Dipti Sam

      April 30, 2014 at 4:24 am

      it’s okay dear, study comes 1st, take ur tym 🙂


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