OS: My Only Exception (Epilogue)

30 Apr

My Only Exception



It’s almost 4 years now.

Yes, finally they are happily married. They are happily living with each other.

Maan never broke his promise. He was with her till the last day of her treatment. He made sure to cheer her up when she was sad for her losing hairs. He made sure to take care of her, whether she is eating timely or not, taking the right medicines or not.

After one year of that day, they married with both of their families’ agreement. Maan’s family is broad minded and he managed to make them understand that he wants this girl in his life.

They bought a four room’s apartment and shifted on it after their marriage. Though Geet’s father wanted to gift them a house, Maan politely refused saying he wanted to bring her wife to a place that he achieved with his hard work.

They adopted 3 children named Kia, Jia and Vicky.

And today it’s their 3rd anniversary. They celebrated the day with their children. They went for a family dinner where they invited their close friends.

Maan gifted her beautiful long gown along with a diamond set jewelry. On the party, all were asking them what Geet gifted him. Maan made faces while Geet keep telling him that she will give him the gift when they will be at home.

Finally when they reached the home and trio children went for sleep, Maan entered their room and heard the shower sound. He was about to go towards the wardrobe for taking his dress, when a wrapped gift pack attracted his attention that is in the study table.

He opened the wrapped pack and found a scrap book. He opened the 1st page and saw his and Geet’s picture that was clicked by one of his friend on that new year eve party.

On the 2nd page there was a picture of them in their new house

On the 3rd page, their wedding picture along with their parents.

On the 4th page there was a picture of them holding Kia, when Kia was only 2 years old.

On the 5th page Jia grinning widely with them when she won the art competition in her school

On the 6th page, Vicky and their cricket playing picture clicked on the park.

On the 7th page, their 1st anniversary picture, then on next page their 2nd anniversary picture.

Whole scrap book is filled with their beautiful memories. That they lived together, cherished together happily.

In the last page there is a picture where Maan was hugging Geet from behind. And there was some line written by Geet


I never believed in fairy tales, or the happily ever after.


Destiny played its game and society made me believe that I’m unlovable.


But then you came in my life as the knight in shining armor.


You make me believe that I’m beautiful.


I’m acceptable and lovable.


You make me forget my dark painful past.


And now I believe the love quotes. So this one is for you to share my feelings when I stay close to you.


“Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of all eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you.” – Jacques Prevert


You are my bright present, my dream future.


Because you are My Only Exception

His eyes welled up to feel the love. But before the tear could touch the floor, Geet wiped that away.

Maan smiled at her and brought her closer to him

Maan: you know what? When I saw you on that Cinderella dress, I understood that you are the princes of my life. And I love you a lot Geet

In response Geet hugged him tight and whispered near his heart

Geet: and I love you. Only you


Authors Note:

Mostly in Asian countries, in every single day, many marriages are breaking just because the girl is suffering over diseases like tumors in ovary, uterine cancer. But is it actually their fault that they will suffer and live a painful life?

There are far too many Geets in this world, in each country. But the saddest part is, almost many of them never get any Maan in their life to gift them the comfort, to bring them out from the pain and dark future. And it actually makes those girls either live their life in one corner of the house, or give out their lives in suicide.

Don’t make them feel like they are some dirt in society. It’s not in their hand that they can never be a mother. There are millions of orphans who need a place to live a healthy life, who need someone to give them home, careful parents. One can give those innocent children some home as well.

Do it now. Do it for those innocent victims. Do it for those innocent children. Do it because everyone deserves a happily ever after.

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