OS: My Only Exception (Last Part)

30 Apr

My Only Exception

Last Part

Times passed quickly for Maan. As he had to cope up with this new environment and busy to understand his work and colleagues.

Though the people around him help a lot, still it’s hard for him to cope up when he’s alone here without his family, dealing every sort of things.

In these two weeks, he always saw her in one specific place when he was always coming to hospital in mornings. On that peach dark bench under the almond tree, with a book in her hand, engrossed to even notice who’s passing her by.



One morning:

Maan was entering the hospital when he again noticed Geet. She is not sitting with a book that she usually does, but was sitting quietly looking at the children playing.

Maan looked at his watch and then started walking towards her.

Maan: so you are in a sad or bad mood today?

Geet looked up to hear his voice

Geet: hey, how are you doc?

Maan: I’m good and Maan will be good enough to be called by you

Geet smiled at this

Geet: Geet it is then

Maan: why aren’t you reading any books today?

Geet: How do you know that I read books?

Maan: because for the last two weeks I always saw you here on this bench and always a book in your hands

Geet: I never noticed you

Maan: you broke my heart then

Geet: why?

Maan: cause maybe I’m not too attractive for you to look at me

Geet: Ah, now how do you know I don’t find you attractive? Are you a psychologist?

Maan: I’m not but guess I can now become one

And both laughed out not be able to control their laughter

Maan: are you upset?

Geet: well, kinda, a little bit

Maan: why?

Geet: cause its 27th of December today

Maan: okay fine, but I didn’t get it

Maan said with a confused look

Geet: you don’t know about the party on New Year eve?

Maan: oh about that. Yes, Dr. Ron was talking about it yesterday

Geet: enjoy and have fun. I’m sure it will be great

Maan: You are not coming over there?

Geet: I can’t.                      

Maan: but all are allowed there, right?

Geet: yes but I don’t have any one to go with me there. Though I always hear that it’s the best day to celebrate and was excited about it. But I can’t go alone

Geet: hmmm, quite sad. Don’t you have any friends here? As you said you are here from last 6 months

Geet: its 6 months and 17 days. I do have friends but you see they are not 18+ so not allowed in eve party

Saying so Geet pointed towards the kids who were playing with a ball.

Maan: they are your friends?

Geet: yes, aren’t they cute? They are actually like the innocent buds of a garden

Maan: looks like you like children

Geet: I love them but maybe I should not

Geet softly muttered with a deep longing that only she knew of, hearing her sorrow filled tone Maan looked at her face, for a moment he noticed the flicker of pain in her eyes and within a second it’d disappeared.

Geet: are you in a break now?

Maan: kind of. Don’t feel like going inside. By the way I can help you about the eve party

Geet: and how?

Maan: I was planning to escape the party as I don’t know whom to ask to be my partner. If you want you can join me and we both can go together to the eve’s party

Geet: you sure you want to go with me?

Geet questioned uncertain.

Maan: I really don’t know much people with whom I can go. Yes some girls do tell me to be their partner, but it’s kind of throwing them on me. And by the look of their face I can see how they were planning to eat me after the count down. So I politely refused to save myself.

Geet laughed at him

Maan: It’s not funny. You should show some sympathy by telling me that you will go with me

Geet: Alright we’ll go together then.

Maan took out a card and give it to her. Call me when you will decide the character. Then we will go for dress shopping.

Geet: okay, but you really sure, I mean… you know.

Maan: yes I’m absolutely sure ma’am. Now don’t think over it and think of what you’re going to wear. I need to go now. Call me when you will decide your character.

Geet: bye Maan. And thank you

Maan: not welcome, because I was also in need of someone. Bye Geet.


3 days passed quickly

Both Geet and Maan went in shopping all together, along with Maan’s some new friends here. It was fun to spend time out of the hospital for Geet, that too after so many months.

Though Maan wanted to pay for both of them, but Geet refused stubbornly and paid for her own respective clothes.

In these 3 days, Maan understood how strong minded Geet is. She was quite free with all of them, but always kept a distance and preferred not to cross her limits while they joked around because she didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. 

She never once forgot her upbringing, her down to earth behavior, her mannerisms was what Maan admired and was starting to feel something for her. 


It’s 31st December:

All were gathered in the hall. Gossiping with each other or dancing with their pair. Maan looked at his watch and thought about calling her again.

He went near the entrance where the music was a bit quiet. He was about to call her when he eyes went towards the gate. 

There she was dressed in a Cinderella lightly whitish sky blue gown, her hair done up in a neat bun at the side, her face dusted with light make up keeping her natural beauty on show.

Maan stared at her unable to look away, he smiled as she walked towards him, she looked absolutely gorgeous he thought to himself swallowing hard.

Geet looked in front of her and saw Maan dressed in a black and purple velvet work coat along with a black pant. He’s looking exactly like a prince.

Both smiled and started to walk towards each other.

Maan put his one hand forward and asked in a soft voice.

May I have the honor of escorting this beautiful princess?

Geet: Sure my prince

She replied and held onto his offered hand. Both entered the hall together, hand in hand. Many looked at them with appreciation as they were looking just perfect as couple.

Many looked at them with jealously. Girls were jealous as Maan didn’t accept their offer and said he might not attend this program, while boys were jealous as they didn’t notice this beautiful lady here in this hospital.

They joined Maan’s friend circle and started to talk with them. Maan made sure that she is comfortable enough and didn’t leave her side for a minute.

After like one hour, when it’s near 11.45pm, they reached near the lift and went on the top floor where there will be a better view of fireworks. They found many other couples sitting or standing there for the same reason.

And then the countdown began. All started counting together.











“Happy New Year”

All screamed together. Geet looked around and saw people hugging each other, or kissing their partner and wishing each other.

After six years she felt alone. She felt a hole inside her heart that made some tear slipped from her eyes. 

She tried to be strong enough, and she was till then. For her parents, for her own self, she tried hard not to weaken. But today she felt anger boiling like lava inside of her heart. Why she is the unlucky one here? Why destiny was so cruel with her to snatch her bright future, snatched away her love, snatched Dev?

Suddenly her chain of thoughts broke when she felt one hand touched her arm and made her turn towards the person.

Maan was looking at her face and saw how the excitement and happiness from her faces washed away and pain replaced that smile. He called her softly but looks like she didn’t even notice anything and engrossed in her own thoughts. So he turned her towards him.

The pain in her eyes made him restless and he didn’t realize his next action.

He pressed a soft kiss on her check.

“Happy New Year”- Maan whispered near her ear.

Geet looked at him with her big brown eyes, astonished by his action. But she couldn’t lie with her own self that she felt light. She felt light that someone is standing near her as well

So she just gave a smile to him in return. A genuine smile.

Geet: Happy New Year Maan


Days passed. They started to meet each other regularly, keep talking on phone. For Geet she found a friend in Maan. But the feeling inside of Maan’s heart is totally different.

He started to fall for this girl badly. Her innocent acts, her care for him, sharing each and every activity with him, made him weak for her.


Geet checked the apartment number again and then pressed the bell. No one answered. Feeling frustrated she pressed the bell hard this time.

After like one minute she heard the coughing sound, and then the door opened.

Maan looked at her with wide eyes like he’s watching some horror movie witch in front of him

Geet: can you please give me a little space to enter inside?

Maan: what are you doing here?

Geet: of course come to check you

Maan: but

Geet: Can you start your rapid fire round once I will get inside? now move out of my way you stupid

Maan opened the door fully and Geet entered inside. She looked around of the house. It’s a small two room house. The drawing and dinning is together set on a hall like room. And there was a bed room attached with a balcony.

Geet: look at you; didn’t you take your medicines? Your eyes are so red in color

Saying so Geet touched Maan’s forehead and winched with the temperature.

Geet: did you have your lunch?

Maan: not yet. I was about to go for a bath, then would make my lunch.

Geet: okay you go and complete your bath. I’m making the food for you

Maan: you sure?

Geet: of course, now go and hurry up. I’m hungry too

Saying so Geet pushed Maan towards his room and went to the kitchen for making lunch.

After like one hour, both were sitting on the large couch with their plates. They were watching TV and eating their lunch.

Maan: I never have eaten such delicious pasta he praised.

Geet: my dad always says that I’m best cook when it comes about making pasta

Maan: he is indeed right.

After finishing the foods they just stretched their legs and keep watching the tv and Geet noticed Maan was sound asleep beside her.

She stood up and brought a comforter from his bed and slowly put it over him. She was about to move away when her leg stuck with the wooden leg of the table and she slipped. She fell down on Maan making him wide awake.

Both were laying together, Geet over Maan. He tucked the hair that was blocking his view and then very slowly brought her face near him.

He was about to kiss her but Geet jerked his hand away from his check and stood up.

Geet: it’s not right

Maan: but Geet

Geet: we are just friend ok? It’s just not right.

Maan: why Geet, don’t you feel that there’s something between us more than just a friend?

Geet: nothing can happen between us, do you get that? I, I shouldn’t come here on the first place

Geet was about to leave when Maan grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him

Maan: Why can nothing happen? Why are you saying something like that?

Geet: I’ve told you, It’s not right. This is all wrong.

Maan: what’s wrong with you?

Geet: listen Maan, you are a good guy, truly. That’s why I don’t want you to regret later. Just try to understand what I’m telling. We are not meant to be together, okay?

Maan: do you love someone else?

Geet: no, nor I want someone to love me

Maan: bull shit. What’s wrong with you? Why are you speaking like this for? We’ve known each other for some time now, I want you. I want to spend my life with you. If you want assurance I’ll speak to my grandmother to talk to your parents.

Geet: It can’t happen. Please leave me

Geet pleaded while trying to come out of his grip.

Maan: why not dammit?

He shouted out of frustration

Geet: because I’m suffering from endometrial cancer.

Geet too shouted, making Maan numb on those words.

Geet: no one can love a girl like me. There were tumors on my ovary and before I could actually understand, I was suffering from uterine cancer.

Maan: you are

Geet: I came here for the operation, as they suggested it was wise to remove my uterine. But again I’m late. The cancer started to spread on my whole body. And for this I’m here from last 7 months.

Maan: you are applying chemotherapy here? you never told  me

Geet: yes, because you never asked me. Please Maan try to understand the reality. There’s no future with me. There’s no guarantee that in future I will survive. Even if I will, I will never be able to lead a normal life, I can never be a mother.

Geet looked at Maan painfully. Tears were falling endlessly from her eyes.

Geet: you have a bright future in front of you. You will be a successful doctor, success will run behind you. You will get a perfect girl for you. Please don’t waste your time on a girl like me, who don’t have any future in front of her.

Geet took her bag and ran out. While Maan keep looking at her retreated figure. Her words were running inside of his head, he felt like he will burst on emotion, on pain.


Sister checked her BP and took some blood for some more tests. Last three days were some disasters for her. After she reached hospital from Maan’s flat, she felt throbbing pain in her head, making her tremble. Before she could reach her head, everything started to fade from her sight and she fall down on the floor senseless.

From last three days, doctor didn’t give the therapy to her and suggested her to stay inside of the room and to take rest.

Just half hour ago she made her parents to go back, ensuring them that she is feeling fine now.

The door opened and Geet said in a sarcasm voice

Geet: they already take away whole 5 tube blood. I will not give anymore. Go and tell them to lend you some for the test.

“Looks like I’m their toy and I don’t feel anything on those pricks” – she mumbled to herself.

“Don’t worry. I’m not planning to hurt you. Not anymore”

The voice made her look at the door totally surprised. There he was. Standing near the door

Maan: may I come in?

Geet: sure

Maan came inside and sat near her.

Geet: what are you doing here?

Maan: I want wanted to tell you something

Geet sighed.

Geet: you don’t need to explain. I do understand, and trust me I am not feeling bad over it

Maan: Sorry?

Geet: look Maan. You really don’t need to feel sad over all these. Trust me I do understand. And it’s pretty normal as well. Anyone in your place would do the same. You were close with me as a friend as I’m the only Bangladeshi here. So you became weak on me. But now as you came to know about my disease, you are worried how to tell me that it’s just a mistake. And it’s normal for you to move on away from me. Where my fianc too moved on as his family would not accept a girl who can’t give them any grandchildren in near future.

Maan: wait a second, will you let me speak at least

Geet: hey, come on. You don’t need to apologize to me, ok? It’s alright

Maan: and who the hell told you that I’m going to apologize to you?

Geet: you’re not?

Maan: no, why will I?

Geet: then what are you doing here? Are you planning to insult me now saying I tried to seduce you that day? Look Maan, I didn’t know that you had any feelings for me apart from a friend. So it’s absolutely not my fault that

Maan placed his finger on her lips and shut her up

Maan: can you please stop your imagination and let me speak?

Geet nodded cutely

Maan: good. Now just shut off your mouth and let me say what I wanted to

Maan sighed and hold her both hands with his own

Maan: look Geet. I know your life just changed upside down with just one medical report. But it’s not something that you are in fault here. It’s decided by the God who always gives danger and pain to those who have the ability to suffer through it. And I can understand how strong girl you really are. God decided you to live your life without being a mother. It’s His decision and you cannot change this. But does that mean you will stop the happiness to come in your way?

Maan asked her while looking directly at her eyes.

Maan: I know I love you with all my heart and I’m honest with my feelings here. Without knowing about your disease I fell in love with you. Yes it felt like someone stabbed m heart with a sharp knife when I came to know that you are suffering from cancer. It hurts a lot. It’s also true that for a moment I feel like what I did, how I fell in love with you, why I didn’t know more about you before falling in love with you. And I’m sorry for these thoughts. But later on when I think over it calmly I realize that love just happens. It never wants need any reason to be in love, it just happens. And I can tell you that I am in love with you with all my heart that I will never leave you even if you will try to run away from me

Geet: Maan

Maan: yes Geet. No matter how many times you will tell me to move away, I will never leave you. I will be with you till my last breath. It’s not in our hand that we can change our destiny, but together we can fight with this destiny and find our happiness. And for that I want you to trust me and give one chance. One chance?

Geet: you are telling all these out of your guiltiness, after a few days when you will feel bored of staying with me, when I will not be able to give babies to you, you will start to hate me. I know it Maan

Maan: no I will not. We will adopt as many children as you want.

Geet: No Maan, just try to understand the situation here. There’s no future with me here.

Maan: how can you say that? Just because some stupid fool left you, that doesn’t mean that you are not meant to be happy. Just give me one chance to prove myself. Please Geet? Just one chance?

Geet only cried unable to control her pain.

Maan placed his palms on her checks and made her look at him.

Maan: look at my eyes Geet. Can’t you see the honesty in my eyes?

Geet: promise me you will not leave me and go away from me

Maan: never. I promise you on that

Geet: Promise?

Maan: shall I seal the promise?

Geet: how?

Geet asked totally confused

Maan brought his face closer to her and looked at her lips. He looked at her eyes for the permission and in reply Geet closed her eyes in submission. And they kissed.

They kissed with a promise of togetherness in the upcoming future. They promised to hold on each other in the future no matter how hard it will be.

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