Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 57)

30 Apr



Part 57

It’s already morning,


Maan looked at his Jaan who’s sleeping peacefully holding his hand tightly. He smiled unconsciously as he remembered how embarrassed he was some hours ago.


One by one all came to see her, but she was already in sleep due to the medicine.


When Arjun entered in the room Maan tried to stand up and remove his hand. But in her sleep also Geet just mumbled something and clinched his hand tightly.


Ria tried hard to control her smile, whereas both Maan and Arjun choose not to look at one another.


What made Maan worried was Mohindar’s absence. He didn’t come for once to check on Geet. It made Maan sad that it might be because of him this long gap created between them.


Maan’s chain of thoughts broke when Geet stirred a little in her sleep.


He put the chair closer to her


As soon as Geet opened her eyes, her eyes searched for Maan. Maan smiled warmly at her and pressed her hand in assurance that he’s still there with her


Maan: hey sleeping beauty


Geet: hey


Maan: how are you feeling now? Is it paining?


Geet: how can I feel any pain when you are with me?


Geet said innocently making Maan sighed


Maan: you are a crazy little woman, you know that?


Geet: yes, crazily in love with her Maan


Geet said while giving a wide smile to him


Maan tried to smile while thinking about how to tell her that he need to leave now.


Geet: hey what happened?


Maan: nothing, just wondering, you know


Geet: wondering how to tell me that you need to leave?


Maan hold her hands and bring himself more closely to her


Maan: Jaan I should leave now


Geet: yeah, I understand.


Maan: but before leaving, I want a promise from you


Geet: what promise?


Maan: you will be happy even if we will not be together in future


Geet: Maan, won’t you try to talk with papa?


Maan: I promise you that I’ll not force you in this relation, even if you will leave me and move apart but promise me Geet you will live you life happily


Maan said Geet while putting her hands on his head, making geet whimper in pain


She tried so hard not to break down when her family in just outside the room. Even when her Maan is leaving her, just for the sake of her happiness, her father’s happiness.


Maan: Promise me Geet that you will marry and live happily with whomever your papa will choose for you


Geet nodded while trying to suppress her cry


Geet: but promise me you will never stop singing, and will be more and more famous so that all girl will drool on you like the way I used to


Maan chuckled while trying not to spill his tears


Maan: I’ll make sure in future both you and your daughter will drool on me, making your husband feel offended and jealous


Both smiled trying to lighten the mood


Maan: Take care Geet. Be happy


Geet: I love you Maan, I really do


Geet cried enable to hide her pain anymore


Maan: sshhh, I know jaan. I know that you love me. But i want you to love your family more to choose them over me. Make them proud of you Geet


Geet: I will. Please don’t say bye now. I can’t bear it


Maan: no ways. I will surely find you in my concert in future


Saying so Maan pecked her forehead and left the room hurriedly. But both of them missed the person who was listening to them from outside the room, with guild imprinted all over his face


Geet sobbed in pain to see Maan moving away from her. She tried her best not to be weak, knowing it will only cause more pain to her Maan. But now when he left, she couldn’t able to control her whimper.


It hurts. It hurts a lot that someone stabbed her heart with a sharp knife. She hide her face on the pillow in order to stop her crying sound.


After a minute or so she felt someone putting a hand on her shoulder, and then sitting beside her.


When she looked up she saw her father’s moist eyes.


Geet tried her best to stop her cry. She already hurt Maan, now she don’t want to hurt another one she loved the most. They both were her whole world. She will made sure that her father will be happy now


Geet: I’m sorry papa, I will not disobey you. See, Maan too left now


Mohindar wiped her tears and hugged her tight.


Mohindar: no beta. I’m sorry.


Geet looked up at her father’s face, while still hugging him tightly. After so many days she was with her father now.


Geet: papa aap


Mohindar: in my own misery I never saw the place where my own daughter will be happy. I’m sorry beta. Your momma will be so angry on me today, I broke my promise Geet. I couldn’t able to take care of you. Couldn’t able to take care of your happiness


Geet: no papa, please don’t cry. You are the best papa one could get. I’m sorry that I hurt you. I will never do it again. Please papa, don’t cry


Geet pleaded while wiping his tears


Mohindar: I will talk with Maan’s father. I will ask maan’s hand from them. I promise beta, I will do whatever you want, but please never ever think about leaving me


Geet: It’s ok papa, aap pleae shant ho jaiye


Mohindar: you know Geet? After your mother left me, I felt that I’ve left alone in this big world. Just then you cried out as if to reminder me that you are still there for me. And when I took you in my arms, I got the reason to live my life. In all these years, you two become my reasons to live, to survive. And I’m truly proud that God gifted me an angel in the form of my little Geet


Geet: I love you Papa. I’m sorry that I hurt you


Mohindar: you can never hurt me beta. Now you better be fine soon, then we will contact with Maan’s family.


Arjun: well they are already here, now if you also agreed, we should talk soon before these two kids do something else


Said Arjun from behind


Mohindar and Geet looked at the door and saw Arjun and Ria smiling at her, whereas Anukalp, Natasha and Daadi ma was also present along with Pinky


Mohindar stood up and went towards them.


Mohindar: I’m sorry maa ji for everything that happened


Mohindar said guiltily to Daadi ma


Daadi ma: ye bhi koi baat hua? You did what one father should do as a father. Let’s forget everything and talk with Pandit ji.


Natasha: haan, aab to bas jald se jald mujhe aapne bahu ko ghar lekar jaana hai


Anukalp: but yes in all these Maan got a lesson.


All looked at him confusingly


Anukalp: never to enter in someone’s house without permission.


Anukalp joked. While all laughed


Natasha went near Geet and pecked on her forehead


Natasha: you made us so worried beta. Never do that again


Geet: I’m sorry aunty


Natasha: aunty nehi mom. Abhi se adaat daal lo ma bolne ka


Pinky chirped near Geet


Pinky: you guys should do all these dramas later. Because of you I lost the chance of watching Maan’s very first concert. You fool


Daadi ma: well you guys can still go


Pinky: but how? We don’t have any tickets


Daadi ma: you can take ours. Waise bhi, iss umar mai mujhe koi shokh nehi hai jumping ki


Pinky gave the most big grin and looked at Geet


Pinky: chal na Geet, please. I planned so much to shout and dance in front


Geet: but pinky, how can we go?


Mohindar: go and enjoy. Arjun will take you both then


Geet: papa aap?


Mohindar smiled softly at his daughter.


Mohindar: Go and tell him that you will be with him onward, every single day, in his every single concert to cheer him up


Geet grin widely at her father while fresh tears roll down from her eyes

Pinky: Geet now get up, we need to hurry up. Only half hour left to start his first performance. 


Pinky said while pulling Geet by her hand


Arjun: okey, you guys hurry up. I’m going to take my car from parking


Saying so arjun left with his car key


Geet self-thought: I’m coming Maan. Your girlfriend will not miss your 1st concert. Oppsss, your soon to be wife. Wo bhi officially with all of our family members’ acceptance


Precap: Geet and Pinky in Maan’s concert.

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  1. simrankaurmaahi

    May 1, 2014 at 4:51 am

    Loving it diii finally mohinder aceept maan n geet relation loved they way maan leave his love for eders happiness n make promise in future geet n her daughter drool over him hehehe finally geet going for maan 1st consert loving geet n mohinder relation as father n daughter its feel like u try to put ur relation with ur abbu:))


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