Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 58)

30 Apr


Part 58

Adi was pacing in the back stage, waiting for Maan


Adi: I just hope he can make it in time, it’s getting late


Maan: for how many times I told you not to talk with your own self yaar


Maan said from his back while smirking at his nervous face


Adi: finally you feel like coming sir? There the audiences are planning to throw rotten tomatoes and colorful shoes on us


Adi said totally frustrated


Maan: accha baba, I’m really sorry. Now just give me exactly 5 minutes. I just need to check all my guitar cord before stepping in the stage


Adi: okay okay, do it now, hurry up


Maan was checking all the strings of his guitar, when Adi looked at his gloomy face. No matter how much his best friend can try to behave normally in front of him, but he can never hide his expressions, as this Adi know his best friend from childhood


Adi: Is Geet okay now?


Maan: yes, why?


Adi: then why are you sad?


Maan: who said I’m sad? Just little bit worried about the performance?


Adi: and do you think I’m going to believe your stupid excuses?


Maan: I’m saying the truth, now let’s go


Maan said while standing up on his feet, but Adi hold his elbow and stopped him from leaving


Adi: what’s wrong Maan? Spill it up or else I’ll make sure you will not be in the stage, forget about performing


Maan: can we talk about it later?


Adi: no, right now. Come on Maan, tell me the truth, we are the best buddies, remember?


Maan sighed heavily


Maan: It’s over


Adi: what? You mean, I mean are you out of your mind?


Maan: I can’t harm her relation with her father, damn it


Adi: but it doesn’t mean that you have to take this much big step. Do you think you both can be able to live without each other? Are you kidding?


Adi said totally frustrated


Maan:It was always my fault. So I have to take the decision at the end to make things normal.


Adi: you want to take some time? We can manage over there before your entry


Maan: no it’s okay Adi. Let’s go


Adi: fine then






Host: now let’s welcome today’s biggest surprise, all of yours favorite singer, for whom you all are eagerly waiting to see performing. Now just hold your breath for the one and only Maan Singh Khurana, for the first time on live concert.


All started clapping and whistling in excitement


Maan’s monologue:

I wish you are with me today. Standing in front of me, smiling at me, looking at me proudly. How I wish you would be here when I needed you the most Geet. Don’t know how I will manage to spend my days without you beside me where only in these hours I’m feeling this much frustrated.


Geet’s Monologue:

I head the host telling about Maan, peoples’ cheering for him. I know what’s going on in your mind, how you are managing. But you will not have to feel alone Maan. Your geet is coming


Her chain of thoughts broke hearing Pinky and Arjun’s argument.


Arjun: do you think I’m flying some aero plane?


Pinky: please bhaia, just speed up a little bit more


Arjun: so that the police can take away my driving license


Pinky: or else we will miss his performance bhaia, see he’s already starting his 1st son and he will be in stage for two songs only


Arjun: you guys will take many chances in future. But if we will face any accident then who knows you will miss your life as well


Geet: shhh, you guys are not letting me hear his song in peace


Geet shouted enable to control her anger, by watching both of them arguing like kids


Both stopped their argument and Arjun increase the volume

Play me


wo o ooo, wo o ooo

Aasaan nahin yahan aashiq ho jaana

Palkon pe kaanton ko saajaana

Aashiq ko miltaa hain gham ki saugaatein

Sabko na miltaa ye khazaana

(It’s not easy to be a lover here

To adorn thorns on eyelids

A lover gets gifts of sorrows

Not everyone gets this treasure)


Maan sung those lines sadly. He never knew one day his own written lines will fall on him, will match with his own life


Baaton se aage, vadoon se aage

Dekho zaara tum kabhi

Ye to hai shola

Ye hai chingaari

Ye hai jawaan aag bhi

(Ahead of talks, ahead of promises

See sometimes

It’s a fireball

It’s a spark

It’s wild fire as well)


Geet closed her eyes. She remember how Maan broke his own promise to be with her always, not for himself, but only for her own happiness


Jismon ke peeche bhaage ho phirte

Utro kabhi rooh mein

Hota kya aashiq, kya aashiqui hai

Hogi khabar tab tum hein

(You run behind bodies

Sometime get down into the souls

What is a lover, what love is

You will get to know)

Wo o ooo ,wo o ooo


Maan finished the song and looked ahead to see the huge crowd in front of him. Waving at him, dancing with his tunes. He smiled and waved towards them


Maan: are you all enjoying?


Mass crowd: yesss


Maan: you want some rock songs now?


Mass crowd: yesss


Maan: okay then, I want you all to sing with me as well


Saying so Maan looked at Adi who was with the drum, Adi nodded back at him that he’s ready, smiling Maan grabbed his guitar again

Play me


Sinbad the sailor jahaj mein jab chala
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Dhundh raha tha ek nayi duniya ka pata
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo

Wo ho anjaani raahon mein tha o o
Wo ho leharo ki baahon mein tha o o

(when Sinbad the sailor was travelling in his ship

Listen my friends

He was searching the address of new world

Listen my friends

He was in unknown paths

He was in the arms of waves)


Arjun was trying to find little space to park his car, but there are so many cars already in the parking lot


Arjun: looks like it will take time, you guys go and enter inside, and I’m coming behind you


As soon as Arjun said that Geet hurriedly came outside started to rush towards the entrance


Pinky: geetwait, tickets are with me, you can’t go inside without ticket


Arjun: pinky, take care of her okay? Don’t leave her side


Pinky: okay bhaia


Saying so Pinky to rushed behind geet


Sab ne kaha tha in samundaro mein jaana nahi
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Khwabon ke piche jaake kuch bhi hai paana nahi
Mere yaar sun lo suno
Wo ho apni hi dhun mein raha o o
Wo ho suntan tha dil ka kaha o o

(Everyone told him not to go in these oceans

Listen my friends

By going behind dreams you will not get anything

Listen my friends

But he was in his own tune

He was used to listen his heart)


Pinky holds Geet’s hand, stopping her to go in the front


Pinky: are you mad? Did you see the crowd? You can’t go over there. Let’s wait here


Geet: no Pinky, I need to show him that I’m here


Pinky: but Geet, you are still not perfectly fine


Geet: I’m fine Pinky, please let me go


Pinky: no Geet, let’s wait for Arjunbhaia then


Pinky said firmly


Uss ke the jo sapne
Wohi uss ke the apne
Aisa tha sinbad the sailor (sailor)… (2)

(Whatever dreams of his, was only his own

Like this was the Sinbad the sailor)… (2)


Geet: please  pinky, let me go. I need to fulfill my promise. I told him that I will be there to cheer him up


Geet pleaded, making Pinky sighed in defeat


Pinky: fine let’s go, but don’t leave my hand, no matter what, okay?


Geet nodded her head. Both hold each other’s hand and started to walk towards the font.


Uss ka jahaj khila tufano mein
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Phir bhi na aayi kami uss ke armaano mein
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Wo deewana aisa hi tha o o
Wo sapno ka hamrahi tha o o

Uss ke the jo sapne
Wohi uss ke the apne
Aisa tha sinbad the sailor (sailor)… (2)

(His ship bloomed in storms

Listen my friends

Still there was no decrease in his desire

Listen my friends

He was crazy like this only

He was the partner of his dreams

Whatever dreams of his, was only his own

Like this was the Sinbad the sailor)… (2)


Both the friends were walking in between the crowd of people, but not finding any way to be in front. As all the people were trying to find a place to be the first one to stand in front, making it tougher for Geet in her weak health


Wo kuch pane ki chaah mein o o
Wo badhata raha raah mein o o

Gehara samundar tha unchi unchi lehren
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Kashtiya jin dekhi mushkil se the hare
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
(In the want to get something

He kept on moving forward

The ocean was deep and waves were high

Listen my friends

The ship was settling with difficulty

Listen my friends)


Geet was trying to make a path for herself, when suddenly she felt two of the man making a wall arounf her. She looked up and saw a known face.


One of Maan’s securities saw Geet and came along with another to help her out of the crowd. They protectively circled her and make her stand in front


Security: are you okay mam?


Geet: thank you sandeep


Security: it’s my work mam


He smiled and continued to stand beside her and Pinky, so that no one can touch or push them


While singing Maan saw Sandeep’s back in the front near the stage. He knotted his eyebrows in confusion as they were supposed to stand on the back stage.


He was about to come in front to tell them to go in back, but stopped abruptly. As soon as sandeep stand on one side, he saw her face, looking directly at him.


He concentrated on his song thinking it’s just his mere dream, making Geet frown in anger


Wo ho saahil ta kaa hi gaya o o
Wo ho manjil ko paa hi gaya o o

Uss ke the jo sapne
Wohi uss ke the apne
Aisa tha sinbad the sailor (sailor)… (2)

(He finally came to the sea shore

He got his destination

Whatever dreams of his, was only his own

Like this was the Sinbad the sailor)… (2)


He again looked at the front, and this time saw his Jaan’s frown cute face. Both looked at each other and all there confusions disappeared. 


He understood that it’s his Jaan in real


She understood what he thought at first to see her here


Both smiled at each other in happiness


Tum ho toh, gaata hai dil
Tum nahi, toh geet kaha..
Tum ho toh, hai sab haasil
Tum nahi, toh kya hai yaha
Tum ho toh hai
Sapno ke jaisa hasin ek sama…

(When you are there my heart sings

If you are not there then there is no song

If you are there then it feels like I have everything

If you are not here then it’s nothing here

If you are with me

This atmosphere looks like dream)


Maan sung those words looking directly at her. Finally his dream come true, his Jaan is here, right in front of her. She’s still looking pale, her eyes teary, but a beautiful smile teasing her lips, making him realize that today he’s the happiest person in the world


He didn’t know how she came here, what her family thinks about him. he only knew that he can never live without her.


Maan didn’t care what will happen in their future, whether people will accept them together, but he will not let her leave, not in any cost


Jo tum ho toh yeh lagta hai
Ke mil gayi har khushi
Jo tum na ho yeh lagta hai
Ke har khushi mein hai kami
Tum ko hai maangti yeh jindagi…

(When you are here then I feel that

I have got every happiness

When you are not with me then I feel that

There is something missing in every happiness

This life only wants you)


Maan jumped out of the stage making all astonished. He just kneeled down in front of Geet and sang then lines making Geet cried in happiness.


Did he just propose him in front of the world?


Did he just said that he will fight to win her family, as he still didn’t know that her papa already accepted him.


As soon as Maan complete the song, Geet kneeled down beside him and hug him tightly.


Maan: I can never spend one second of my life without you. I love you Jaan


Geet: I love you too Maan


Some of the audience cheer for them in awe as it’s the most unique way to propose someone, whereas some crabbed in jealousy to realize that Maan is already in love with someone. Pinky screamed in happiness, Adi clapped for the Romeo Juliet, Arjun smiled to see the two innocent soul in love with each other ever so sweetly.


He broke the hug and kissed Geet’s forehead. He was about to climb up to the stage when Geet stopped him


Geet: Maan I need to tell you that


Maan: shhh, you don’t need to worry. I will win your papa’s love, I promise. You just relax and wait for me in back stage. Sandeep take Pinky and her in the back side.


Maan: thank you guys who ever come today to cheer me up. I thank each of you for all your love and appreciation that you guys bestowed upon me. And I want to share a small secret of my life with all of your today.


I used to believe in love, but in a different way. Yes for me love existed in this world. But it’s not always about the feelings between a boy and a girl. I used to think that I am deeply in love with my music. But less did I know the song of my life would come to me as Geet. My Geet, my song of life

Today i want to say the world that I’m deeply in love with Geet, and I will always be with her no matter what happens in our near future, Maan and Geet will be always together


All clapped at his words, at his true love. Pinky hugged Geet in happiness while Geet felt like she’s fallen in love with this man once again.


Maan: thank you guys


Saying so Maan turned around smiling at Geet, to reach near her as soon as possible. But the gun shot sound made everything silent. Geet looked at Maan shockingly. Adi shouted and ran towards Maan.


But before he could reach, Maan fall down with a thump.


Geet stood there still in shock, as she saw his white short getting red in his blood


Precap: The LAST PART

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