Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 59)

30 Apr



Part 59

Geet’s monologue:


I looked at myself in the mirror, draped in a white salwar kamiz. I still remember that day. It’s still fresh in my memory. The day when Maan participated in his first live concert, when I went to him just to tell him that I cannot live without him, when proposed me in front of the whole world, when he was being shot.


Somewhere it still felt like a hard pain, somewhere deep inside of my heart. When I saw his white shirt turned into red in his own blood, when he was lay unconscious on the pool of blood.


I don’t remember exactly what happened, who called ambulance, or who were with me that time. All I saw was only Maan’s lifeless body. Apart from that everything was like some blur image in my memory.


When we reached in the hospital, doctor was trying hard to pull my hand away from him, but I was not ready for it. How could I let him go? What if he didn’t come back to me? I left him for some hours and what took place in those hours. I didn’t want anything bad happened to him anymore.


Then I could remember that they left with him. I sat on the floor drenched in his blood. I could hear many voices, but none of those voices attracted me, as I kept looking at the closed door, waiting for just one glimpse of my maan.


Suddenly my thoughts broke feeling someone’s hands on my stomach


End of Monologue


I smiled at our image on the mirror


Maan: you are again thinking over it?


Geet: I am trying to forget Maan


Maan: then try harder, and one more thing. Try to stop thinking about the pasts and enjoy this day, as from tomorrow everything will change.


He said and pulled her closer.


Geet: you will never leave me, right?


Maan sighed and turned her and made her face him.


Maan: Geet, stop thinking about that day. See I’m in front of you. Come on jaan, it’s our haldi ceremony today. And I don’t want you to come down with a sad dull face. Okay?


Geet: Yes, finally all is going to be alright.


Geet said while giving him a bright smile, making Maan smile as well.


Geet: by the way, may I know what you are doing in my room?


Maan: what else? Come to greet you a very very good morning


Maan said in a cheeky voice


Geet: oh really? But we are going to meet in downstairs after half hour, remember?


Maan: yeah so?


Geet: so?


Maan: come on Geet, you know my bid with Pinky and all you’re those stupid friends. I have to put haldi 1st in your face


Saying so Maan put out a small polybag and show her the turmeric paste


Geet: no ways Maan. You know that mom is going to apply this as a blessing on my face, and if she will see the paste on my face, what if she will feel bad?


Maan: no ways, our mom is not like those typical saas bahu serial type mom, you too know that, right?


Geet: but all will make fun of me.


Maan: then declare to them proudly that my pucchu love me the most


Geet: really? So that they all can happily pull my legs in public? Wah, what an idea?


Maan: okay fine then. I thought you would be happy as I come here taking so much risks, just for applying haldi on your face


Maan sighed while making a very sad pouting face, making Geet curse on her big mouth


Geet: arreee, I was joking pucchu. In fact I was also thinking it from last night that how to apply haldi 1st on your face.


Geet said while holding Maan from his waist


Geet: but then I’m worried as well for my friends’ big mouths, when they will see the mark on my cheeks


Geet said pouting


Maan: I will be there na? No one can pull my jaan’s legs


Geet: sure na?


Maan: of course, cause only I have that right


Saying so Maan giggled and in return got one smack on his shoulder


Geet: I will run away from this marriage, remember that before making fun of mine


Maan pulled her closer and huskily whisper near her ear


Maan: run as far as you can. At the end you have to return only to me, remember that


Saying so he passionately sucked her earlobe, making her moan


Their little romantic moment was interrupted by a knock on her door


Both looked at the door horrified, thinking who it was now on that side of door


Geet: who’s it?


Pinky: sleeping beauty, wake up from your dream land. You are already getting late. Guests are already started to come


Geet: pinky just  give me 10 mins to get ready. I’m almost done


Ria: okay baba, take your time, but first open the door geetu. Let us help you


Maan: say them to wait for 5 minutes


Geet nodded and said the same to them


Maan hurriedly take some haldi on his hand and applied a little portion on haldi on her left cheek, and filled another check with his wet smooch, making Geet red in blush


Geet too did the same, but planted a soft kiss, too shy to do the same like Maan


Maan: I will wait for you downstairs, don’t be late Jaan


Geet: okay, but be careful, don’t hurt yourself


Maan nodded and left the room smoothly using her window, not before planting another kiss lovingly on her forehead


It’s what that is exactly happening from last 5 days, as soon as Maan and his family shifted in Delhi for the marriage function.


And when I was getting hard for Maan to enter into Handa House, he came up with his another lie. Well it’s just for the sake of her Jaan. He acted like he’s suffering from food poisoning, while eating hotel’s foods. So yesterday morning Mohindar himself went to bring Maan here in Handa House. How can he let him son-in-law to suffer in any problem.


Well, if some lies can never hurt anyone, and bring a bright smile on your love one’s face, then they are good, aren’t they? *sam winking*


Precap: Haldi Ceremony, and Maan’s surprise to Geet in their sangeet


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