Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 60)

30 Apr



I’m really very overhelmed to read each of ur cmnts n wishes for my recovery. really guys u all rock. after Sargoshiyan’s end i’m really going to miss u all Cry
This update is specially for Deepthi… Happy Birthday Year… Heart
Part 60

It was already evening. Geet was applying the last minute touch up and listening to all her friend’s gossips about what they will do against the groom’s side to pull Maan’s legs in sangeet.


Pinky: but I don’t think groom side’s people have zero plans for sangeet. They surely have some plans as well


Pari: well they can have, but they can’t at least dance like us girls, right?


Pari asked making all laugh.


Geet: guys, do whatever you want to with the boys, but please don’t disturb mom, dad or daadi ma, okay?


Suhana: oh ho, from now you are taking your in-law’s side, haan Geet?


Before Geet could answer all heard the music started in the downstairs of the party hall.


Pinky: I think they already reached


Ria entered into the room hurriedly.


Ria: what are you guys doing here? chalo let’s go. They all are over there, and you guys are still getting ready. Geetu are you ready? Then I will call Arjun to come and take you downstairs.


Geet: haan bhabhi. I’m ready


Ria: okay then let me call your brother


Geet: but where’s papa?


Ria: he’s in downstairs talking with all the guests baby. Now come on, let’s go




In downstairs all the guests are coming one after another, and exchanging greetings with maan and his family.


Suddenly Maan got a call from an unknown number, so he just excused himself to take the call.


Maan: hello


No reply


Maan: hello, who’s there?


Ragini: I just wanted to wish a happy married life to you and Geet


Maan: ragini? Is that you?


Ragini: I’m sorry Maan, for whatever dad did with your family. Especially what he did to Anukalp uncle and you.I.. I really… really never knew that he could step so low just for fame and money


Maan: hey, please don’t cry. It’s not your fault. So stop feeling guilty on all that, please ragini?


Ragini: I wanted to meet with you, I even bought a gift for you both, but never had the courage to face you all


Maan: don’t do that. I’m telling you na, it’s not your fault. And I’m fine now, nothing I lost on that shot, nor do I have any hard feelings against you and aunty


Ragini: thanks. Please convey my greetings to Geet as well


Maan: well you can do that as well. Tell aunty that I’ve requested her to come and give us blessing on our marriage


Ragini: but Maan. it’s not


Maan: please Ragini. Both the families have made a bond long time ago. Even when we both were born. What if your father turned grey and tried to kill dad or me. That will never break the tie that aunty or you have with us. please?


Ragini: I will try


Maan: okay then, see you tomorrow


Ragini: yeah, bye Maan, and thanks


Maan: my pleasure. Bye




The party is in full swing. Both the groom side and bride side showed their performance from dance to sing. And all enjoyed a lot. When the last dance performance ended, all were about to go towards the buffet where the food were served. All of a sudden the light of the hall shut down and just a light fall onto the piano.


There Maan was sitting with a small smile teasing his lips. Geet smiled at Maan and all claps for him with a thought that Maan is going to sing a song for his soon to be wife.


But what actually happened, no one even thought about it.


Voice: this song is for my little princess, who came in this world and gave me the new reason to live. Whose one small smile made me feel the peace that I can never feel even when someone will give crores of money on my feet.Cause she is way too precious for me, my little angel, my Geet.

(MUST listen this the song, its way too touching n beautiful. i tried to upload it in mp3, but my net is making me hell angry Angry)

And then another light fall on Mohindar, and all gasped to realize from whom the actual surprise is coming.


I’m giving you away
But I’m not letting go
The memories, they flood my mind
Of the little girl I know


Mohindar sung those lines, while coming towards Geet, who was still looking at her papa with mouth wide open. Yes she heard her father’s song from many old recording. But never thought her papa will sing again in his life. And that too only for her, on her sangeet.

Once upon a time
You held my hand so tight
You’d close your eyes and say a prayer
Then I’d kiss your head goodnight


Mohindar completed those lines and Geet hugged him tight as if to believe it’s the reality, not any dream of he, that she used to see from her childhood.Mohindar smiled at his daughter and pressed a kiss on her forehead in adores.


As we dance I keep our love deep within my heart
And thank God for giving me this angel in my arms…

Mohindar pulled her in a dance with him. Geet grinned in happiness. But just the thought of living her family and going into another city, away from all make her teary again.

You’re my little angel
So baby don’t you cry
It’s time to spread your wings and fly
If there’s one thing this father knows
The hardest part is letting go
But you will still always be…
Daddy’s little angel


As if understanding her situation Mohindar wiped those tears from her face with a small smile. Only a father knows how hard it is to give his precious bundle of joy to someone else’s hand. But alas! It’s the nature of earth that one day every girl leave their parents to make their own home.


It seems like yesterday
Has come and gone so fast
Now my baby’s all grown up
But the memories will last


He smiled at her daughter who was still in his arms, hugging him tight with teary eyes. He still remembered how small she was, used to cuddle in his arms in her sleeps. Who used to knock on his door late night just because she had some dreams that teacher was going to snatch all her chocolates as she got low marks in her exams.


It’s hard to say goodbye
When you’ve always been so near
But for now I’ll hold you tight
Like those times that I hold dear


Mohindar tried to lighten her mood so eyed her to Maan who was looking at them with a wide grin plastered in his face. Geet could understand who’s made the music and helped her father to do all these. She mouthed “I Love You” to him who just bowed his head in their direction.


As we dance I keep our love deep within my heart
And thank God for giving me this angel in my arms…

You’re my little angel
So baby don’t you cry
It’s time to spread your wings and fly
If there’s one thing this father knows
The hardest part is letting go
But you will still always be…
Daddy’s little angel


Arjunand Riawent forward and hugged Geet tight when they saw her crying in his papa’s arms. Geet too hug both of them, today didn’t know why she felt like not going to leave them, she didn’t even know when she would again get the chance to hug them like today


When you were young, I used to laugh
At the funny things you’d say
Right now I just can’t help but smile…
On this blessed day


Maan smiled at them and continued to play the piano.Daadi ma smiledand gave a side hug to Natasha very well-known of what she’s feeling as well. When anukalp just smiled to see their strong bond, and he knew, another one is soo to come in this circle, just after one day.


You’re my little angel
So baby don’t you cry
It’s time to spread your wings and fly
If there’s one thing this father knows
The hardest part is letting go
But you will still always be…
Daddy’s little angel

I’m giving you away, but I’m not letting go…


Both father and son hugged their little angel, making all emotional just to see the scene in front of them. 

Some tried not to cry when they remembered how hard it was for them to give their daughter’s hand in others. 

Some flinch and hold their daughter in their arms, they didn’t even know what they will do when it will be their time to arrange their daughters’ marriage.

tadaaa… how’s it? i know you guys expected romantic dance of maaneet. but it’s done in almost all daily soap n ffs, so i tried something different. hope you guys likes it Smile

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