Toote Hue Khwaab – Part 10

30 Apr

Toote Huwe Khwaab


Part 10

Geet opened the door and looked inside the dark room. It’s already evening now. But no one felt is necessary to put on the light here.


As her eyes started to be familiar with the room’s darkness, Geet saw her father near the window. Looking outside of the window and was in deep thoughts.


Her eyes watered to her father on that wheel chair. It only made her guiltier because it’s all happened because of her.


She was about to turn her back and went outside when she heard her father asked him softly


Mohindar: will you not come inside? Or will leave just like all the time Geet?


Geet stood rooted on her place. She didn’t make any sound still again he understood her presence. Like as if he could hear her thought. He answered her unsaid words.


Mohindar: I don’t need to use my eyes to know where you are Geet. Won’t you come inside? It’s been a long I came to see your papa


Geet slowly come in front of her father and knelled down beside him


Mohindar caressed her face and smiled at her


Mohindar: hey princess.


Geet: I’m sorry papa but please don’t hate me


Geet whimpered like a helpless kid


Mohindar looked at her for a brief period of time and pulled her in a hug. In return Geet hugged him tight


Mohindar: ssshhh Geet. No one can hate my princess. No one baby


Geet: they all hate me papa. I know you too hate me


Mohindar: how can I hate that precious person of my life for whom I’m living till now? Is it possible princess?


Mohindar asked her while caressing her hair and patting her back


Geet: because of me you are in this condition


Mohindar: and who said that? Geet, you can never be the reason of my illness princess. Infact you are the reason I’m still alive.


Geet looked at her papa’s face hopefully


Mohindar: so that my princess can one day come to her papa and share her pains what she is bearing from so many days.


Geet only cried in reply


Mohindar: I’m so sorry princess


Geet: why are you saying sorry papa


Geet asked while wiping the tears from her papa’s cheeks.


Mohindar: I wish I could save you from the pain you had to face. I couldn’t able to do anything to support you


Mohindar said painfully.


Geet: no papa, please don’t be sad. It’s not your fault. It was my entire fault. I was wrong


Mohindar: I will never forgive him


Geet: but it’s not his fault


Mohindar: stop taking his side Geet. He ruined your entire future, your happiness everything, still you are supporting him?


Geet: how can I blame him when I was the one who was in love with him?


Mohindar: he used you


Geet: no papa, he never said that he love me, nor I let him understand my feelings


Mohindar: geet you


Geet: let’s forget it papa. It’s been a long I was not with you


Saying so Geet put her head near her papa’s chest, just like she used to do always.


Mohindar’s eyes moistened to see his daughter. He hugged her daughter tightly


Mohindar: I missed you princess


Geet: me too papa. I will never ever leave you, I promise papa


Mohindar kissed her hair and engulfed her in his fatherly hug






It’s been a week after that night which changed many things. Now Handa mansion was looking like a house to its old servants. Mohindar came out from his room which itself was a big surprise for all.


Geet started to have breakfast and dinner with her father. Though she could not make it to the lunch she call home and made sure her father had lunch and took his medicines on time.


But in all these, one thing didn’t change. And that is Geet’s avoidance towards Maan.






It’s the inauguration day. All the people are busy with their own respective works that they had to complete before 6 pm.


Geet came to the hall before the time as she had to take a look on everything before the guests started to come. So she came early after lunch.


Meera: so you liked everything?


Geet was looking at everything while standing in middle, when Meera called her from behind.


Geet looked back and smiled at Meera


Geet: it’s just perfect Meer.I loved it


Meera: hope your akroo friend will like it as well


Geet: aahh, as if we care? He just needs to make a face on every small thing. So use grammar formula 2 on him.


Meera: what?


Meera looked at her confused


Geet: he’s the third person singular number here, right?


Meera nodded at her still confused at her words


Geet: use s/es after this third person singular number and simply cut him out


Saying so Geet winked. It took some time for meera to understand what she said. And then both laughed out loud


Meera: geet you are too good


Geet: that I am


“ohh, you are indeed good in grammar”


The voice made them turned back and saw Maan looking at them while folding his hands near his chest.


Meera gave a nervous smile and thought that escape would be the best option for her.


Meera: I should go and have a look on the catering


After meera left, Maan gave Geet a taunting look and said sacrificially


Maan: I never know you are this much good in grammar as it was I who used to complete your home works in math and English


Geet: that was when I was in school. Don’t forget I managed to complete my education all alone when you left me all alone


Geet replied but then realized what she just said. She tried to walk past him when Maan hold her hand


Maan: will you not forgive me for that?


Geet: Maan leave my hand


Maan: for how long you will be avoiding me Geet? I’m missing our old days. Please forgive me


Geet: I am no one here for whom you should feel sorry. So leave my hand now


Maan: I was in pain Geet. I was in pain of losing dad, and I just wanted to complete my study first to fulfill dad’s wish


Geet: and in your pain you never look back at other’s pain


Geet snapped at him in anger


Maan: Geet, I’m sorry, I really am


Geet: and I am refuging to forgive you Maan. I hate myself that I once considered you my best friend. In your own misery you never turned back to look at me. I wanted you Maan. But you were never there for me. Not there with me when I just lost my own


She stopped herself from telling anything further


Maan: who hurt you Geet? Please tell me?


Geet: oh really? And may I know what you will do to him?


Maan: I will not leave him in peace, I promise


Geet: it was you Maan. It was always you


Saying so Geet jerked her hand away from him and move away leaving him baffled.

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