Toote Hue Khwaab – Part 11

30 Apr

Toote Huwe Khwaab

Part 11

Geet looked at everything at the end and checked if anything needed to be changed. She then bid meera bye and was leaving the place when she met Maan near the hall entrance


Maan: where are you going? Just half hour left to start the program


Geet: works done, so I’m taking my leave


Maan: what? Won’t you be here?


Geet: no, I have works, sorry maan. And yes, all the best for your future. Your family will be proud for you, especially uncle


Maan: but what if people ask for you?


Geet: sorry?


Maan: I mean, what if someone likes your company’ works, and like to talk with the CEO of your company. You know I can make some more customers for your company?


Maan mentally kicked himself for coming up with this stupid cause to stop Geet for going.


Geet: well then


Geet opened her purse, making maan confused. Geet took out some visiting cards of her and gave them to him


Geet: give them my visiting card and tell them to fix a meeting by calling my assistant


Saying so Geet started to leave, but stopped abruptly hearing Maan’s pleading voice


Maan: please Geet, at least be here in this day. It’s an important day of my life.


Geet: your family will be here with you, it will not be a matter if I will not be here


Maan: it matters a lot to me Geet. Because you will agree or not, but you are a member of my own family. Please don’t go


Geet: Maan I can’t


Maan: if you ever consider me as your close one, you will be here, as you too know how many days I’ve waited to be in this place


Saying so Maan left, leaving Geet in tears


Geet (self-talk): you don’t know how much I’ve waited to see you in this position, this much successful. But how will I tell you that I can’t stay here. I can’t stay as your family is coming here. Daadi ma hates me a lot Maan. I can never stand in front of her. Not after what happened years ago






The inauguration program was in full swing. People from various companies came and media too was here to gather information and to find a chance to take a short interview of the Maan Singh Khurana.


People are congratulating him and welcoming him warmly. Also all were talking about the success of this party, that it’s this year’s most big and gorgeous party. It only made Maan proud on his Geet’s sincerity and hardworking nature.


Maan smiled warmly and went near the door to welcome Daadi ma, Dev and Aniee


Maan: you guys are late


Dev: not my fault. This lady wasted 3 long hours just to get ready


Dev said pointing towards aniee


Aniee: shut up bhai. I have to look perfect on my bro’s party. Bro it’s awesome, you rocks


Saying so Aniee hugged Maan


Maan: thank you


Daadi ma: It’s awesome. Must say Singhania company give their hundred percent here


Maan: well it’s not SinghaniaDaadi ma.


Daadi ma: what? But I myself talked with them and confirmed everything that they are going to organize the party. One second, then who did it?


Maan: it’s a surprise Daadi ma. Just wait for some more time


Daadi ma: okay, but I must say, whoever planned all these, that person is smart as well as has the elegance to make everything look so perfect


Said daadi ma while looking around


Maan: she has to, after all she’s best in everything she does


Daadi ma: that much trust? Now I really want to meet that person


Daadi ma said while patting his cheek affectionately


Aniee: can we go inside now? I want to enjoy the party


Maan: okay baba, let’s go inside


All entered inside






Everyone was enjoying their drinks while talking with each other, when Maan walked and stood on the stage


Daadi: hello everyone, may I have your attention please?


All stopped talking and approached near the stage. Savita Devi smiled at her grandchild proudly


Maan: Dear friends. Thank you all for coming. This party is to exchange my duty from my shoulder and hand over them over to my eldest grandchild. Please welcome our company’s new MD, Maan Singh Khurana


All clapped while Maan came into the stage and took the mic from Daadi ma’s hand.


Maan: Firstly I thank each of you for accepting my invitation to be here today and be a part of my happy day. Yes, this is one of the happiest days of my life. Not because I got a good position, but because I’ve completed half of my father’s dream that he dreamt about me years ago. I want to say thank you to my grandmother, who was always there in the ups and downs of my life, be with me whenever I was in need. And my family, my brother dev, my sister aniee. I love you both.


Maan looked at the entrance and saw Geet standing over there looking at him proudly.


And lastly I want to say thank you to the person, who was always there with me in every phase of my life since childhood. Even today also it because of her all are praising the Khurana for arrenging this wonderful party. Thank you Geet for being with me always. I don’t know you will believe it or not, but the truth will always remain the same. No matter what happens, no matter how many days will pass away, I will always love you the way I always did. Thank you Geet for being in my life


He said looking directly on Geet.


How she wish that the love word was truly happened between them. He was looking to sincerely at her, making her heart swell with happiness, though she knew like always he said it as a friend, as his best friend.


Daadi ma shockingly looked at Maan’s face and then followed his eyes and saw Geet standing over there with tears in her eyes.


As soon as Maan came down from the stage, Daadi ma stopped him


Daadi ma: Maan, what was all that? Why she’s here? And why were you saying that she did all these arrangements?


Maan: yes Daadi ma, she did everything here.


Daadi ma: but Singhania’s were supposed to do that, I myself talked with them


Maan: yes, but I changed that. I wanted Geet to do these entire works Daadi ma


Daadi ma: but


Mr. Kapoor: Congratulation Maan. I’m so glad for you


Maan: thank you uncle. How are you?


They keep busy on business talk so Daadi thought to ask Maan later


Geet was with Meera, talking with others who were happily saying that she did fabulous job in arranging the party


Geet: meera you stay here. I need to go to the washroom


Meera: okay you go, I’m waiting here for you


Geet came out of the party hall and was going towards the washroom, when Daadi ma called her from behind


Daadi ma: so finally, you showed your true color Geet




Geet: Daadi ma, you are thinking wrong about me?


Daadi ma: oh really? I thought wrong about you. How fool I was to consider you as an innocent girl. But I know now how you really are

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