Toote Hue Khwaab – Part 12

30 Apr

Toote Huwe Khwaab


Do read the para at the end of the update. It’s related with the story, which will help you to understand today’s update more accurately.
Part 12

Geet was with Meera, talking with others who were happily saying that she did fabulous job in arranging the party


Geet: meera you stay here. I need to go to the washroom


Meera: okay you go, I’m waiting here for you


Geet came out of the party hall and was going towards the washroom, when Daadi ma called her from behind


Daadi ma: so finally, you showed your true color Geet


Geet stopped and looked back and saw Daadi ma looking at her accusingly


Daadi ma: what are you trying to show us Geet? Wasn’t that enough that you did earlier in the past?


Geet: Daadi ma


Daadi ma: don’t call me Daadi, neither I nor my family members have any relation with a girl like you. And I’m sure I made that clear to you years ago. But still you are here?


Geet: I didn’t want to come here. It was Maan who


Daadi ma: so you are again trying to play your innocent charm cards on my grandson?


Geet: Daadi ma, you are thinking wrong about me?


Daadi ma: oh really? I thought wrong about you. How fool I was to consider you as an innocent girl. But I know now how you really are


Geet: and again you are misunderstanding me like you did years ago


Daadi ma: what do you think Geet? You really think that all these innocent acts will work on me? I’m not a fool like Maan. And yes I will not let you ruin my grandson’s life


Geet: why will I do that to Maan? I can never ruin his future Daadi ma


Daadi ma: that’s why you blamed him with no reasons? You tried to pass your sin on his shoulder. Only God knows whose child you were carrying, some cheap drank man’s


Geet: bas daadi ma. You are older than me that’s why I was listening your all accusing words against me. But that doesn’t mean you will say whatever you like to. Don’t say a word against my child


Daadi ma: and how dare you to blame my grandson for that filthy child of yours?


Daadi ma shouted in anger making Geet flinch at her words


Daadi ma: I know my grandson that much. He will not even touch you in his worst dreams as well


Their conversation stopped when they heard something breaking behind them. They looked back and saw Maan looking at them, where blood was oozing out of his right hand.


Geet looked at his face and can see the emotional turmoil in his face. His face was showing surprise, pain, hurt, anger, guilt and what not




Maan watched Geet going towards the washroom and thought to disclose the surprise to her, as his jaan is almost reaching here. And he wanted to meet his precious bundle with Geet first.


He was about to call Geet from behind when he heard Daadi ma calling Geet. He smiled with a thought that may be Daadi ma would solve the problems between them. So he thought to stay silent to know the entire problem that had happened after his departure.


But what he heard made him feel that the land under his feet just slipped away. He felt his heart would tear apart to hear his Daadi ma’s words against geet. It made him numb to see the words that his daadi ma used against their child. Their child, about whom he didn’t even know a minute ago. And felt so much pain to see Geet standing helplessly and hearing everything silently.


He wanted to kill himself, the anger inside him for himself made his grip stronger, which caused the glass broke in his hand, tearing his palm in small cuts.




Geet keep looking at Maan’s eyes, which was showing so many emotions together. Unknown to her she felt her eyes burning in tears to see the pain in his eyes.


Daadi ma’s shriek made them broke their eye contacts. Geet looked at his hand and the bloods that are on floor whereas Maan keep looking at her face


Daadi ma: maan what did you do?


Saying so Daadi ma tried to grab his hand, but Maan stopped her.


Maan: how could you say those words to Geet Daadi ma?


Maan asked looking directly at his Daadi ma


Daadi ma: Maan we will talk about it later, first we need to pull out those glass pieces from your hand and bandage it. Please beta let me see it


Maan: that was my child


His one statement made both look up at him.


Daadi ma: Maan?


Maan: How can you say my child filthy? That is my child whom you are talking about


Daadi ma: Maan, calm down beta. I know you are trying to save Geet from all the bad things, but that doesn’t mean you will take these blames on you


Maan: and who gave you the right to judge Geet and her character all by yourself? You could ask me before accusing her Daadi ma. You are no one to judge her alone


Daadi ma: How can you do that? You and Geet were best friends right? Then how can all these happen?


Maan: because I loved her. And I still love her. I love her and care for her more than a friend


Daadi ma: you never told me Maan


Without replying to her words, Maan walked towards Geet. He gripped her shoulder and pulled her near him


Maan: and how could you do that with me Geet? Why you did this? One phone call, just one phone call, and I would be here with you. Why didn’t you call me damn it?


Maan screamed at Geet.


Geet: because you told me to move on while you were leaving for London


Maan: that was because you were the one who said me that I’m just a best friend for you. Weren’t you the one who said that morning that it was all faults? For you it was a weak moment between us, but did I ever said that? You told me that day to move on because you can never love me as a life partner. How many more times you are going to hurt me Geet?


Geet: because all I wanted is you to move on and be a successful man that your father dreamt about you


Maan: in your wants you didn’t feel it necessary to tell me that I was going to be a father? You didn’t even let me meet my own child till now?


Daadi ma: she had a miscarriage


Daadi ma’s words just made Maan’s grip lose from Geet’s shoulder. He keep looking at Geet for a single answer, but all he got was her tears and cries.  


End of chapter 12

So how many of you were expecting something like this? Any one? I know many were actually supporting Geet and was throwing rotten tomatoes and shoes on Maan after each update. But yes you guys actually missed the only clue that I gave. In Part 3 (Geet’s diary’s writing) I do mention a line where I though you guys will be able to guess that they were in a relation in past.What I can do when I myself know that all i ever wanted was what i always had? I knew what I wanted- and what I wanted was you. Too bad for me, today that is no less true that you are the one who is in my heart.No matter how many times I tell myself I’m over you, I always still find myself thinking about you.You are the one who is still inside my heart

And yes, one more thing, I am watching many are totally confuse about the story line. Before starting I’ve posted some promos and teaser video. Check them, I didn’t post them without any reason. It surely related with the story track line.

And another thing is, STOP searching for logics. It’s a fan fic so a writer does have the liberty to write many things which you can never judge with facts and logics. Criticisms are always welcome but you will yourself feel bore to read if you will try to put everything in logic.


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