Toote Hue Khwaab – Part 13

30 Apr

Toote Huwe Khwaab


Part 13


Maan slipped the room key through the slider as soon as he can by using his one hand. He looked over at Geet who was still busy struggling with another hand’s grip on her arm.

Maan: stop fighting Geet


Geet frowned and looked at him with a cute baby angry face

Geet: you shtop poking youl nose in my graduation party


Maan: God, she actually lost her mind today


Maan said to himself while trying to open the door of the hotel room. It’s better to make Geet stay in this hotel room tonight rather than showing her this new form to her father.

Maan: Poor Mohindar Uncle will surely have a heart attack today then


Maan murmured to himself

Geet: Maan I’m tired now. Just open the door


Geet said while stomping her foot

Maan: oh really, but just a minute ago you were the one who was not at all ready to come here?


Maan asked and opened the door for Geet to enter into the room

Geet: So? I was not tired and you disturbed me to dance. Areee. I didn’t even complete my dance. Let me go and complete my dance


Saying so Geet again started to go towards the door

Maan: oyeee Geet, stop it now. Come on, come and sleep on the bed


Geet: but


Maan: Now


Geet: now?


Maan: yes now. Go or else I’m going to tied you up with rope


Geet: hawww, you dust danav. How dare you to say that?


Geet said while coming towards Maan to hit him but stopped in middle and looked at him with big wide eyes

Maan: now what?


Without answering back Geet ran inside the washroom.

Maan shook his head and called his friends to ensure them that Geet is okay with him and told them to make sure to keep eyes on Rahul. He would deal with that boy tomorrow. Right now he had to look at this chalta phirta disaster queen.

He thanked his stars that in their graduation day the college invited the seniors. Or else he would never able know that Rahul actually made Geet drink beers instead of soft drinks.

Maan: tomorrow I will first kill you Geet Ganda. Then will chop that Rahul


Maan said and looked at the washroom door.

Maan: Geet you okay?


In reply he just got some puking sound making him ran towards the washroom. He peeped inside and saw Geet sitting on the toilet slab and crying with red puffy eyes

Maan: Geet, you okay jaan?


Maan asked worriedly seeing her crying

Geet just nodded her head in negative and cried more

Maan kneeled beside her and cupped her head suing both of his hands

Maan: Jaan what happened? Any problem? Why are you crying, tell me?


Geet:it’s paining here


Saying so Geet placed his one hand on her stomach

Maan: are you in your period?


Maan asked and then noticed a hue red appeared on her both cheeks

Maan rolled his eyes at her sudden shyness and said in a naughty voice

Maan: now don’t need to act like those skimpy dramatic girls. Remember you were the one who came to me and explained everything when it was your first time in period?


Geet slapped his on his shoulder and made a baby face

Geet: I was only 13 that time. And stop making me feel weird. It’s paining without even any reason


Maan: it will be fine then. You just have to take some rest, okay?


Geet: you sure?


Maan: haan


Geet: but you are always the confused one between us na?


Saying so Geet giggled like a child making Maan smile at her childishness. How he wish he could use a cam to record this to show her later. Geet Handa, the perfect and calm girl is in total mess now

Maan shook his head at his thoughts and stood up. He took a towel from the room and make it wet. Then he wiped her face with the towel cleaning that minimal make up from Geet’s face that she applied.

All the while Geet kept looking at him with her doe shaped eyes.

After that Maan tried to help her in walking, but Geet was continuously shambling. So Maan picked her up in his arms and made her lie down on the bed itself.

He put the blanket above Geet and was about to stand up to sit on the couch, but Geet stopped him by holding his hand.

Maan: now what Geet?


Geet: don’t go. I will feel bore


Maan: I’m not going anywhere. Im just going to sit on that couch


Geet: no, stay here


Maan: geet I need to sleep. I’m feeling tired now


Geet: shhh, sleep here, with me, please


Saying so, Geet patted the space beside her.

Maan sighed and lie down beside her

Maan: okay just close your big mouth and eyes and sleep now


Maan said her tightly in order to make her close her eyes in fear

After like 2 minutes Geet sat up again on the bed with a pouty face

Maan: geet now what’s wrong with you?


Geet didn’t reply and pointed her finger to him

Maan: now what’s wrong with me?


Geet just shrugged her shoulder making Maan felt like pulling his hairs in frustration

Maan: use your mouth and answer me. What’s wrong with you?


Geet: you, you are wrong with me. You talked so badly with me


Saying so Geet started to whimper like a baby. Maan pull her closer to him and hugged him tightly

Maan: I’m so so sorry Jaan. Shhh, please don’t cry


Geet: you don’t even smile sweetly with me like you were smiling with that pari in party


Maan only smiled at her childish talks and murmured a sorry softly

Geet: you were avoiding me all the time. When I invited you to be with me in graduation party, you said you would be busy. But you came with Pari


Maan: Jaan she was not getting any partner. And then Jai requested me to come with her sister. I couldn’t able to refuge her.


Geet: but you always refuged me


Geet asked sadly while hugging him tightly by his waist and put her head near his heart

Maan: there’s nothing like that


Geet: you hate me, don’t you?


Geet asked in a sad tone making Maan surprised

Geet: you always hate me, that isthe reason, from last 2 months you were not even looking at me for a glance


Maan: I can never hurt you Jaan, shhh don’t cry, please? It’s just I don’t want to lose you. Whenever I love someone, they left me. First mom, then dada ji, and now dad as well. I don’t want to lose you Jaan.


Geet: and I will never leave you Maan. I promise. Please don’t go away from me. I will die without you Maan


Maan: shhh, nothing will happen to you. I will never let anyone harm you. I promise


Geet: I love you Maan


Maan: and I love you too Jaan, I really do, that too from so many days, you know?


Geet: but you never said me


Geet said making a cute pouty face.

Geet: you even kissed Pari on her cheek today. I saw that. I’m sure you love Pari


Maan: no Geet, I didn’t kiss her. What are you talking about?


Geet: no I saw myself. You kissed her. You love her and from tomorrow you are going to avoid me again


Geet cried and tried to release herself from his hug. But Maan pulled her closer to him

Maan: shhh Jaan. I can never kiss someone else than you. I didn’t kiss Pari. There was loud music and she was not listening my voice. So I had to go close to her ear to talk. Nothing else


But Geet being Geet. She actually listened the first line and was busy in ogling on his face lovingly, totally avoiding his excuse

Geet: then kiss me here


Geet said while pointing towards her left cheek

Maan just smiled at her childish demand and kissed softly on her cheek. After that Geet again pointed towards her right cheek and Maan kissed over there as well. And then it followed by her forehead, cute red nose from all that crying session.

In one side Geet was enjoying the love she was getting from Maan. And on another side Maan was trying hard not to lose his control and did something wrong.

And Geet made the situation worst by pointing her finger towards her lips.

Maan: geet, it’s wrong, we should not


Before Maan could complete his words Geet pecked softly in Maan’s lips, making him close his eyes in pleasure

Maan opened his eyes and looked at Geet’s face that was looking at him so lovingly and expectantly.

Maan bowed his head a little and softly pecked her lips making Geet moan and himself lost his control over himself.

Maan: I want to kiss you hard now


Maan said softly making Geet shuddered in some new kind of pleasure.

Maan: can I?


In reply Geet just nodded her head shyly

Maan: I want you to answer me Jaan


Geet: I also want to kiss you Maan


Geet replied shyly and slowly tilted her chin in his direction

Though she expected a full mouth kiss, but her toes curled in pleasure when she felt a soft feathery touch at the corner of her lips. She drew her breath deeply as his touch was way too sensuous.

Maan wanted to enjoy his moments of love with Geet and didn’t want to ruin it in hurry.

He kissed her at one corner of her lips, then the other corner and then a little longer just on the center of her lips.

The next kiss was a wet full mouth kiss. He sucked her lips long and slow. He didn’t urge her to open her mouth and keep on sucking her both lips one after another.

He sucked till he lost his breath. He parted his lips just to breathe and on that time Geet moved her chin up and press her lips on his open mouth. Her tongue invaded his mouth and Maan also kissed her back making her feel it was all her.

Their mouth explored the sweet nectar of each other’s. They deepened their kiss. It was long, exploring, hungry, and mostly, it was passionate. It burnt all their senses and none knew when they were out of cloths.

Maan kissed, sucked her whole body in passion and marked her as his, while making her want him more wet below

Geet: Maan I want you now


That was the only thing that Maan wanted to hear from her. Her command was all he needed.

18+ (read in your own risk)

She felt him parting her thighs. She spread her arms and he came in her hug not before positioning himself at her entrance.

Geet bite her lips feeling him pushing his huge member inside her.

Maan: just tell me when it hurts. I will stop it then and there, okay jaan?


Geet: you can never hurt me Maan.


And then before she can think he was all way deep inside her. She felt her inside clenching against his hard member

Tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes. But before it could roll down on the pillow, he kissed her tears away and kissed her lips softly.

He slowly rocked back and forth, coming out entire and then pushing back in her wet and hot channel.

Geet arched her chest holding the pillow and biting her lips to suppress the moans that was building inside her. Maan kissed her lips time to time, still not stopping in his pace.

And then both hold them tight and came all together. They came again and again while holding themselves tight. He plumped the last ounce of his seed in her before planting a wet kiss on her lips.

Maan came out of her and rolled on his side taking her on him, hugging her as tightly as he could. Both laid their panting and enjoying the warmness from another’s body.

After some minutes of silence, Maan looked at Geet and smiled by watching her sleeping soundly on his chest.

Maan:I love you a lot Jaan. I know tomorrow you would be the mad one when you will be back in your old grumpy self. You will also forget our confession, but I promise I will make you understand everything. I love you a lot Geet Handa.




Maan heard the footsteps and preferred not to look back. He just wanted to stay alone for sometimes.

He was about to tell that person to go away but stopped abruptly when she felt that warm hand wrapped around him from beside and crashed him in a  tight hug

And then he heard that soft sweet voice that can always make his heart calm

Pia: sulpliseee papa (surprise papa)

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  1. kaurparamjit32

    May 1, 2014 at 7:47 am

    Loved it haven’t read it for a while great catch up where is geet now is he married to her


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