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Toote hue Khwaab Part 15


Part 15

It was early morning and the sun ray made maan open his eyes. As soon as Maan opened his eyes, a small smile came in his face

Here, his little angle sleeping fully on him, hugging him with her 4 hands and legs

Oh how much he missed cuddling up with his jaan like this.

But yesterday night’s incident came in his mind, making him frown.

He got up from the bed. After making Pia sleep comfortably with her big teddy and putting pillows around her, he went to washroom to freshen up and talk with daadi


Maan came downstairs and found all sitting for the breakfast

Maan didn’t even sit for breakfast and asked daadi directly

Maan: you could have called me Daadi ma. We’ve talked almost every day and you never even mention these to me

Daadi looked at all and replied

Daadi: 1st complete your breakfast. We will talk about these later, alone

Maan: why did you insult geet alone? Or humiliated her after when Dev and Aniee were not here? let them also learn the real truth

Daadi: enough Maan, we thought she was trying to destroy your image for saving hers

Maan: The girl who almost died just to save me when she was only 14, can never do that Daadi. How could you forget that because of her, I’m still breathing, I’m still alive damn it

Daadi ma: how would I know you would disappoint me like this?

Maan: listen one thing Daadi and remember it always, I love her, not from some months or some years. It’s from my childhood. And what ever happened between me and geet, it’s not any fault. And you did the biggest mistake by hiding it from me. Because of you I lost my own child damn it

Maan screamed in frustration making all gasps at him

Dev: bhai, it was actually you?

Their convo stopped in middle by the sweet voice of Pia

Pia: daddy

Maan looked upstairs and hurriedly stopped Pia when he saw her trying to come down all by herself

Maan: baby, no wait. I’m coming

He went and picked her up in his arms

Pia: daddy why shouting? It’s no good to be danav in yaly molning (early morning)

Maan smiled at her and said

Maan: did my baby had good sleep?

Pia sucked her lips and tried to think

Pia: night is ok but molning bad

Maan: and why morning is bad?

Pia: silly daddy. When pia woke, daddy not with Pia na?

Maan? accha, daddy really very sorry baby

Maan cuddled her more in him and brought her downstairs

Pia: hi aniee aunty myself pia, how are you?

Aniee was looking at them shocked and gave a small smile to pia

Aniee: im good pia, how are you?

Pia: pia also good

Daadi ma: Maan who’s this girl?

Maan: it’s pia my daughter

Daadi ma: but how can

Maan: ek minute, jennie

He called pia’s caretaker. When she came, Maan told her to take pia for bath and dressed her for going out

Maan: baby you go and have your bath. Daddy’s coming

Pia: otey

When pia left the room, Maan replied Daadi

Maan: I’ve adopted her after aditya and seema’s death in car accident.

Daadi ma: so it’s aditya’s daughter? you could have tell me first?

Maan: like you said whatever mess you created here?

Daadi: Maan we just wanted to do what is good for you?

Maan: and for that you forgot what you promised to gayatri ma? That for you Geet’s happiness will be your first preference? And you are the one who thrown her away when she needed you the most. Chi daadi

Aniee: bhai please have your bearkfast

Maan: not feeling like eating. I’m going to talk with Geet.

Saying so maan went towards his room


Pinky went inside after knocking the door

Geet: yes Pinky

Pinky: mam, wo Mr. Khurana wanted to meet with you. He doesn’t have any appointment but he is saying that it’s important

Geet: Tell him that I’m in a meeting and will be late to come. So he can leave

Maan: and you feel like I will hear your bakwas?

Pinky: sir, I told you to wait

Maan: and I told you that I’m after you

Geet: it’s okay pinky, you can leave

As soon as Pinky left, Geet looked at maan with anger

Maan: I’m not leaving, so don’t even ask me to. I have to talk with you and right now

Geet: Maan leave

Maan: I just said you that i have to talk with you

Geet: we will talk later

Maan: I need to talk with you, right now

Geet: I have a meeting, so I need to leave

Geet was about to go, when Maan’s voice stopped her

Maan: why you did this with us Geet? You left me saying I don’t deserve you, you said you don’t love me then why you let them blame you

Geet: Maan please, don’t start your drama again. I told you years ago and telling you now to move on in your life. Stop your childish behavior and leave from here

Maan: I’m being childish? It’s you damn it

Maan shouted and pulled Geet closer to him

Geet: stop it Maan and leave me alone. I told you to move on in your life. I don’t have any hard feeling for you

Maan: first you left me with a cause that I don’t deserve you. I wanted to show you that I’m the best and I do deserve you. But now when I came to you, you just let me know that you took my baby away from me. How can you do this to me? How many times you will break me Geet?

Geet: I didn’t tell you to come behind me and break your hearts

Maan: stop talking in sarcasm

Geet: stop following me. Go and enjoy your life and leave me alone

Maan: and how could you

A knock came and geet pushed maan away from her.

Geet: yes?

Pinky: Mam, this little girl umm

Pia peeped inside and came running towards Maan and hugged him by his legs

Pia: Daddy pia need to go for su su
(Sam scratching her head, do you have to come now naughty girl?)

Maan looked at Geet and saw her looking shockingly at Pia.

Maan: you wanted me to move on, right Geet? See I moved away from you. I let you win. Now live your life.

Saying so Maan picked Pia and angrily left the room, leaving Geet in tears

Precap: Geet trying to know Maan’s wife’s name Embarrassed

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Toote Hue Khwaab Part 14


Thank you Tanya for this wonderful Banner Hug

Part 14

Maan heard the footsteps and preferred not to look back. He just wanted to stay alone for sometimes.

He was about to tell that person to go away but stopped abruptly when she felt that warm hand wrapped around him from beside and crashed him in a  tight hug

And then he heard that soft sweet voice that can always make his heart calm

Pia: sulpliseee papa (surprise papa)


Maan was driving the car, totally engrossed in his own thoughts. How he wished to win back his love tonight, and how the night ended.

His chain of thoughts broke when he felt Pia poking him.

Maan: you said something?

Pia: why I not meet Geet aunty? (Why didn’t I meet geet aunty?)

Maan: she’s busy so she left sweety

Pia: ummm, papa

Maan: what is it honey?

Pia: you upshet?

Maan: no baby, why?

Pia: you not issmiling (you are not smiling)

Maan pulled Pia closer to him by his one hand, making her cuddle with him

Maan: I missed my baby a lot

Pia: pia misshhh papa loads and loads

Maan: okay and how much?

Pia: shillyyy papa, pia ishmall na? pia cannot show the loads

Maan laughed at her words and kissed her forehead and concentrated on driving


Daadi ma was waiting for Maan to talk with him. She needed to find out the whole truth. It’s high time she should know the whole truth.

The feeling that she was in fault not to believe Geet is big enough to make her feel guilty for destroying Geet’s life.

She looked back at the door and shocked to see Maan carrying a small girl in his arms. She stood up and hurriedly went towards them.

Daadi ma: Maan what’s all

Maan: Daadi ma, not now please. She’s sleeping and I don’t want to wake her up. I’m talking with you in morning. Let me just put her in bed before she waked up

Daadi ma: but who’s this girl Maan. What is happening here? Answer me first

Maan: I said I will talk with you tomorrow. Now stop talking loudly, you will wake her up

Daadi ma: ok we will talk tomorrow. But at least tell me, from where you bring her up, whose daughter is she?

Maan: she’s Pia Khurana. My daughter. now can I go?

Daadi ma looked at Maan totally shocked

Daadi ma: maan beta aap

Maan: good night Daadi ma. As much as I want to talk with you to show you the reality, I can’t disturb her. Till that stop thinking low about Geet, please.

Saying so Maan left, making Daadi ma more worried


Maan made Pia comfortable on his bed and pulled the blanket on her after rechecking the room temperature. He took out his changes from the wardrobe and went to the washroom.

Once he entered inside, he switched on the shower and looked at himself in the mirror.

Tears after tears keep falling from his eyes, no one was there to see his pains now, and no one was here to wipe off his tears. All his dreams from years broke today. And only he knows how he put up a brave face till now.

He just wanted to kill himself, just to think what Geet went through for him, for their child. He wanted to kill himself when he came to know that he lost his child, their child, their symbol of love. Only if his small bundle of joy didn’t reach there, he would never be able to stop him for killing himself.

Kise poochun, hai aisa kyun
Bezubaan sa, ye jahaan hai

(To whom to ask, why is it so,
this world is, as if mute..)

He looked upward and asked God, why he again failed like before. Why everyone has to leave him. why the God always took everyone away from him.

Khushi ke pal, kahan dhoondhooN
Benishan sa, waqt bhi yahan hai

(Where to find moments of joy,
Even time is like without a sign..)

Geet looked outside the window and found that star sparkling at her, from childhood she makes herself believe it as her mother, and share her everything. She wanted to remember one happy moment today that she live without Maan. But without Maan her every memory feels like gray without life.

Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain
Zindagi se kayi faasle hain
Paseejte hain sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeer jab chhoote in haathon se yoon bewajah

(There are complaints on so many lips,
there are many distances from the life..
Why do the dreams dampen in eyes,
when the line leaves these hands, for no reason..)

He always wanted to return back with pride, to give Geet a happy life. To give her all the happiness she deserves. But when he was there enjoying his life in comfort, his jaan was fighting her every minutes, just to breath peacefully to live. He punched the mirror in anger. The glasses pierced his skin, making blood to come out of his hand. But he didn’t even flinch

Jo bheji thi duaa, woh jaake aasmaan
se yoon takra gayi ke aa gayi
Hai laut ke sadaa

(The wish I had sent,
that collided with the sky such that
a call has come back..)

He prayed for her happiness in every single day. Then why God didn’t save her from the dangers. Why everyone turned their faces from her, when she was the one to support all in their needs? Why he was not here to save her all these years?

Saanson ne kahan rukh mod liya
Koi raah nazar mein na aaye
Dhadkan ne kahan dil chhod diya
Kahan chhode in jismoN ne saaye

(where have the breaths turned their face,
I don’t see any path..
where has the heartbeat left the heart,
and where have these bodies left (their) shadows..)

Her thoughts went back to Maan. Looking at his pained face Geet could understand what was going on him. She wanted to run towards him and cry her heart out, but alas! There were no tears left to come out from her eyes.

Yehi baar-baar sochta hoon tanha main yahan
Mere saath-saath chal raha hai yaadon ka dhuaan

(I, here, think this again and again..
a smoke of memories is walking with me.. )

Maan felt someone wiping away his tears. A small smile appeared his lips to recognize his Geet’s touch. He opened his eyes, and the touch disappeared. More tears came out from his eyes. How he wish he never even opened his eyes. How he wished like this dream of his Geet, all those pain that Geet went across would disappear in the same way.

Jo bheji thi duaa, woh jaake aasmaan
se yoon takra gayi ke aa gayi
Hai laut ke sadaa
(The wish I had sent,
that collided with the sky such that
a call has come back..)

Geet slide down on the floor slowly. She lost her battle today. She always wanted Maan not to know about her misery. She wanted to protect him for the pains, no matter for this others would hate her always. But she failed. Why God didn’t accept her prayers of saving Maan from the pains.

Precap: Maan went to Handa Mansion + Daadi and Maan’s argument

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Sargoshiya- Whisper of Love Part 62 (Last Part)


Big Hug Tanu for this Awesome Banner Hug

I just wanna THNX each of the reader of Sargoshiyan. You guys really helped a lot in my very first journey in writing world.
I was actually upset while writing the last part and it took me a lot of time to write, sam was indeed emotional this time Cry

I tried to go throw the Hinduism marriage rituals and wrote this part. If I wrote anything wrong, don’t take it in heart as I myself is a Muslim girl so don’t have any slightest knowledge about ur’s culture apart from the info from Wikipedia
And the 18+ is written by my fluffy pie as I’m kinda boring and unromantic girl. So love you babu for the help

Last Part

Maan was talking with his friends, when Natasha came towards him

Natasha: Maan, come on. It’s time now

Ria and Arjun came as well, and the y all together went towards the stage.

Maan could feel something deep inside him. A feel that today he got the biggest happiness of his life.

He smiled suddenly at his thoughts, just before one year ago, he was the one who used to believe in love, but in a different way. For him love is existed in this world, but the word love is not always about the feelings between a boy and a girl.

He used to think that his love was his music, he used to think that he was deeply in love with his music as music was his passion.

But now he knew the real song and love of his life will come with a name as Geet. His geet. His real song of life

His chain of thoughts broke with the whistles and sounds.

Maan looked at the stair, and as soon as his eyes went towards his jaan, he forgot to breath.

There she was, walking towards him, ready to be his wife, ready to be with him completely to be his better half

But for Maan, she has full right on his life, not bounded with the word called better half

Geet can feel the burning gaze on her and became shyer as she knew her pucchu was looking at her right now.

Both stood in front of each other for exchanging the flowers.

Both took the varmala in their hands.

As soon as Geet was about to put the varmala on Maan, all Maan’s friends pulled him higher so that Geet couldn’t able to put the varmala.

Geet made a cute frown face and looked at Maan in her jhoota gussa.

Geet: Pucchu mai chala jaunga bol raha hoon. Shaadi kar na hai k nehi?

Maan: aree mai kya kia Jaan, sab to unn log karraha hai

Geet: to jaldi niche aao, warna mai gaya

Maan hurriedly bend his head in front of Geet to help Geet and Geet smiled wide while putting the varmala

Adi: kya Maan. You are going to bow down your head in front Geet after your marriage.

Arjun: Chalta hai. It is also called as making peace agreement with your wife. Just look at me

Ria glared at him and all laughed

Maan to wear Geet varmala easily as Geet didn’t let anyone disturb in her marriage rituals, so no one could able to pull her up.

Daadi ma: chalo one work is done. This varmala exchange is the proof that you both accepted each other and will love and live together with one and other.

Ria: Haan now stop pulling wach other’s legs and Geet abhi se you are gving him threats?

Mohindar: we should complete the phere, warna muhurat nikal jayega

Both sat together in front of the holy fire. Ria came and put the red decorated dupatta on Geet’s head, whereas Natasha helped Maan to put his sehra

Pandit ji called girl’s father for Kanyadaan. Mohindar put a ring on Maan’s finger and the he gave Geet’s hand in Maan’s hand

After the Kanyadaan the pheres began. Both of them stood up in front of the sacred fire. They took their seven pheres and promised to themselves that they will be each other’s strength and will never leave one another till their last breath.

After the pheres Maan applied vermillion (sindoor) in Geet’s hair partition and tied the beaded necklace (mangalsutra) To Geet’s neck.

Both took blessings from the elders as the Pandit declared them as husband and wife.



(Maaneet Wedding Rituals edited by me. Feel free to use them if u guys like it, just don’t crop my name out LOL)


Adi: areee how can it possible, you guys just robbed 50 lakhs and now asking for more

Pinky: haan to, what’s your problem? You are not the groom right?

Adi: no ways I’m going to be a duffer like Maan

Pari: then shut your mouth and tell us talk with our official jiju

Rahul: dekho its too much yaar. Give back the shoes. They need to leave for dinner

Geet: haan pinky de dena. We need to leave for Mumbai also.

Pinky: achha? Bari jaldi hai?

Natasha: accha ek min, it’s another shagun so they have right

Maan: but mom they already bankrupted me

Pinky: hawww, biwi mili to saali buri? Chi jiju

Maan: jiju ki bacchi, return my shoes right now

Daadi ma came forward and handled them kalecharis of gold.

Natasha: we didn’t take any silver one, as I think you all are like Geet’s sisters. And in today’s generation I don’t think we should divide sisters and cousins in these matters.

They were too happy in natasha’s words and returned his shoes.

After the dinner, when it was time for bidaai, it was most touching moment. Maan was feeling helpless to see her crying, whereas Ria couldn’t able to control her tears anymore. She hugged Geet tight and both cried hugging each other.

Natasha had to come forward along with Daadi ma to take Geet towards the car. Of course after assuring them they are not taking a bride but a daughter and Geet will come here whenever she wished to come.


Finally after the long tiring travel and completing many more rituals Maan sighed and was about to enter in his room, when daadi ma stopped him in middle

Maan: now what Daadi? let me get inside now. I’m tired

Daadi ma: but beta, you have to wait some more few hours

Maan: oyee hello, I’m tired, please let me sleep daadi. Do whatever you want, but in morning

Daadi ma: accha? Then do one thing beta, you come to my room and sleep tonight. Now your mother is talking with Geet inside. You will not be able to rest

Maan came near his daadi ma and whispered

Maan: Daadi ma at least aap to samjho mere Baato ko

Daadi: I can understand beta. That’s why telling you to come and sleep with me tonight

Daadi said sincerely while trying hard to control her laugh

Maan looked at his Daadi and can understand she’s just pulling his legs

Maan: im going to move away and will rent one room flat for mine and geet. Dekh lena

Daadi ma: Accha? But Geet will not leave us

Natasha: kya maa ji, leave him now.

Maan: mom you are here, then who’s inside?

Natasha: Maan what type of question is this? Of course Geet

Maan: but Daadi was telling

Natasha: don’t listen to her. You go inside. And maa ji, you come with me

Saying so Natasha pulled Daadi ma with her and Maan hurriedly entered inside and locked the door before any more disaster came behind him

He looked at his bride, sitting on that decorated bed.

He slowly sit on the bed, near her, and pulled the ghunghat letting him watch her angelic face

Maan keep ogling at her with his big eyes as she was looking not less than an angel in her wedding dress

Geet: Maan, stop staring like that

Maan: my love, my wife, my life, who’s going to stop me. let me see you jaan. I couldn’t able to do that down there

Geet: But its feeling like you are looking at some fruit and going to eat me

Maan: i may eat you raw tonight

Geet: Then do something na? It’s almost half hour now we are sitting in same position. I’m feeling sleepy.  and i will throw you out of the room if you don’t make this night romantic and make me sleepy

Geet threatened making Maan white in horror

Seeing Maan’s white face Geet narrowed her eyes, then held his collar in her fist bringing him closer to her face, they were mere inches apart and Maan was just staring at the bold but cute as hell Geet. She greeted her teeth.

Geet: If you don’t do anything Maan I swear I will make u sleep outside this room and I,,,

Her words died as his hand slipped on her waist bringing her close in one swift moment. Her breaths labored as their face were inches apart.

18+ (read at your own risk Blushing)

One moment and her lips will touch Maan. Her lips parted in a small gasp as Maan’s hand roamed on her back rubbing the flesh and heat surge through their body.

Sensation crawl her vein as his breath fall on her lips. A moan worked from somewhere of her.


In that moment their lips met but Maan didn’t deepen it waiting for her. She didn’t disappoint him as her lips parted. Maan ran his tongue on her plump lower lips then outlined inside if her upper lips.

Nails dug in his flesh which made him restless for her, with a groan Maan pulled her closer sealing their lips and entering the sweet heaven.

Both sighed in the kiss, their hand were all over each other, Geet’s hand were on Maan’s nape pulling his hair and massaging his nape which made the kiss erotic.

He was getting hard with each strokes from her lips and was making him wild maybe that’s what she wanted.. His teeth ravaged his thirst for her lips and when he left her her lips were red and swollen.

Her shy face with the natural red lips made his desire fire tenfold. Seeing the hungry gaze a naughty smile came on her and she pushed him, then gave her back towards him.

Before she can leave the bed Maan held thread of her blouse which made Geet’s eyes widen and a gasp broke out. Her breath hitch as he lowered his lips on her velvety flesh, his warm breath made it difficult to think straight and Maan knew it. Geet arched her back as he placed his warm lips in between her shoulder blade.

He started placing wet kisses n her spine which earned more moans from her. Maan’s lips were trailing down and she was shivering with sensation that was flowing in her vein. Not knowing what to do and how to hold her own self intact while he was setting person fire, she just turned and hugged Maan with her all strength.

Her breath never lowered and the tiny sensation between her legs never subsided. She just held him closer to her not bothering about her blouse that was hanging from her shoulder.

Maan broke the hug holding her chin and forcing her to meet his eyes but she refused by closing her eyes.

Maan: Open your eyes Geet.

Shaking her head she smiled

Maan kissed the corner of her mouth. Then his voice dropped in a husky note. You don’t know how much desirable and sexy u r looking right now. After this night I won’t be able to leave u for a second.

Geet opened her eyes: I don’t want u to leave me even for a blink of eyes.

Maan again kissed the corner of her mouth but this time he trailed a line of wet kisses from her cheeks to the joint of her shoulder. Her toes curled as he sucked her flesh, the sensitive area of her neck and behind her ear making her mad with desire.

Maan’s lips came down on her bosom and with care he took out the piece of cloth. His breath ragged seeing the perfect creamy glove. Geet bite her lips then tried to hide her half nude body but he held her wrist then shook his head.

Maan: You are perfect. Beautiful..

In one second his sherwani touched the ground and Maan kissed her again more carnal. Her back touched the soft mattress as he came above her. His fingers found her find bud twitching slightly earning a cry of pleasure from her, his hand held them while his lips sucked her lips.

She twitched and jerked under his hand. Leaving her lips Maan touched her one globe, teasing with his tongue and wetting then taking in his mouth and sucking harder. Her moans filled the room as he gave same attention to the other globe.

Her nails scratched his half nude body, her fingers touched his bare back, Muscle rippled as her hand touched each bulge and it made him suck harder.

When their other cloth left their body they couldn’t said, it was all so blur. Geet pushed Maan on the mattress then with unsure hand exploded him.

Seeing Maan’s pleasure she became bolder and placed some wet kisses on his chest then coming down on scabs. Her tongue licked the salty sexy flesh.

His musky scent filled her nostrils. It wasn’t much before that Maan pinned her on the mattress coming above her. She knew what was coming and anticipation with little fear increased her excitement..

Their lips met again and Maan parted her thighs with his knees. He left her lips coming on her neck. Geet arched more to his lips, his lips traveled between her breast teasing the arching bud.

His hardness touched her folds earning a groan from Maan as his control was thinning. Her wetness was his undoing and her moans.

Geet: please Maan…

She wasn’t sure what she was begging for, he came on her face.

Maan: you trust me na?

Geet looked at his eyes pouring her all love kissed him. And in reply she just kissed him like never before.

A cry tore the kiss, as he sheathed himself inside her inch by inch Geet let out a small cry but the pleasure was much. Maan held himself inside her, waiting for her to adjust and she did.

In a very few second her pain subsided and she locked her ankle behind his back. Maan entered all the way in her in one moment.

She arched for more and he gave it to her, each stroke was so powerful but it didn’t hurt her, just fulfilled her more and more. She can feel the sensation building more stronger.

Her orgasm ripped a pleasurable cry from deep in her throat. Maan followed her with 2 more strokes.

Geet: I love u.

Maan: you are mine Geet. I love u too. He kissed her lips hand roamed their sweety body, pulling her on top of him. Geet rested her cheek on his chest smiling feeling shy.

They didn’t realized when sleep engulf them, Maan’s grip left left her waist and Geet never placed her head anywhere else than Maan’s chest.

NEXT: Epilogue Ouch Cry 


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Sargoshiya- Whisper of Love Part 61


Big Hug Tanu for this Awesome Banner Hug
Part 61

Groom Side Story:

Maan knocked the door for third time and called his mom worriedly

Maan: mom how much more time. Please open the door right now

Natasha: Maan stop banging the door, and let me get dressed. I just need more five minutes.

Maan: you are saying the same thing for last two hours.

No replied come

Maan: come on mom, just open the door. Because of you I’m going to miss my own wedding

The door opened and Natasha came out with a frowned face.

Natasha: I can bet on it that you are the very first groom who’s knocking each and every one’s door and calling them in each minute to come out. Such a shameless impatient groom!

Maan: oh really? And you are the first mother in law who’s taking more time than the bride to get ready.

Natasha: so what? I need to look perfect on my son’s wedding

Maan: but it’s my wedding right? Not dad’s and yours

Natasha: Maan ki bacchi

Before Natasha could slap him he ran away laughing and replying

Maan: first let me get married mom, only then you can expect your grandchildren. But I think because of you this wedding is going to postpone for another 8 months.

Natasha shook her head at her son’s shameful remark and went inside to take her purse


Bride Side Story:

Ria: Nakul kaka, did you check the dishes. Please do that before serving them. I just can’t trust blindly to these cooks

Nakul: ji betiyan. I’ve checked them all, and will recheck again. Now you should go and get ready.

Ria: yes I will. First let me just check Geetu

Ria knocked the door and went inside to see the ladies applying the last touch up on Geet’s face

As soon as Geet looked at Ria, she almost shrieked in surprise

Geet: Bhabhi you are going to stay like this?

Ria: I’m just going to get ready. I just came to check you out

Geet: Bhabhi they will come in any moment. You go and get ready please

Ria: haan baba. I just need to check papa first, and then the dishes are served properly or not. And then

Geet stood up and hugged Ria tightly

Geet: Bhai will check the outside. Papa will also get ready and come to me to show whether it’s fine or not. You first take a deep breath and calm down. Then go and get ready

Ria: okay, but you just don’t stress okay?

Geet: I will not, cause you all are here with me.

Geet came out of the hug and placed a small kiss on Ria’s cheek.

Ria: what was that for?

Ria asked in amusement

Geet: you know bhabhi, yesterday also I was sad to think that mumma will not be here with me today. But from morning, I’m not even missing her. Because I know God is way too kind to give me another mother in the name of my bhabhi.

Ria smiled at her words and hugged her tightly. The thought itself that from today her geetu is going to leave this house, is enough to make her feel lonely and alone.

Now Geet will not be here to get pampered by her, to come to her in mid night with a demand to sleep with her. Will not be here to hug her tightly and blabber each and everything in every evening.

Ria: I wish I could tell you not to leave us here and go in your in law’s house. But afraid it’s the way nature fixed the departure of a girl’s.

Geet: I will come back every week bhabhi. Maan promised you know?

Geet replied in a cracked voice.

The door opened and Pinky came inside

Pinky: ye lo, you guys are not even ready and crying like some small babies? Bhabhi go and get ready first, she’s still here, so you need to save some tears for later.

Painky joked and both wacked her in return.

Ria: you are looking like a fairy angel Geetu. Maan is going to faint before wedding

Geet grinned at her words

Pinky: waise Geet, you are supposed to shy like some bride Geet. Here you are grinning shamelessly

Geet: you want me to kick you out now? i can also do that

Ria: Geet don’t came out of the room unless me or your bhai will come. And Pinky go downstairs and wait for the groom side. Go

Geet: haan you go and get ready


All came down hurriedly when they heard the music outside.

Arjun: Ria come quickly. They are already near the entrance

Ria: haan baba, I’m already here.

Ria came out with the Puja Thali.

Arjun and Mohindar came forward to welcome them all. While Mohindar and Anukalp hugged each other, Arjun and Adi helped Maan to come down from the horse.

All together came towards Ria, who was waiting for them. But Pinky, Pari and others together came in front making a bridge, in order to stop Maan for moving forward.

Pinky: areee jiju, why in so much hurry. At least wait to us to complete the transaction

Adi: accha? What kind of transaction can happen in the road?

Pari: are you going to be our jija ji? No right? Then stop talking

Adi looked at others for help while all laughed to see Adi’s reaction

Maan: accha tell me what you guys want now?

Pinky: okay, you need to pay to get inside

Arjun: areee first let him get inside na?

Pari: no ways bhaia. He needs to pay to enter into the house and marry our Geet

Mohindar was about to interrupt when Daadi ma stopped him

Daadi ma: let them enjoy beta. At least they should enjoy their side of plays

Adi: Now that’s good Daadi. You should help us and take our side, and you are supporting them

Natasha: now our daughter is way too precious na? So Maan need to pay just to see her.

All screamed in happiness to get more supports from the elders

Maan: okay okay now tell me how much I need to pay?

Pinky: well as our Geet is this much precious, we can ask for crores, but we can’t make you run away. So pay half of 1 crore.

Rahul: what? Are you guys are mad? You are asking for 50 lakhs just to enter into the house

Pinky: no no, you get us wrong. it’s just to get a glace of Geet as well.

Adi: but Maan can’t see Geet’s face before wedding now. So why to pay you guys?

Maan: okay no need to fight. Let me talk

Maan came forward and said something softly near pinky’s ear. Pinky grinned and put her hand forward and Maan placed a bundle of money in her palm. She then let him cut the red ribbon and enter inside.

Before going inside Maan looked upward, and saw Geet’s shadow. He can easily understand what’s she wearing, but as a reflection by the window glass.

He smiled and thought to himself, he can pay more than that just to see a glance of his jaan

Maan came near Ria, who smiled at him and did the aarti. Then he took blessing from Mohindar, Arjun and Ria.

Ria: you don’t need to do that Maan

Maan: but I wanted to bhabhi. Cause I know you are Geet’s mother. so I have to take your blessing as well.

Ria smiled at him and hug him saying, that’s what he can get and think as the blessing from Geet’s mother. Mohindar smiled proudly to get Maan for his gudiya


Maan was sitting with his family, when Mohindar and Arjun came towards them.

Mohindar: everything is okay na? is anyone facing any problem?

Natasha: bhai saab, you please stop stressing. Please sit here and relax. Everything is perfect

Arjun: Maan, wo papa wanted to gift you something. So we actually bought a car for you.

Maan: what? Papa aap

Mohindar: nehi beta. Please don’t take is negatively. It’s just we wanted to gift you something and Arjun suggested about the car

Daadi ma: beta, why you are doing these extra expenses? You could have asked us before buying this?

Maan: papa, can I ask for something?

Mohindar: haan beta. Just tell me.

Maan: Can I ask you to consider me as your son just like Arjun bhaia? I don’t want to be a son in law for you. I want you to think me as your own son

Mohindar: you are my son

Maan: then why all these? Why these car, honeymoon ticket and all? Papa you already accepted me, forgave me for my wrong deed that I lied with you. And for me it’s more than enough that you agreed to give me my Geet. Now please don’t make me low in front of me by giving these things to me?

Arjun: but Maan it’s just a small gift

Maan: it can never be a gift bhaia. And trust me I can never think of taking them. I can never make myself ready to use car that my father in law provided me using all his years of savings. I just need all your blessing so that I can work harder and earn all the necessary things to provide Geet whatever she needs in her near future. Nothing else

Mohindar was about to something, but this time Anukalp interrupted,

Anukalp: you are way too kind to us to give us your gem. I know Geet is way too precious for all of you and by giving us Geet, you gave us the most important thing that we wanted.

Maan: please papa. I can’t take this. You just pray for me so that I can take care of Geet till my last breath. That is all I need from you all

Mohindar smiled at him and hug him in gratitude.

Precap: Marriage + SR

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