Toote hue Khwaab Part 15

26 Jun


Part 15

It was early morning and the sun ray made maan open his eyes. As soon as Maan opened his eyes, a small smile came in his face

Here, his little angle sleeping fully on him, hugging him with her 4 hands and legs

Oh how much he missed cuddling up with his jaan like this.

But yesterday night’s incident came in his mind, making him frown.

He got up from the bed. After making Pia sleep comfortably with her big teddy and putting pillows around her, he went to washroom to freshen up and talk with daadi


Maan came downstairs and found all sitting for the breakfast

Maan didn’t even sit for breakfast and asked daadi directly

Maan: you could have called me Daadi ma. We’ve talked almost every day and you never even mention these to me

Daadi looked at all and replied

Daadi: 1st complete your breakfast. We will talk about these later, alone

Maan: why did you insult geet alone? Or humiliated her after when Dev and Aniee were not here? let them also learn the real truth

Daadi: enough Maan, we thought she was trying to destroy your image for saving hers

Maan: The girl who almost died just to save me when she was only 14, can never do that Daadi. How could you forget that because of her, I’m still breathing, I’m still alive damn it

Daadi ma: how would I know you would disappoint me like this?

Maan: listen one thing Daadi and remember it always, I love her, not from some months or some years. It’s from my childhood. And what ever happened between me and geet, it’s not any fault. And you did the biggest mistake by hiding it from me. Because of you I lost my own child damn it

Maan screamed in frustration making all gasps at him

Dev: bhai, it was actually you?

Their convo stopped in middle by the sweet voice of Pia

Pia: daddy

Maan looked upstairs and hurriedly stopped Pia when he saw her trying to come down all by herself

Maan: baby, no wait. I’m coming

He went and picked her up in his arms

Pia: daddy why shouting? It’s no good to be danav in yaly molning (early morning)

Maan smiled at her and said

Maan: did my baby had good sleep?

Pia sucked her lips and tried to think

Pia: night is ok but molning bad

Maan: and why morning is bad?

Pia: silly daddy. When pia woke, daddy not with Pia na?

Maan? accha, daddy really very sorry baby

Maan cuddled her more in him and brought her downstairs

Pia: hi aniee aunty myself pia, how are you?

Aniee was looking at them shocked and gave a small smile to pia

Aniee: im good pia, how are you?

Pia: pia also good

Daadi ma: Maan who’s this girl?

Maan: it’s pia my daughter

Daadi ma: but how can

Maan: ek minute, jennie

He called pia’s caretaker. When she came, Maan told her to take pia for bath and dressed her for going out

Maan: baby you go and have your bath. Daddy’s coming

Pia: otey

When pia left the room, Maan replied Daadi

Maan: I’ve adopted her after aditya and seema’s death in car accident.

Daadi ma: so it’s aditya’s daughter? you could have tell me first?

Maan: like you said whatever mess you created here?

Daadi: Maan we just wanted to do what is good for you?

Maan: and for that you forgot what you promised to gayatri ma? That for you Geet’s happiness will be your first preference? And you are the one who thrown her away when she needed you the most. Chi daadi

Aniee: bhai please have your bearkfast

Maan: not feeling like eating. I’m going to talk with Geet.

Saying so maan went towards his room


Pinky went inside after knocking the door

Geet: yes Pinky

Pinky: mam, wo Mr. Khurana wanted to meet with you. He doesn’t have any appointment but he is saying that it’s important

Geet: Tell him that I’m in a meeting and will be late to come. So he can leave

Maan: and you feel like I will hear your bakwas?

Pinky: sir, I told you to wait

Maan: and I told you that I’m after you

Geet: it’s okay pinky, you can leave

As soon as Pinky left, Geet looked at maan with anger

Maan: I’m not leaving, so don’t even ask me to. I have to talk with you and right now

Geet: Maan leave

Maan: I just said you that i have to talk with you

Geet: we will talk later

Maan: I need to talk with you, right now

Geet: I have a meeting, so I need to leave

Geet was about to go, when Maan’s voice stopped her

Maan: why you did this with us Geet? You left me saying I don’t deserve you, you said you don’t love me then why you let them blame you

Geet: Maan please, don’t start your drama again. I told you years ago and telling you now to move on in your life. Stop your childish behavior and leave from here

Maan: I’m being childish? It’s you damn it

Maan shouted and pulled Geet closer to him

Geet: stop it Maan and leave me alone. I told you to move on in your life. I don’t have any hard feeling for you

Maan: first you left me with a cause that I don’t deserve you. I wanted to show you that I’m the best and I do deserve you. But now when I came to you, you just let me know that you took my baby away from me. How can you do this to me? How many times you will break me Geet?

Geet: I didn’t tell you to come behind me and break your hearts

Maan: stop talking in sarcasm

Geet: stop following me. Go and enjoy your life and leave me alone

Maan: and how could you

A knock came and geet pushed maan away from her.

Geet: yes?

Pinky: Mam, this little girl umm

Pia peeped inside and came running towards Maan and hugged him by his legs

Pia: Daddy pia need to go for su su
(Sam scratching her head, do you have to come now naughty girl?)

Maan looked at Geet and saw her looking shockingly at Pia.

Maan: you wanted me to move on, right Geet? See I moved away from you. I let you win. Now live your life.

Saying so Maan picked Pia and angrily left the room, leaving Geet in tears

Precap: Geet trying to know Maan’s wife’s name Embarrassed

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