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Toote hue Khwaab Part 15


Part 15

It was early morning and the sun ray made maan open his eyes. As soon as Maan opened his eyes, a small smile came in his face

Here, his little angle sleeping fully on him, hugging him with her 4 hands and legs

Oh how much he missed cuddling up with his jaan like this.

But yesterday night’s incident came in his mind, making him frown.

He got up from the bed. After making Pia sleep comfortably with her big teddy and putting pillows around her, he went to washroom to freshen up and talk with daadi


Maan came downstairs and found all sitting for the breakfast

Maan didn’t even sit for breakfast and asked daadi directly

Maan: you could have called me Daadi ma. We’ve talked almost every day and you never even mention these to me

Daadi looked at all and replied

Daadi: 1st complete your breakfast. We will talk about these later, alone

Maan: why did you insult geet alone? Or humiliated her after when Dev and Aniee were not here? let them also learn the real truth

Daadi: enough Maan, we thought she was trying to destroy your image for saving hers

Maan: The girl who almost died just to save me when she was only 14, can never do that Daadi. How could you forget that because of her, I’m still breathing, I’m still alive damn it

Daadi ma: how would I know you would disappoint me like this?

Maan: listen one thing Daadi and remember it always, I love her, not from some months or some years. It’s from my childhood. And what ever happened between me and geet, it’s not any fault. And you did the biggest mistake by hiding it from me. Because of you I lost my own child damn it

Maan screamed in frustration making all gasps at him

Dev: bhai, it was actually you?

Their convo stopped in middle by the sweet voice of Pia

Pia: daddy

Maan looked upstairs and hurriedly stopped Pia when he saw her trying to come down all by herself

Maan: baby, no wait. I’m coming

He went and picked her up in his arms

Pia: daddy why shouting? It’s no good to be danav in yaly molning (early morning)

Maan smiled at her and said

Maan: did my baby had good sleep?

Pia sucked her lips and tried to think

Pia: night is ok but molning bad

Maan: and why morning is bad?

Pia: silly daddy. When pia woke, daddy not with Pia na?

Maan? accha, daddy really very sorry baby

Maan cuddled her more in him and brought her downstairs

Pia: hi aniee aunty myself pia, how are you?

Aniee was looking at them shocked and gave a small smile to pia

Aniee: im good pia, how are you?

Pia: pia also good

Daadi ma: Maan who’s this girl?

Maan: it’s pia my daughter

Daadi ma: but how can

Maan: ek minute, jennie

He called pia’s caretaker. When she came, Maan told her to take pia for bath and dressed her for going out

Maan: baby you go and have your bath. Daddy’s coming

Pia: otey

When pia left the room, Maan replied Daadi

Maan: I’ve adopted her after aditya and seema’s death in car accident.

Daadi ma: so it’s aditya’s daughter? you could have tell me first?

Maan: like you said whatever mess you created here?

Daadi: Maan we just wanted to do what is good for you?

Maan: and for that you forgot what you promised to gayatri ma? That for you Geet’s happiness will be your first preference? And you are the one who thrown her away when she needed you the most. Chi daadi

Aniee: bhai please have your bearkfast

Maan: not feeling like eating. I’m going to talk with Geet.

Saying so maan went towards his room


Pinky went inside after knocking the door

Geet: yes Pinky

Pinky: mam, wo Mr. Khurana wanted to meet with you. He doesn’t have any appointment but he is saying that it’s important

Geet: Tell him that I’m in a meeting and will be late to come. So he can leave

Maan: and you feel like I will hear your bakwas?

Pinky: sir, I told you to wait

Maan: and I told you that I’m after you

Geet: it’s okay pinky, you can leave

As soon as Pinky left, Geet looked at maan with anger

Maan: I’m not leaving, so don’t even ask me to. I have to talk with you and right now

Geet: Maan leave

Maan: I just said you that i have to talk with you

Geet: we will talk later

Maan: I need to talk with you, right now

Geet: I have a meeting, so I need to leave

Geet was about to go, when Maan’s voice stopped her

Maan: why you did this with us Geet? You left me saying I don’t deserve you, you said you don’t love me then why you let them blame you

Geet: Maan please, don’t start your drama again. I told you years ago and telling you now to move on in your life. Stop your childish behavior and leave from here

Maan: I’m being childish? It’s you damn it

Maan shouted and pulled Geet closer to him

Geet: stop it Maan and leave me alone. I told you to move on in your life. I don’t have any hard feeling for you

Maan: first you left me with a cause that I don’t deserve you. I wanted to show you that I’m the best and I do deserve you. But now when I came to you, you just let me know that you took my baby away from me. How can you do this to me? How many times you will break me Geet?

Geet: I didn’t tell you to come behind me and break your hearts

Maan: stop talking in sarcasm

Geet: stop following me. Go and enjoy your life and leave me alone

Maan: and how could you

A knock came and geet pushed maan away from her.

Geet: yes?

Pinky: Mam, this little girl umm

Pia peeped inside and came running towards Maan and hugged him by his legs

Pia: Daddy pia need to go for su su
(Sam scratching her head, do you have to come now naughty girl?)

Maan looked at Geet and saw her looking shockingly at Pia.

Maan: you wanted me to move on, right Geet? See I moved away from you. I let you win. Now live your life.

Saying so Maan picked Pia and angrily left the room, leaving Geet in tears

Precap: Geet trying to know Maan’s wife’s name Embarrassed

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Toote Hue Khwaab Part 14


Thank you Tanya for this wonderful Banner Hug

Part 14

Maan heard the footsteps and preferred not to look back. He just wanted to stay alone for sometimes.

He was about to tell that person to go away but stopped abruptly when she felt that warm hand wrapped around him from beside and crashed him in a  tight hug

And then he heard that soft sweet voice that can always make his heart calm

Pia: sulpliseee papa (surprise papa)


Maan was driving the car, totally engrossed in his own thoughts. How he wished to win back his love tonight, and how the night ended.

His chain of thoughts broke when he felt Pia poking him.

Maan: you said something?

Pia: why I not meet Geet aunty? (Why didn’t I meet geet aunty?)

Maan: she’s busy so she left sweety

Pia: ummm, papa

Maan: what is it honey?

Pia: you upshet?

Maan: no baby, why?

Pia: you not issmiling (you are not smiling)

Maan pulled Pia closer to him by his one hand, making her cuddle with him

Maan: I missed my baby a lot

Pia: pia misshhh papa loads and loads

Maan: okay and how much?

Pia: shillyyy papa, pia ishmall na? pia cannot show the loads

Maan laughed at her words and kissed her forehead and concentrated on driving


Daadi ma was waiting for Maan to talk with him. She needed to find out the whole truth. It’s high time she should know the whole truth.

The feeling that she was in fault not to believe Geet is big enough to make her feel guilty for destroying Geet’s life.

She looked back at the door and shocked to see Maan carrying a small girl in his arms. She stood up and hurriedly went towards them.

Daadi ma: Maan what’s all

Maan: Daadi ma, not now please. She’s sleeping and I don’t want to wake her up. I’m talking with you in morning. Let me just put her in bed before she waked up

Daadi ma: but who’s this girl Maan. What is happening here? Answer me first

Maan: I said I will talk with you tomorrow. Now stop talking loudly, you will wake her up

Daadi ma: ok we will talk tomorrow. But at least tell me, from where you bring her up, whose daughter is she?

Maan: she’s Pia Khurana. My daughter. now can I go?

Daadi ma looked at Maan totally shocked

Daadi ma: maan beta aap

Maan: good night Daadi ma. As much as I want to talk with you to show you the reality, I can’t disturb her. Till that stop thinking low about Geet, please.

Saying so Maan left, making Daadi ma more worried


Maan made Pia comfortable on his bed and pulled the blanket on her after rechecking the room temperature. He took out his changes from the wardrobe and went to the washroom.

Once he entered inside, he switched on the shower and looked at himself in the mirror.

Tears after tears keep falling from his eyes, no one was there to see his pains now, and no one was here to wipe off his tears. All his dreams from years broke today. And only he knows how he put up a brave face till now.

He just wanted to kill himself, just to think what Geet went through for him, for their child. He wanted to kill himself when he came to know that he lost his child, their child, their symbol of love. Only if his small bundle of joy didn’t reach there, he would never be able to stop him for killing himself.

Kise poochun, hai aisa kyun
Bezubaan sa, ye jahaan hai

(To whom to ask, why is it so,
this world is, as if mute..)

He looked upward and asked God, why he again failed like before. Why everyone has to leave him. why the God always took everyone away from him.

Khushi ke pal, kahan dhoondhooN
Benishan sa, waqt bhi yahan hai

(Where to find moments of joy,
Even time is like without a sign..)

Geet looked outside the window and found that star sparkling at her, from childhood she makes herself believe it as her mother, and share her everything. She wanted to remember one happy moment today that she live without Maan. But without Maan her every memory feels like gray without life.

Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain
Zindagi se kayi faasle hain
Paseejte hain sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeer jab chhoote in haathon se yoon bewajah

(There are complaints on so many lips,
there are many distances from the life..
Why do the dreams dampen in eyes,
when the line leaves these hands, for no reason..)

He always wanted to return back with pride, to give Geet a happy life. To give her all the happiness she deserves. But when he was there enjoying his life in comfort, his jaan was fighting her every minutes, just to breath peacefully to live. He punched the mirror in anger. The glasses pierced his skin, making blood to come out of his hand. But he didn’t even flinch

Jo bheji thi duaa, woh jaake aasmaan
se yoon takra gayi ke aa gayi
Hai laut ke sadaa

(The wish I had sent,
that collided with the sky such that
a call has come back..)

He prayed for her happiness in every single day. Then why God didn’t save her from the dangers. Why everyone turned their faces from her, when she was the one to support all in their needs? Why he was not here to save her all these years?

Saanson ne kahan rukh mod liya
Koi raah nazar mein na aaye
Dhadkan ne kahan dil chhod diya
Kahan chhode in jismoN ne saaye

(where have the breaths turned their face,
I don’t see any path..
where has the heartbeat left the heart,
and where have these bodies left (their) shadows..)

Her thoughts went back to Maan. Looking at his pained face Geet could understand what was going on him. She wanted to run towards him and cry her heart out, but alas! There were no tears left to come out from her eyes.

Yehi baar-baar sochta hoon tanha main yahan
Mere saath-saath chal raha hai yaadon ka dhuaan

(I, here, think this again and again..
a smoke of memories is walking with me.. )

Maan felt someone wiping away his tears. A small smile appeared his lips to recognize his Geet’s touch. He opened his eyes, and the touch disappeared. More tears came out from his eyes. How he wish he never even opened his eyes. How he wished like this dream of his Geet, all those pain that Geet went across would disappear in the same way.

Jo bheji thi duaa, woh jaake aasmaan
se yoon takra gayi ke aa gayi
Hai laut ke sadaa
(The wish I had sent,
that collided with the sky such that
a call has come back..)

Geet slide down on the floor slowly. She lost her battle today. She always wanted Maan not to know about her misery. She wanted to protect him for the pains, no matter for this others would hate her always. But she failed. Why God didn’t accept her prayers of saving Maan from the pains.

Precap: Maan went to Handa Mansion + Daadi and Maan’s argument

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Toote Hue Khwaab – Part 13

Toote Huwe Khwaab


Part 13


Maan slipped the room key through the slider as soon as he can by using his one hand. He looked over at Geet who was still busy struggling with another hand’s grip on her arm.

Maan: stop fighting Geet


Geet frowned and looked at him with a cute baby angry face

Geet: you shtop poking youl nose in my graduation party


Maan: God, she actually lost her mind today


Maan said to himself while trying to open the door of the hotel room. It’s better to make Geet stay in this hotel room tonight rather than showing her this new form to her father.

Maan: Poor Mohindar Uncle will surely have a heart attack today then


Maan murmured to himself

Geet: Maan I’m tired now. Just open the door


Geet said while stomping her foot

Maan: oh really, but just a minute ago you were the one who was not at all ready to come here?


Maan asked and opened the door for Geet to enter into the room

Geet: So? I was not tired and you disturbed me to dance. Areee. I didn’t even complete my dance. Let me go and complete my dance


Saying so Geet again started to go towards the door

Maan: oyeee Geet, stop it now. Come on, come and sleep on the bed


Geet: but


Maan: Now


Geet: now?


Maan: yes now. Go or else I’m going to tied you up with rope


Geet: hawww, you dust danav. How dare you to say that?


Geet said while coming towards Maan to hit him but stopped in middle and looked at him with big wide eyes

Maan: now what?


Without answering back Geet ran inside the washroom.

Maan shook his head and called his friends to ensure them that Geet is okay with him and told them to make sure to keep eyes on Rahul. He would deal with that boy tomorrow. Right now he had to look at this chalta phirta disaster queen.

He thanked his stars that in their graduation day the college invited the seniors. Or else he would never able know that Rahul actually made Geet drink beers instead of soft drinks.

Maan: tomorrow I will first kill you Geet Ganda. Then will chop that Rahul


Maan said and looked at the washroom door.

Maan: Geet you okay?


In reply he just got some puking sound making him ran towards the washroom. He peeped inside and saw Geet sitting on the toilet slab and crying with red puffy eyes

Maan: Geet, you okay jaan?


Maan asked worriedly seeing her crying

Geet just nodded her head in negative and cried more

Maan kneeled beside her and cupped her head suing both of his hands

Maan: Jaan what happened? Any problem? Why are you crying, tell me?


Geet:it’s paining here


Saying so Geet placed his one hand on her stomach

Maan: are you in your period?


Maan asked and then noticed a hue red appeared on her both cheeks

Maan rolled his eyes at her sudden shyness and said in a naughty voice

Maan: now don’t need to act like those skimpy dramatic girls. Remember you were the one who came to me and explained everything when it was your first time in period?


Geet slapped his on his shoulder and made a baby face

Geet: I was only 13 that time. And stop making me feel weird. It’s paining without even any reason


Maan: it will be fine then. You just have to take some rest, okay?


Geet: you sure?


Maan: haan


Geet: but you are always the confused one between us na?


Saying so Geet giggled like a child making Maan smile at her childishness. How he wish he could use a cam to record this to show her later. Geet Handa, the perfect and calm girl is in total mess now

Maan shook his head at his thoughts and stood up. He took a towel from the room and make it wet. Then he wiped her face with the towel cleaning that minimal make up from Geet’s face that she applied.

All the while Geet kept looking at him with her doe shaped eyes.

After that Maan tried to help her in walking, but Geet was continuously shambling. So Maan picked her up in his arms and made her lie down on the bed itself.

He put the blanket above Geet and was about to stand up to sit on the couch, but Geet stopped him by holding his hand.

Maan: now what Geet?


Geet: don’t go. I will feel bore


Maan: I’m not going anywhere. Im just going to sit on that couch


Geet: no, stay here


Maan: geet I need to sleep. I’m feeling tired now


Geet: shhh, sleep here, with me, please


Saying so, Geet patted the space beside her.

Maan sighed and lie down beside her

Maan: okay just close your big mouth and eyes and sleep now


Maan said her tightly in order to make her close her eyes in fear

After like 2 minutes Geet sat up again on the bed with a pouty face

Maan: geet now what’s wrong with you?


Geet didn’t reply and pointed her finger to him

Maan: now what’s wrong with me?


Geet just shrugged her shoulder making Maan felt like pulling his hairs in frustration

Maan: use your mouth and answer me. What’s wrong with you?


Geet: you, you are wrong with me. You talked so badly with me


Saying so Geet started to whimper like a baby. Maan pull her closer to him and hugged him tightly

Maan: I’m so so sorry Jaan. Shhh, please don’t cry


Geet: you don’t even smile sweetly with me like you were smiling with that pari in party


Maan only smiled at her childish talks and murmured a sorry softly

Geet: you were avoiding me all the time. When I invited you to be with me in graduation party, you said you would be busy. But you came with Pari


Maan: Jaan she was not getting any partner. And then Jai requested me to come with her sister. I couldn’t able to refuge her.


Geet: but you always refuged me


Geet asked sadly while hugging him tightly by his waist and put her head near his heart

Maan: there’s nothing like that


Geet: you hate me, don’t you?


Geet asked in a sad tone making Maan surprised

Geet: you always hate me, that isthe reason, from last 2 months you were not even looking at me for a glance


Maan: I can never hurt you Jaan, shhh don’t cry, please? It’s just I don’t want to lose you. Whenever I love someone, they left me. First mom, then dada ji, and now dad as well. I don’t want to lose you Jaan.


Geet: and I will never leave you Maan. I promise. Please don’t go away from me. I will die without you Maan


Maan: shhh, nothing will happen to you. I will never let anyone harm you. I promise


Geet: I love you Maan


Maan: and I love you too Jaan, I really do, that too from so many days, you know?


Geet: but you never said me


Geet said making a cute pouty face.

Geet: you even kissed Pari on her cheek today. I saw that. I’m sure you love Pari


Maan: no Geet, I didn’t kiss her. What are you talking about?


Geet: no I saw myself. You kissed her. You love her and from tomorrow you are going to avoid me again


Geet cried and tried to release herself from his hug. But Maan pulled her closer to him

Maan: shhh Jaan. I can never kiss someone else than you. I didn’t kiss Pari. There was loud music and she was not listening my voice. So I had to go close to her ear to talk. Nothing else


But Geet being Geet. She actually listened the first line and was busy in ogling on his face lovingly, totally avoiding his excuse

Geet: then kiss me here


Geet said while pointing towards her left cheek

Maan just smiled at her childish demand and kissed softly on her cheek. After that Geet again pointed towards her right cheek and Maan kissed over there as well. And then it followed by her forehead, cute red nose from all that crying session.

In one side Geet was enjoying the love she was getting from Maan. And on another side Maan was trying hard not to lose his control and did something wrong.

And Geet made the situation worst by pointing her finger towards her lips.

Maan: geet, it’s wrong, we should not


Before Maan could complete his words Geet pecked softly in Maan’s lips, making him close his eyes in pleasure

Maan opened his eyes and looked at Geet’s face that was looking at him so lovingly and expectantly.

Maan bowed his head a little and softly pecked her lips making Geet moan and himself lost his control over himself.

Maan: I want to kiss you hard now


Maan said softly making Geet shuddered in some new kind of pleasure.

Maan: can I?


In reply Geet just nodded her head shyly

Maan: I want you to answer me Jaan


Geet: I also want to kiss you Maan


Geet replied shyly and slowly tilted her chin in his direction

Though she expected a full mouth kiss, but her toes curled in pleasure when she felt a soft feathery touch at the corner of her lips. She drew her breath deeply as his touch was way too sensuous.

Maan wanted to enjoy his moments of love with Geet and didn’t want to ruin it in hurry.

He kissed her at one corner of her lips, then the other corner and then a little longer just on the center of her lips.

The next kiss was a wet full mouth kiss. He sucked her lips long and slow. He didn’t urge her to open her mouth and keep on sucking her both lips one after another.

He sucked till he lost his breath. He parted his lips just to breathe and on that time Geet moved her chin up and press her lips on his open mouth. Her tongue invaded his mouth and Maan also kissed her back making her feel it was all her.

Their mouth explored the sweet nectar of each other’s. They deepened their kiss. It was long, exploring, hungry, and mostly, it was passionate. It burnt all their senses and none knew when they were out of cloths.

Maan kissed, sucked her whole body in passion and marked her as his, while making her want him more wet below

Geet: Maan I want you now


That was the only thing that Maan wanted to hear from her. Her command was all he needed.

18+ (read in your own risk)

She felt him parting her thighs. She spread her arms and he came in her hug not before positioning himself at her entrance.

Geet bite her lips feeling him pushing his huge member inside her.

Maan: just tell me when it hurts. I will stop it then and there, okay jaan?


Geet: you can never hurt me Maan.


And then before she can think he was all way deep inside her. She felt her inside clenching against his hard member

Tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes. But before it could roll down on the pillow, he kissed her tears away and kissed her lips softly.

He slowly rocked back and forth, coming out entire and then pushing back in her wet and hot channel.

Geet arched her chest holding the pillow and biting her lips to suppress the moans that was building inside her. Maan kissed her lips time to time, still not stopping in his pace.

And then both hold them tight and came all together. They came again and again while holding themselves tight. He plumped the last ounce of his seed in her before planting a wet kiss on her lips.

Maan came out of her and rolled on his side taking her on him, hugging her as tightly as he could. Both laid their panting and enjoying the warmness from another’s body.

After some minutes of silence, Maan looked at Geet and smiled by watching her sleeping soundly on his chest.

Maan:I love you a lot Jaan. I know tomorrow you would be the mad one when you will be back in your old grumpy self. You will also forget our confession, but I promise I will make you understand everything. I love you a lot Geet Handa.




Maan heard the footsteps and preferred not to look back. He just wanted to stay alone for sometimes.

He was about to tell that person to go away but stopped abruptly when she felt that warm hand wrapped around him from beside and crashed him in a  tight hug

And then he heard that soft sweet voice that can always make his heart calm

Pia: sulpliseee papa (surprise papa)

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Toote Hue Khwaab – Part 12

Toote Huwe Khwaab


Do read the para at the end of the update. It’s related with the story, which will help you to understand today’s update more accurately.
Part 12

Geet was with Meera, talking with others who were happily saying that she did fabulous job in arranging the party


Geet: meera you stay here. I need to go to the washroom


Meera: okay you go, I’m waiting here for you


Geet came out of the party hall and was going towards the washroom, when Daadi ma called her from behind


Daadi ma: so finally, you showed your true color Geet


Geet stopped and looked back and saw Daadi ma looking at her accusingly


Daadi ma: what are you trying to show us Geet? Wasn’t that enough that you did earlier in the past?


Geet: Daadi ma


Daadi ma: don’t call me Daadi, neither I nor my family members have any relation with a girl like you. And I’m sure I made that clear to you years ago. But still you are here?


Geet: I didn’t want to come here. It was Maan who


Daadi ma: so you are again trying to play your innocent charm cards on my grandson?


Geet: Daadi ma, you are thinking wrong about me?


Daadi ma: oh really? I thought wrong about you. How fool I was to consider you as an innocent girl. But I know now how you really are


Geet: and again you are misunderstanding me like you did years ago


Daadi ma: what do you think Geet? You really think that all these innocent acts will work on me? I’m not a fool like Maan. And yes I will not let you ruin my grandson’s life


Geet: why will I do that to Maan? I can never ruin his future Daadi ma


Daadi ma: that’s why you blamed him with no reasons? You tried to pass your sin on his shoulder. Only God knows whose child you were carrying, some cheap drank man’s


Geet: bas daadi ma. You are older than me that’s why I was listening your all accusing words against me. But that doesn’t mean you will say whatever you like to. Don’t say a word against my child


Daadi ma: and how dare you to blame my grandson for that filthy child of yours?


Daadi ma shouted in anger making Geet flinch at her words


Daadi ma: I know my grandson that much. He will not even touch you in his worst dreams as well


Their conversation stopped when they heard something breaking behind them. They looked back and saw Maan looking at them, where blood was oozing out of his right hand.


Geet looked at his face and can see the emotional turmoil in his face. His face was showing surprise, pain, hurt, anger, guilt and what not




Maan watched Geet going towards the washroom and thought to disclose the surprise to her, as his jaan is almost reaching here. And he wanted to meet his precious bundle with Geet first.


He was about to call Geet from behind when he heard Daadi ma calling Geet. He smiled with a thought that may be Daadi ma would solve the problems between them. So he thought to stay silent to know the entire problem that had happened after his departure.


But what he heard made him feel that the land under his feet just slipped away. He felt his heart would tear apart to hear his Daadi ma’s words against geet. It made him numb to see the words that his daadi ma used against their child. Their child, about whom he didn’t even know a minute ago. And felt so much pain to see Geet standing helplessly and hearing everything silently.


He wanted to kill himself, the anger inside him for himself made his grip stronger, which caused the glass broke in his hand, tearing his palm in small cuts.




Geet keep looking at Maan’s eyes, which was showing so many emotions together. Unknown to her she felt her eyes burning in tears to see the pain in his eyes.


Daadi ma’s shriek made them broke their eye contacts. Geet looked at his hand and the bloods that are on floor whereas Maan keep looking at her face


Daadi ma: maan what did you do?


Saying so Daadi ma tried to grab his hand, but Maan stopped her.


Maan: how could you say those words to Geet Daadi ma?


Maan asked looking directly at his Daadi ma


Daadi ma: Maan we will talk about it later, first we need to pull out those glass pieces from your hand and bandage it. Please beta let me see it


Maan: that was my child


His one statement made both look up at him.


Daadi ma: Maan?


Maan: How can you say my child filthy? That is my child whom you are talking about


Daadi ma: Maan, calm down beta. I know you are trying to save Geet from all the bad things, but that doesn’t mean you will take these blames on you


Maan: and who gave you the right to judge Geet and her character all by yourself? You could ask me before accusing her Daadi ma. You are no one to judge her alone


Daadi ma: How can you do that? You and Geet were best friends right? Then how can all these happen?


Maan: because I loved her. And I still love her. I love her and care for her more than a friend


Daadi ma: you never told me Maan


Without replying to her words, Maan walked towards Geet. He gripped her shoulder and pulled her near him


Maan: and how could you do that with me Geet? Why you did this? One phone call, just one phone call, and I would be here with you. Why didn’t you call me damn it?


Maan screamed at Geet.


Geet: because you told me to move on while you were leaving for London


Maan: that was because you were the one who said me that I’m just a best friend for you. Weren’t you the one who said that morning that it was all faults? For you it was a weak moment between us, but did I ever said that? You told me that day to move on because you can never love me as a life partner. How many more times you are going to hurt me Geet?


Geet: because all I wanted is you to move on and be a successful man that your father dreamt about you


Maan: in your wants you didn’t feel it necessary to tell me that I was going to be a father? You didn’t even let me meet my own child till now?


Daadi ma: she had a miscarriage


Daadi ma’s words just made Maan’s grip lose from Geet’s shoulder. He keep looking at Geet for a single answer, but all he got was her tears and cries.  


End of chapter 12

So how many of you were expecting something like this? Any one? I know many were actually supporting Geet and was throwing rotten tomatoes and shoes on Maan after each update. But yes you guys actually missed the only clue that I gave. In Part 3 (Geet’s diary’s writing) I do mention a line where I though you guys will be able to guess that they were in a relation in past.What I can do when I myself know that all i ever wanted was what i always had? I knew what I wanted- and what I wanted was you. Too bad for me, today that is no less true that you are the one who is in my heart.No matter how many times I tell myself I’m over you, I always still find myself thinking about you.You are the one who is still inside my heart

And yes, one more thing, I am watching many are totally confuse about the story line. Before starting I’ve posted some promos and teaser video. Check them, I didn’t post them without any reason. It surely related with the story track line.

And another thing is, STOP searching for logics. It’s a fan fic so a writer does have the liberty to write many things which you can never judge with facts and logics. Criticisms are always welcome but you will yourself feel bore to read if you will try to put everything in logic.


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Toote Hue Khwaab – Part 11

Toote Huwe Khwaab

Part 11

Geet looked at everything at the end and checked if anything needed to be changed. She then bid meera bye and was leaving the place when she met Maan near the hall entrance


Maan: where are you going? Just half hour left to start the program


Geet: works done, so I’m taking my leave


Maan: what? Won’t you be here?


Geet: no, I have works, sorry maan. And yes, all the best for your future. Your family will be proud for you, especially uncle


Maan: but what if people ask for you?


Geet: sorry?


Maan: I mean, what if someone likes your company’ works, and like to talk with the CEO of your company. You know I can make some more customers for your company?


Maan mentally kicked himself for coming up with this stupid cause to stop Geet for going.


Geet: well then


Geet opened her purse, making maan confused. Geet took out some visiting cards of her and gave them to him


Geet: give them my visiting card and tell them to fix a meeting by calling my assistant


Saying so Geet started to leave, but stopped abruptly hearing Maan’s pleading voice


Maan: please Geet, at least be here in this day. It’s an important day of my life.


Geet: your family will be here with you, it will not be a matter if I will not be here


Maan: it matters a lot to me Geet. Because you will agree or not, but you are a member of my own family. Please don’t go


Geet: Maan I can’t


Maan: if you ever consider me as your close one, you will be here, as you too know how many days I’ve waited to be in this place


Saying so Maan left, leaving Geet in tears


Geet (self-talk): you don’t know how much I’ve waited to see you in this position, this much successful. But how will I tell you that I can’t stay here. I can’t stay as your family is coming here. Daadi ma hates me a lot Maan. I can never stand in front of her. Not after what happened years ago






The inauguration program was in full swing. People from various companies came and media too was here to gather information and to find a chance to take a short interview of the Maan Singh Khurana.


People are congratulating him and welcoming him warmly. Also all were talking about the success of this party, that it’s this year’s most big and gorgeous party. It only made Maan proud on his Geet’s sincerity and hardworking nature.


Maan smiled warmly and went near the door to welcome Daadi ma, Dev and Aniee


Maan: you guys are late


Dev: not my fault. This lady wasted 3 long hours just to get ready


Dev said pointing towards aniee


Aniee: shut up bhai. I have to look perfect on my bro’s party. Bro it’s awesome, you rocks


Saying so Aniee hugged Maan


Maan: thank you


Daadi ma: It’s awesome. Must say Singhania company give their hundred percent here


Maan: well it’s not SinghaniaDaadi ma.


Daadi ma: what? But I myself talked with them and confirmed everything that they are going to organize the party. One second, then who did it?


Maan: it’s a surprise Daadi ma. Just wait for some more time


Daadi ma: okay, but I must say, whoever planned all these, that person is smart as well as has the elegance to make everything look so perfect


Said daadi ma while looking around


Maan: she has to, after all she’s best in everything she does


Daadi ma: that much trust? Now I really want to meet that person


Daadi ma said while patting his cheek affectionately


Aniee: can we go inside now? I want to enjoy the party


Maan: okay baba, let’s go inside


All entered inside






Everyone was enjoying their drinks while talking with each other, when Maan walked and stood on the stage


Daadi: hello everyone, may I have your attention please?


All stopped talking and approached near the stage. Savita Devi smiled at her grandchild proudly


Maan: Dear friends. Thank you all for coming. This party is to exchange my duty from my shoulder and hand over them over to my eldest grandchild. Please welcome our company’s new MD, Maan Singh Khurana


All clapped while Maan came into the stage and took the mic from Daadi ma’s hand.


Maan: Firstly I thank each of you for accepting my invitation to be here today and be a part of my happy day. Yes, this is one of the happiest days of my life. Not because I got a good position, but because I’ve completed half of my father’s dream that he dreamt about me years ago. I want to say thank you to my grandmother, who was always there in the ups and downs of my life, be with me whenever I was in need. And my family, my brother dev, my sister aniee. I love you both.


Maan looked at the entrance and saw Geet standing over there looking at him proudly.


And lastly I want to say thank you to the person, who was always there with me in every phase of my life since childhood. Even today also it because of her all are praising the Khurana for arrenging this wonderful party. Thank you Geet for being with me always. I don’t know you will believe it or not, but the truth will always remain the same. No matter what happens, no matter how many days will pass away, I will always love you the way I always did. Thank you Geet for being in my life


He said looking directly on Geet.


How she wish that the love word was truly happened between them. He was looking to sincerely at her, making her heart swell with happiness, though she knew like always he said it as a friend, as his best friend.


Daadi ma shockingly looked at Maan’s face and then followed his eyes and saw Geet standing over there with tears in her eyes.


As soon as Maan came down from the stage, Daadi ma stopped him


Daadi ma: Maan, what was all that? Why she’s here? And why were you saying that she did all these arrangements?


Maan: yes Daadi ma, she did everything here.


Daadi ma: but Singhania’s were supposed to do that, I myself talked with them


Maan: yes, but I changed that. I wanted Geet to do these entire works Daadi ma


Daadi ma: but


Mr. Kapoor: Congratulation Maan. I’m so glad for you


Maan: thank you uncle. How are you?


They keep busy on business talk so Daadi thought to ask Maan later


Geet was with Meera, talking with others who were happily saying that she did fabulous job in arranging the party


Geet: meera you stay here. I need to go to the washroom


Meera: okay you go, I’m waiting here for you


Geet came out of the party hall and was going towards the washroom, when Daadi ma called her from behind


Daadi ma: so finally, you showed your true color Geet




Geet: Daadi ma, you are thinking wrong about me?


Daadi ma: oh really? I thought wrong about you. How fool I was to consider you as an innocent girl. But I know now how you really are

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Toote Hue Khwaab – Part 10

Toote Huwe Khwaab


Part 10

Geet opened the door and looked inside the dark room. It’s already evening now. But no one felt is necessary to put on the light here.


As her eyes started to be familiar with the room’s darkness, Geet saw her father near the window. Looking outside of the window and was in deep thoughts.


Her eyes watered to her father on that wheel chair. It only made her guiltier because it’s all happened because of her.


She was about to turn her back and went outside when she heard her father asked him softly


Mohindar: will you not come inside? Or will leave just like all the time Geet?


Geet stood rooted on her place. She didn’t make any sound still again he understood her presence. Like as if he could hear her thought. He answered her unsaid words.


Mohindar: I don’t need to use my eyes to know where you are Geet. Won’t you come inside? It’s been a long I came to see your papa


Geet slowly come in front of her father and knelled down beside him


Mohindar caressed her face and smiled at her


Mohindar: hey princess.


Geet: I’m sorry papa but please don’t hate me


Geet whimpered like a helpless kid


Mohindar looked at her for a brief period of time and pulled her in a hug. In return Geet hugged him tight


Mohindar: ssshhh Geet. No one can hate my princess. No one baby


Geet: they all hate me papa. I know you too hate me


Mohindar: how can I hate that precious person of my life for whom I’m living till now? Is it possible princess?


Mohindar asked her while caressing her hair and patting her back


Geet: because of me you are in this condition


Mohindar: and who said that? Geet, you can never be the reason of my illness princess. Infact you are the reason I’m still alive.


Geet looked at her papa’s face hopefully


Mohindar: so that my princess can one day come to her papa and share her pains what she is bearing from so many days.


Geet only cried in reply


Mohindar: I’m so sorry princess


Geet: why are you saying sorry papa


Geet asked while wiping the tears from her papa’s cheeks.


Mohindar: I wish I could save you from the pain you had to face. I couldn’t able to do anything to support you


Mohindar said painfully.


Geet: no papa, please don’t be sad. It’s not your fault. It was my entire fault. I was wrong


Mohindar: I will never forgive him


Geet: but it’s not his fault


Mohindar: stop taking his side Geet. He ruined your entire future, your happiness everything, still you are supporting him?


Geet: how can I blame him when I was the one who was in love with him?


Mohindar: he used you


Geet: no papa, he never said that he love me, nor I let him understand my feelings


Mohindar: geet you


Geet: let’s forget it papa. It’s been a long I was not with you


Saying so Geet put her head near her papa’s chest, just like she used to do always.


Mohindar’s eyes moistened to see his daughter. He hugged her daughter tightly


Mohindar: I missed you princess


Geet: me too papa. I will never ever leave you, I promise papa


Mohindar kissed her hair and engulfed her in his fatherly hug






It’s been a week after that night which changed many things. Now Handa mansion was looking like a house to its old servants. Mohindar came out from his room which itself was a big surprise for all.


Geet started to have breakfast and dinner with her father. Though she could not make it to the lunch she call home and made sure her father had lunch and took his medicines on time.


But in all these, one thing didn’t change. And that is Geet’s avoidance towards Maan.






It’s the inauguration day. All the people are busy with their own respective works that they had to complete before 6 pm.


Geet came to the hall before the time as she had to take a look on everything before the guests started to come. So she came early after lunch.


Meera: so you liked everything?


Geet was looking at everything while standing in middle, when Meera called her from behind.


Geet looked back and smiled at Meera


Geet: it’s just perfect Meer.I loved it


Meera: hope your akroo friend will like it as well


Geet: aahh, as if we care? He just needs to make a face on every small thing. So use grammar formula 2 on him.


Meera: what?


Meera looked at her confused


Geet: he’s the third person singular number here, right?


Meera nodded at her still confused at her words


Geet: use s/es after this third person singular number and simply cut him out


Saying so Geet winked. It took some time for meera to understand what she said. And then both laughed out loud


Meera: geet you are too good


Geet: that I am


“ohh, you are indeed good in grammar”


The voice made them turned back and saw Maan looking at them while folding his hands near his chest.


Meera gave a nervous smile and thought that escape would be the best option for her.


Meera: I should go and have a look on the catering


After meera left, Maan gave Geet a taunting look and said sacrificially


Maan: I never know you are this much good in grammar as it was I who used to complete your home works in math and English


Geet: that was when I was in school. Don’t forget I managed to complete my education all alone when you left me all alone


Geet replied but then realized what she just said. She tried to walk past him when Maan hold her hand


Maan: will you not forgive me for that?


Geet: Maan leave my hand


Maan: for how long you will be avoiding me Geet? I’m missing our old days. Please forgive me


Geet: I am no one here for whom you should feel sorry. So leave my hand now


Maan: I was in pain Geet. I was in pain of losing dad, and I just wanted to complete my study first to fulfill dad’s wish


Geet: and in your pain you never look back at other’s pain


Geet snapped at him in anger


Maan: Geet, I’m sorry, I really am


Geet: and I am refuging to forgive you Maan. I hate myself that I once considered you my best friend. In your own misery you never turned back to look at me. I wanted you Maan. But you were never there for me. Not there with me when I just lost my own


She stopped herself from telling anything further


Maan: who hurt you Geet? Please tell me?


Geet: oh really? And may I know what you will do to him?


Maan: I will not leave him in peace, I promise


Geet: it was you Maan. It was always you


Saying so Geet jerked her hand away from him and move away leaving him baffled.

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Toote Huwe Khwaab – Part 9

Toote Huwe Khwaab


Part 9

Ramu kaka stopped the car near the old Handa house.


The house is a little bit far from the busy city. They used to live here till Geet was 6 years old. Later they moved on from this house when Handa Empire extended its business and living in the city became necessary for Mohindar.


Though the house has only 4 rooms in total with a big garden but this small hut like house was always a place of peace to Rano. So she made Mohindar promise her that once in a week he had to give his family all his time. And thus this place became a place for recreation as they used to come here in every week.


Geet came inside and knocked the door. After 3 knocks an old lady opened the door and looked at her first confusingly and then shockingly.


Geet: how are you granny?


Granny: Geet baby, is that you?


The old lady asked in delight and hugged her tightly.


Geet: won’t you let me come?


Granny: see how fool I’m becoming with my age? Come in baby


Geet entered the house and inhaled deeply. The smell and aura made her relax. She felt like she is finally in her home after like so many years.


Granny looked at Geet as she was looking around.


Granny: I didn’t let anything move out of its place baby. It’s just like the way Rano betiya left them.


Geet hugged the old lady in gratitude.


Geet: thanks granny for taking care of everything here, also for taking care of mumma.


Granny patted her shoulder and asked softly


Granny: did you have your lunch?


Geet nodded her head in negative.


Granny: then how about a lunch with this old woman?


Geet: will I get rajma and daal makhani?


Granny: as much as you want


Geet: then I’m in


Both laughed at this.


Granny was Geet’s nanny from her childhood. Her rajma and spicy daal makhani is always Geet’s favorite dishes, but Rano never let her eat too much because of the spicy taste.


Granny: you take some rest. I will call you when I will finish the cooking


Geet: okey granny.


Saying so Geet entered into her old room. She locked the door and switched on the light.


She smiled to see her small pink room.  There is only little furniture in the room – her small pink bed, one study table, one small cabinet that is also in pink color. All other spaces are filled with different sizes of teddies, dolls. Walls are decorated with her own paintings. Rano used to frame her best paintings and hung in the wall.


And there the big photo frame is. The little Geet was grinning widely in middle of her papa momma.


Geet went towards the photo and caressed her mother’s smiling face, her eyes were shinning in happiness. Previously all used to tell her that she got her mother’s eyes, which are the doors of her heart.


Tears welled up in her eyes with the thought.


Geet: They all are liars momma. They all lied. I didn’t get your eyes. If it was the truth then why they didn’t believe me momma? I didn’t lie with anyone. If my eyes reflect my heart then why momma? Why Maan don’t see the pain in my eyes when he was leaving me away? Why daadi ma told me I was lying? I didn’t lie momma. I promise momma, your Geet didn’t lie to anyone.


Geet whimpered like a child. She tried to stop her crying but couldn’t able to.


All these years pain inside her is now not letting her breath even, and she doesn’t know how to get rid of these pains. All she knows now is that she can’t live like this anymore. She can’t live alone. Not anymore.


She cried till her tears dries. Then she stood up, took her bag and went towards the garden.


There her momma lying on her favorite garden. Geet sit near her graveyards and placed the flower which she bought while coming here


Rano was the daughter from a Christian family. But she fall in love with Mohindar who was from different religion – Hinduism. When they got married, Rano’s family didn’t accept this marriage, or Rano as their daughter. They never wanted to see Geet also when she was born. So Rano didn’t go back to the village from that day when they said that they will never accept Geet as their grandchildren as she is Mohindar’s daughter.


Geet: i missed you momma. I know you are hell angry on me for not visiting you in those years, but I’m sorry momma. Forgive your geet, please? See I got your favorite roses. You remember how you were fighting with papa when he brought orchid plants for this garden? You wanted all types of roses here but papa wanted at least one orchid plant. Then you gave me 3 big chocolate bars just to be in your team. And we won over papa


Geet smiled at that memory, how they were asking for her vote when she couldn’t even able to understand which one was rose plant and which one was orchid plant.


Geet: I love you mumma. I wish you were here with us today. You would take care of papa then. I can’t face papa after that day momma. I know you too hate me like all of them. I was the reason of papa’s health, hai na momma?


Geet asked like a child who was desperate for her mother’s one approval that she didn’t do anything wrong.


Geet: but I loved him a lot momma. I submitted myself to him with believe that he too loved me. I thought he would be always with me. But he too left me momma. Where was I wrong? Then you know what daadi ma told me? She said that my shadow will destroy Maan’s life. So I move away from him also. I can’t see him sad na? Papa was so heart broken and within that night all took papa in hospital and papa too turned his face away from me. If he is not angry on me, then why doesn’t he response on my voice momma? Bolo na?


Geet whimpered


Geet: please momma, come back. Your geet needs you. Your Geet need someone to embrace her. She can’t live alone. It’s been 5 years and I cannot live alone anymore.


Geet cried while hugging her knees, near her mother.


She was sitting there for hours, when felt someone sitting beside her


Granny: you know Geet baby, when I saw you today after 5 years, for a moment I felt like Rano betiya was standing in front of me.


Geet looked at the old woman, who cupped her face and looked directly at her eyes while saying


Granny: Don’t let others control your life Geet baby. I saw your mother crying for her family even after so many years of her marriage. Even when she was happily living with your papa she always wanted her family near her. And I know today Rano is not happy to see the same emptiness on you Geet. Rano couldn’t go back as they wanted her without your papa and you. But you can always make everything right as your papa is still with you. You have the ability to be happy, to be with your papa. Don’t ruin the chance Geet baby.


Geet: he hates me granny


Granny: Your papa can never hate you Geet baby, cause you are their princess, remember?


Geet: but


Granny: go to him, pour your heart to him and let him know that you cannot go forward without his support. He will definitely be with you always. Your parents can never distrust you. Because they know their geet can never disrespect the values they learned you.


Geet hugged granny and cried, while the old woman keep patting her back, trying hard to sooth her pain.


Precap: Geet going to her father after 5 years. Daadi and Geet’s face off.


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