Sargoshiya- Whisper of Love Part 61

26 Jun


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Part 61

Groom Side Story:

Maan knocked the door for third time and called his mom worriedly

Maan: mom how much more time. Please open the door right now

Natasha: Maan stop banging the door, and let me get dressed. I just need more five minutes.

Maan: you are saying the same thing for last two hours.

No replied come

Maan: come on mom, just open the door. Because of you I’m going to miss my own wedding

The door opened and Natasha came out with a frowned face.

Natasha: I can bet on it that you are the very first groom who’s knocking each and every one’s door and calling them in each minute to come out. Such a shameless impatient groom!

Maan: oh really? And you are the first mother in law who’s taking more time than the bride to get ready.

Natasha: so what? I need to look perfect on my son’s wedding

Maan: but it’s my wedding right? Not dad’s and yours

Natasha: Maan ki bacchi

Before Natasha could slap him he ran away laughing and replying

Maan: first let me get married mom, only then you can expect your grandchildren. But I think because of you this wedding is going to postpone for another 8 months.

Natasha shook her head at her son’s shameful remark and went inside to take her purse


Bride Side Story:

Ria: Nakul kaka, did you check the dishes. Please do that before serving them. I just can’t trust blindly to these cooks

Nakul: ji betiyan. I’ve checked them all, and will recheck again. Now you should go and get ready.

Ria: yes I will. First let me just check Geetu

Ria knocked the door and went inside to see the ladies applying the last touch up on Geet’s face

As soon as Geet looked at Ria, she almost shrieked in surprise

Geet: Bhabhi you are going to stay like this?

Ria: I’m just going to get ready. I just came to check you out

Geet: Bhabhi they will come in any moment. You go and get ready please

Ria: haan baba. I just need to check papa first, and then the dishes are served properly or not. And then

Geet stood up and hugged Ria tightly

Geet: Bhai will check the outside. Papa will also get ready and come to me to show whether it’s fine or not. You first take a deep breath and calm down. Then go and get ready

Ria: okay, but you just don’t stress okay?

Geet: I will not, cause you all are here with me.

Geet came out of the hug and placed a small kiss on Ria’s cheek.

Ria: what was that for?

Ria asked in amusement

Geet: you know bhabhi, yesterday also I was sad to think that mumma will not be here with me today. But from morning, I’m not even missing her. Because I know God is way too kind to give me another mother in the name of my bhabhi.

Ria smiled at her words and hugged her tightly. The thought itself that from today her geetu is going to leave this house, is enough to make her feel lonely and alone.

Now Geet will not be here to get pampered by her, to come to her in mid night with a demand to sleep with her. Will not be here to hug her tightly and blabber each and everything in every evening.

Ria: I wish I could tell you not to leave us here and go in your in law’s house. But afraid it’s the way nature fixed the departure of a girl’s.

Geet: I will come back every week bhabhi. Maan promised you know?

Geet replied in a cracked voice.

The door opened and Pinky came inside

Pinky: ye lo, you guys are not even ready and crying like some small babies? Bhabhi go and get ready first, she’s still here, so you need to save some tears for later.

Painky joked and both wacked her in return.

Ria: you are looking like a fairy angel Geetu. Maan is going to faint before wedding

Geet grinned at her words

Pinky: waise Geet, you are supposed to shy like some bride Geet. Here you are grinning shamelessly

Geet: you want me to kick you out now? i can also do that

Ria: Geet don’t came out of the room unless me or your bhai will come. And Pinky go downstairs and wait for the groom side. Go

Geet: haan you go and get ready


All came down hurriedly when they heard the music outside.

Arjun: Ria come quickly. They are already near the entrance

Ria: haan baba, I’m already here.

Ria came out with the Puja Thali.

Arjun and Mohindar came forward to welcome them all. While Mohindar and Anukalp hugged each other, Arjun and Adi helped Maan to come down from the horse.

All together came towards Ria, who was waiting for them. But Pinky, Pari and others together came in front making a bridge, in order to stop Maan for moving forward.

Pinky: areee jiju, why in so much hurry. At least wait to us to complete the transaction

Adi: accha? What kind of transaction can happen in the road?

Pari: are you going to be our jija ji? No right? Then stop talking

Adi looked at others for help while all laughed to see Adi’s reaction

Maan: accha tell me what you guys want now?

Pinky: okay, you need to pay to get inside

Arjun: areee first let him get inside na?

Pari: no ways bhaia. He needs to pay to enter into the house and marry our Geet

Mohindar was about to interrupt when Daadi ma stopped him

Daadi ma: let them enjoy beta. At least they should enjoy their side of plays

Adi: Now that’s good Daadi. You should help us and take our side, and you are supporting them

Natasha: now our daughter is way too precious na? So Maan need to pay just to see her.

All screamed in happiness to get more supports from the elders

Maan: okay okay now tell me how much I need to pay?

Pinky: well as our Geet is this much precious, we can ask for crores, but we can’t make you run away. So pay half of 1 crore.

Rahul: what? Are you guys are mad? You are asking for 50 lakhs just to enter into the house

Pinky: no no, you get us wrong. it’s just to get a glace of Geet as well.

Adi: but Maan can’t see Geet’s face before wedding now. So why to pay you guys?

Maan: okay no need to fight. Let me talk

Maan came forward and said something softly near pinky’s ear. Pinky grinned and put her hand forward and Maan placed a bundle of money in her palm. She then let him cut the red ribbon and enter inside.

Before going inside Maan looked upward, and saw Geet’s shadow. He can easily understand what’s she wearing, but as a reflection by the window glass.

He smiled and thought to himself, he can pay more than that just to see a glance of his jaan

Maan came near Ria, who smiled at him and did the aarti. Then he took blessing from Mohindar, Arjun and Ria.

Ria: you don’t need to do that Maan

Maan: but I wanted to bhabhi. Cause I know you are Geet’s mother. so I have to take your blessing as well.

Ria smiled at him and hug him saying, that’s what he can get and think as the blessing from Geet’s mother. Mohindar smiled proudly to get Maan for his gudiya


Maan was sitting with his family, when Mohindar and Arjun came towards them.

Mohindar: everything is okay na? is anyone facing any problem?

Natasha: bhai saab, you please stop stressing. Please sit here and relax. Everything is perfect

Arjun: Maan, wo papa wanted to gift you something. So we actually bought a car for you.

Maan: what? Papa aap

Mohindar: nehi beta. Please don’t take is negatively. It’s just we wanted to gift you something and Arjun suggested about the car

Daadi ma: beta, why you are doing these extra expenses? You could have asked us before buying this?

Maan: papa, can I ask for something?

Mohindar: haan beta. Just tell me.

Maan: Can I ask you to consider me as your son just like Arjun bhaia? I don’t want to be a son in law for you. I want you to think me as your own son

Mohindar: you are my son

Maan: then why all these? Why these car, honeymoon ticket and all? Papa you already accepted me, forgave me for my wrong deed that I lied with you. And for me it’s more than enough that you agreed to give me my Geet. Now please don’t make me low in front of me by giving these things to me?

Arjun: but Maan it’s just a small gift

Maan: it can never be a gift bhaia. And trust me I can never think of taking them. I can never make myself ready to use car that my father in law provided me using all his years of savings. I just need all your blessing so that I can work harder and earn all the necessary things to provide Geet whatever she needs in her near future. Nothing else

Mohindar was about to something, but this time Anukalp interrupted,

Anukalp: you are way too kind to us to give us your gem. I know Geet is way too precious for all of you and by giving us Geet, you gave us the most important thing that we wanted.

Maan: please papa. I can’t take this. You just pray for me so that I can take care of Geet till my last breath. That is all I need from you all

Mohindar smiled at him and hug him in gratitude.

Precap: Marriage + SR

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