Toote Hue Khwaab Part 14

26 Jun


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Part 14

Maan heard the footsteps and preferred not to look back. He just wanted to stay alone for sometimes.

He was about to tell that person to go away but stopped abruptly when she felt that warm hand wrapped around him from beside and crashed him in a  tight hug

And then he heard that soft sweet voice that can always make his heart calm

Pia: sulpliseee papa (surprise papa)


Maan was driving the car, totally engrossed in his own thoughts. How he wished to win back his love tonight, and how the night ended.

His chain of thoughts broke when he felt Pia poking him.

Maan: you said something?

Pia: why I not meet Geet aunty? (Why didn’t I meet geet aunty?)

Maan: she’s busy so she left sweety

Pia: ummm, papa

Maan: what is it honey?

Pia: you upshet?

Maan: no baby, why?

Pia: you not issmiling (you are not smiling)

Maan pulled Pia closer to him by his one hand, making her cuddle with him

Maan: I missed my baby a lot

Pia: pia misshhh papa loads and loads

Maan: okay and how much?

Pia: shillyyy papa, pia ishmall na? pia cannot show the loads

Maan laughed at her words and kissed her forehead and concentrated on driving


Daadi ma was waiting for Maan to talk with him. She needed to find out the whole truth. It’s high time she should know the whole truth.

The feeling that she was in fault not to believe Geet is big enough to make her feel guilty for destroying Geet’s life.

She looked back at the door and shocked to see Maan carrying a small girl in his arms. She stood up and hurriedly went towards them.

Daadi ma: Maan what’s all

Maan: Daadi ma, not now please. She’s sleeping and I don’t want to wake her up. I’m talking with you in morning. Let me just put her in bed before she waked up

Daadi ma: but who’s this girl Maan. What is happening here? Answer me first

Maan: I said I will talk with you tomorrow. Now stop talking loudly, you will wake her up

Daadi ma: ok we will talk tomorrow. But at least tell me, from where you bring her up, whose daughter is she?

Maan: she’s Pia Khurana. My daughter. now can I go?

Daadi ma looked at Maan totally shocked

Daadi ma: maan beta aap

Maan: good night Daadi ma. As much as I want to talk with you to show you the reality, I can’t disturb her. Till that stop thinking low about Geet, please.

Saying so Maan left, making Daadi ma more worried


Maan made Pia comfortable on his bed and pulled the blanket on her after rechecking the room temperature. He took out his changes from the wardrobe and went to the washroom.

Once he entered inside, he switched on the shower and looked at himself in the mirror.

Tears after tears keep falling from his eyes, no one was there to see his pains now, and no one was here to wipe off his tears. All his dreams from years broke today. And only he knows how he put up a brave face till now.

He just wanted to kill himself, just to think what Geet went through for him, for their child. He wanted to kill himself when he came to know that he lost his child, their child, their symbol of love. Only if his small bundle of joy didn’t reach there, he would never be able to stop him for killing himself.

Kise poochun, hai aisa kyun
Bezubaan sa, ye jahaan hai

(To whom to ask, why is it so,
this world is, as if mute..)

He looked upward and asked God, why he again failed like before. Why everyone has to leave him. why the God always took everyone away from him.

Khushi ke pal, kahan dhoondhooN
Benishan sa, waqt bhi yahan hai

(Where to find moments of joy,
Even time is like without a sign..)

Geet looked outside the window and found that star sparkling at her, from childhood she makes herself believe it as her mother, and share her everything. She wanted to remember one happy moment today that she live without Maan. But without Maan her every memory feels like gray without life.

Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain
Zindagi se kayi faasle hain
Paseejte hain sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeer jab chhoote in haathon se yoon bewajah

(There are complaints on so many lips,
there are many distances from the life..
Why do the dreams dampen in eyes,
when the line leaves these hands, for no reason..)

He always wanted to return back with pride, to give Geet a happy life. To give her all the happiness she deserves. But when he was there enjoying his life in comfort, his jaan was fighting her every minutes, just to breath peacefully to live. He punched the mirror in anger. The glasses pierced his skin, making blood to come out of his hand. But he didn’t even flinch

Jo bheji thi duaa, woh jaake aasmaan
se yoon takra gayi ke aa gayi
Hai laut ke sadaa

(The wish I had sent,
that collided with the sky such that
a call has come back..)

He prayed for her happiness in every single day. Then why God didn’t save her from the dangers. Why everyone turned their faces from her, when she was the one to support all in their needs? Why he was not here to save her all these years?

Saanson ne kahan rukh mod liya
Koi raah nazar mein na aaye
Dhadkan ne kahan dil chhod diya
Kahan chhode in jismoN ne saaye

(where have the breaths turned their face,
I don’t see any path..
where has the heartbeat left the heart,
and where have these bodies left (their) shadows..)

Her thoughts went back to Maan. Looking at his pained face Geet could understand what was going on him. She wanted to run towards him and cry her heart out, but alas! There were no tears left to come out from her eyes.

Yehi baar-baar sochta hoon tanha main yahan
Mere saath-saath chal raha hai yaadon ka dhuaan

(I, here, think this again and again..
a smoke of memories is walking with me.. )

Maan felt someone wiping away his tears. A small smile appeared his lips to recognize his Geet’s touch. He opened his eyes, and the touch disappeared. More tears came out from his eyes. How he wish he never even opened his eyes. How he wished like this dream of his Geet, all those pain that Geet went across would disappear in the same way.

Jo bheji thi duaa, woh jaake aasmaan
se yoon takra gayi ke aa gayi
Hai laut ke sadaa
(The wish I had sent,
that collided with the sky such that
a call has come back..)

Geet slide down on the floor slowly. She lost her battle today. She always wanted Maan not to know about her misery. She wanted to protect him for the pains, no matter for this others would hate her always. But she failed. Why God didn’t accept her prayers of saving Maan from the pains.

Precap: Maan went to Handa Mansion + Daadi and Maan’s argument

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