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Sargoshiya- Whisper of Love Part 62 (Last Part)


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I just wanna THNX each of the reader of Sargoshiyan. You guys really helped a lot in my very first journey in writing world.
I was actually upset while writing the last part and it took me a lot of time to write, sam was indeed emotional this time Cry

I tried to go throw the Hinduism marriage rituals and wrote this part. If I wrote anything wrong, don’t take it in heart as I myself is a Muslim girl so don’t have any slightest knowledge about ur’s culture apart from the info from Wikipedia
And the 18+ is written by my fluffy pie as I’m kinda boring and unromantic girl. So love you babu for the help

Last Part

Maan was talking with his friends, when Natasha came towards him

Natasha: Maan, come on. It’s time now

Ria and Arjun came as well, and the y all together went towards the stage.

Maan could feel something deep inside him. A feel that today he got the biggest happiness of his life.

He smiled suddenly at his thoughts, just before one year ago, he was the one who used to believe in love, but in a different way. For him love is existed in this world, but the word love is not always about the feelings between a boy and a girl.

He used to think that his love was his music, he used to think that he was deeply in love with his music as music was his passion.

But now he knew the real song and love of his life will come with a name as Geet. His geet. His real song of life

His chain of thoughts broke with the whistles and sounds.

Maan looked at the stair, and as soon as his eyes went towards his jaan, he forgot to breath.

There she was, walking towards him, ready to be his wife, ready to be with him completely to be his better half

But for Maan, she has full right on his life, not bounded with the word called better half

Geet can feel the burning gaze on her and became shyer as she knew her pucchu was looking at her right now.

Both stood in front of each other for exchanging the flowers.

Both took the varmala in their hands.

As soon as Geet was about to put the varmala on Maan, all Maan’s friends pulled him higher so that Geet couldn’t able to put the varmala.

Geet made a cute frown face and looked at Maan in her jhoota gussa.

Geet: Pucchu mai chala jaunga bol raha hoon. Shaadi kar na hai k nehi?

Maan: aree mai kya kia Jaan, sab to unn log karraha hai

Geet: to jaldi niche aao, warna mai gaya

Maan hurriedly bend his head in front of Geet to help Geet and Geet smiled wide while putting the varmala

Adi: kya Maan. You are going to bow down your head in front Geet after your marriage.

Arjun: Chalta hai. It is also called as making peace agreement with your wife. Just look at me

Ria glared at him and all laughed

Maan to wear Geet varmala easily as Geet didn’t let anyone disturb in her marriage rituals, so no one could able to pull her up.

Daadi ma: chalo one work is done. This varmala exchange is the proof that you both accepted each other and will love and live together with one and other.

Ria: Haan now stop pulling wach other’s legs and Geet abhi se you are gving him threats?

Mohindar: we should complete the phere, warna muhurat nikal jayega

Both sat together in front of the holy fire. Ria came and put the red decorated dupatta on Geet’s head, whereas Natasha helped Maan to put his sehra

Pandit ji called girl’s father for Kanyadaan. Mohindar put a ring on Maan’s finger and the he gave Geet’s hand in Maan’s hand

After the Kanyadaan the pheres began. Both of them stood up in front of the sacred fire. They took their seven pheres and promised to themselves that they will be each other’s strength and will never leave one another till their last breath.

After the pheres Maan applied vermillion (sindoor) in Geet’s hair partition and tied the beaded necklace (mangalsutra) To Geet’s neck.

Both took blessings from the elders as the Pandit declared them as husband and wife.



(Maaneet Wedding Rituals edited by me. Feel free to use them if u guys like it, just don’t crop my name out LOL)


Adi: areee how can it possible, you guys just robbed 50 lakhs and now asking for more

Pinky: haan to, what’s your problem? You are not the groom right?

Adi: no ways I’m going to be a duffer like Maan

Pari: then shut your mouth and tell us talk with our official jiju

Rahul: dekho its too much yaar. Give back the shoes. They need to leave for dinner

Geet: haan pinky de dena. We need to leave for Mumbai also.

Pinky: achha? Bari jaldi hai?

Natasha: accha ek min, it’s another shagun so they have right

Maan: but mom they already bankrupted me

Pinky: hawww, biwi mili to saali buri? Chi jiju

Maan: jiju ki bacchi, return my shoes right now

Daadi ma came forward and handled them kalecharis of gold.

Natasha: we didn’t take any silver one, as I think you all are like Geet’s sisters. And in today’s generation I don’t think we should divide sisters and cousins in these matters.

They were too happy in natasha’s words and returned his shoes.

After the dinner, when it was time for bidaai, it was most touching moment. Maan was feeling helpless to see her crying, whereas Ria couldn’t able to control her tears anymore. She hugged Geet tight and both cried hugging each other.

Natasha had to come forward along with Daadi ma to take Geet towards the car. Of course after assuring them they are not taking a bride but a daughter and Geet will come here whenever she wished to come.


Finally after the long tiring travel and completing many more rituals Maan sighed and was about to enter in his room, when daadi ma stopped him in middle

Maan: now what Daadi? let me get inside now. I’m tired

Daadi ma: but beta, you have to wait some more few hours

Maan: oyee hello, I’m tired, please let me sleep daadi. Do whatever you want, but in morning

Daadi ma: accha? Then do one thing beta, you come to my room and sleep tonight. Now your mother is talking with Geet inside. You will not be able to rest

Maan came near his daadi ma and whispered

Maan: Daadi ma at least aap to samjho mere Baato ko

Daadi: I can understand beta. That’s why telling you to come and sleep with me tonight

Daadi said sincerely while trying hard to control her laugh

Maan looked at his Daadi and can understand she’s just pulling his legs

Maan: im going to move away and will rent one room flat for mine and geet. Dekh lena

Daadi ma: Accha? But Geet will not leave us

Natasha: kya maa ji, leave him now.

Maan: mom you are here, then who’s inside?

Natasha: Maan what type of question is this? Of course Geet

Maan: but Daadi was telling

Natasha: don’t listen to her. You go inside. And maa ji, you come with me

Saying so Natasha pulled Daadi ma with her and Maan hurriedly entered inside and locked the door before any more disaster came behind him

He looked at his bride, sitting on that decorated bed.

He slowly sit on the bed, near her, and pulled the ghunghat letting him watch her angelic face

Maan keep ogling at her with his big eyes as she was looking not less than an angel in her wedding dress

Geet: Maan, stop staring like that

Maan: my love, my wife, my life, who’s going to stop me. let me see you jaan. I couldn’t able to do that down there

Geet: But its feeling like you are looking at some fruit and going to eat me

Maan: i may eat you raw tonight

Geet: Then do something na? It’s almost half hour now we are sitting in same position. I’m feeling sleepy.  and i will throw you out of the room if you don’t make this night romantic and make me sleepy

Geet threatened making Maan white in horror

Seeing Maan’s white face Geet narrowed her eyes, then held his collar in her fist bringing him closer to her face, they were mere inches apart and Maan was just staring at the bold but cute as hell Geet. She greeted her teeth.

Geet: If you don’t do anything Maan I swear I will make u sleep outside this room and I,,,

Her words died as his hand slipped on her waist bringing her close in one swift moment. Her breaths labored as their face were inches apart.

18+ (read at your own risk Blushing)

One moment and her lips will touch Maan. Her lips parted in a small gasp as Maan’s hand roamed on her back rubbing the flesh and heat surge through their body.

Sensation crawl her vein as his breath fall on her lips. A moan worked from somewhere of her.


In that moment their lips met but Maan didn’t deepen it waiting for her. She didn’t disappoint him as her lips parted. Maan ran his tongue on her plump lower lips then outlined inside if her upper lips.

Nails dug in his flesh which made him restless for her, with a groan Maan pulled her closer sealing their lips and entering the sweet heaven.

Both sighed in the kiss, their hand were all over each other, Geet’s hand were on Maan’s nape pulling his hair and massaging his nape which made the kiss erotic.

He was getting hard with each strokes from her lips and was making him wild maybe that’s what she wanted.. His teeth ravaged his thirst for her lips and when he left her her lips were red and swollen.

Her shy face with the natural red lips made his desire fire tenfold. Seeing the hungry gaze a naughty smile came on her and she pushed him, then gave her back towards him.

Before she can leave the bed Maan held thread of her blouse which made Geet’s eyes widen and a gasp broke out. Her breath hitch as he lowered his lips on her velvety flesh, his warm breath made it difficult to think straight and Maan knew it. Geet arched her back as he placed his warm lips in between her shoulder blade.

He started placing wet kisses n her spine which earned more moans from her. Maan’s lips were trailing down and she was shivering with sensation that was flowing in her vein. Not knowing what to do and how to hold her own self intact while he was setting person fire, she just turned and hugged Maan with her all strength.

Her breath never lowered and the tiny sensation between her legs never subsided. She just held him closer to her not bothering about her blouse that was hanging from her shoulder.

Maan broke the hug holding her chin and forcing her to meet his eyes but she refused by closing her eyes.

Maan: Open your eyes Geet.

Shaking her head she smiled

Maan kissed the corner of her mouth. Then his voice dropped in a husky note. You don’t know how much desirable and sexy u r looking right now. After this night I won’t be able to leave u for a second.

Geet opened her eyes: I don’t want u to leave me even for a blink of eyes.

Maan again kissed the corner of her mouth but this time he trailed a line of wet kisses from her cheeks to the joint of her shoulder. Her toes curled as he sucked her flesh, the sensitive area of her neck and behind her ear making her mad with desire.

Maan’s lips came down on her bosom and with care he took out the piece of cloth. His breath ragged seeing the perfect creamy glove. Geet bite her lips then tried to hide her half nude body but he held her wrist then shook his head.

Maan: You are perfect. Beautiful..

In one second his sherwani touched the ground and Maan kissed her again more carnal. Her back touched the soft mattress as he came above her. His fingers found her find bud twitching slightly earning a cry of pleasure from her, his hand held them while his lips sucked her lips.

She twitched and jerked under his hand. Leaving her lips Maan touched her one globe, teasing with his tongue and wetting then taking in his mouth and sucking harder. Her moans filled the room as he gave same attention to the other globe.

Her nails scratched his half nude body, her fingers touched his bare back, Muscle rippled as her hand touched each bulge and it made him suck harder.

When their other cloth left their body they couldn’t said, it was all so blur. Geet pushed Maan on the mattress then with unsure hand exploded him.

Seeing Maan’s pleasure she became bolder and placed some wet kisses on his chest then coming down on scabs. Her tongue licked the salty sexy flesh.

His musky scent filled her nostrils. It wasn’t much before that Maan pinned her on the mattress coming above her. She knew what was coming and anticipation with little fear increased her excitement..

Their lips met again and Maan parted her thighs with his knees. He left her lips coming on her neck. Geet arched more to his lips, his lips traveled between her breast teasing the arching bud.

His hardness touched her folds earning a groan from Maan as his control was thinning. Her wetness was his undoing and her moans.

Geet: please Maan…

She wasn’t sure what she was begging for, he came on her face.

Maan: you trust me na?

Geet looked at his eyes pouring her all love kissed him. And in reply she just kissed him like never before.

A cry tore the kiss, as he sheathed himself inside her inch by inch Geet let out a small cry but the pleasure was much. Maan held himself inside her, waiting for her to adjust and she did.

In a very few second her pain subsided and she locked her ankle behind his back. Maan entered all the way in her in one moment.

She arched for more and he gave it to her, each stroke was so powerful but it didn’t hurt her, just fulfilled her more and more. She can feel the sensation building more stronger.

Her orgasm ripped a pleasurable cry from deep in her throat. Maan followed her with 2 more strokes.

Geet: I love u.

Maan: you are mine Geet. I love u too. He kissed her lips hand roamed their sweety body, pulling her on top of him. Geet rested her cheek on his chest smiling feeling shy.

They didn’t realized when sleep engulf them, Maan’s grip left left her waist and Geet never placed her head anywhere else than Maan’s chest.

NEXT: Epilogue Ouch Cry 


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Sargoshiya- Whisper of Love Part 61


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Part 61

Groom Side Story:

Maan knocked the door for third time and called his mom worriedly

Maan: mom how much more time. Please open the door right now

Natasha: Maan stop banging the door, and let me get dressed. I just need more five minutes.

Maan: you are saying the same thing for last two hours.

No replied come

Maan: come on mom, just open the door. Because of you I’m going to miss my own wedding

The door opened and Natasha came out with a frowned face.

Natasha: I can bet on it that you are the very first groom who’s knocking each and every one’s door and calling them in each minute to come out. Such a shameless impatient groom!

Maan: oh really? And you are the first mother in law who’s taking more time than the bride to get ready.

Natasha: so what? I need to look perfect on my son’s wedding

Maan: but it’s my wedding right? Not dad’s and yours

Natasha: Maan ki bacchi

Before Natasha could slap him he ran away laughing and replying

Maan: first let me get married mom, only then you can expect your grandchildren. But I think because of you this wedding is going to postpone for another 8 months.

Natasha shook her head at her son’s shameful remark and went inside to take her purse


Bride Side Story:

Ria: Nakul kaka, did you check the dishes. Please do that before serving them. I just can’t trust blindly to these cooks

Nakul: ji betiyan. I’ve checked them all, and will recheck again. Now you should go and get ready.

Ria: yes I will. First let me just check Geetu

Ria knocked the door and went inside to see the ladies applying the last touch up on Geet’s face

As soon as Geet looked at Ria, she almost shrieked in surprise

Geet: Bhabhi you are going to stay like this?

Ria: I’m just going to get ready. I just came to check you out

Geet: Bhabhi they will come in any moment. You go and get ready please

Ria: haan baba. I just need to check papa first, and then the dishes are served properly or not. And then

Geet stood up and hugged Ria tightly

Geet: Bhai will check the outside. Papa will also get ready and come to me to show whether it’s fine or not. You first take a deep breath and calm down. Then go and get ready

Ria: okay, but you just don’t stress okay?

Geet: I will not, cause you all are here with me.

Geet came out of the hug and placed a small kiss on Ria’s cheek.

Ria: what was that for?

Ria asked in amusement

Geet: you know bhabhi, yesterday also I was sad to think that mumma will not be here with me today. But from morning, I’m not even missing her. Because I know God is way too kind to give me another mother in the name of my bhabhi.

Ria smiled at her words and hugged her tightly. The thought itself that from today her geetu is going to leave this house, is enough to make her feel lonely and alone.

Now Geet will not be here to get pampered by her, to come to her in mid night with a demand to sleep with her. Will not be here to hug her tightly and blabber each and everything in every evening.

Ria: I wish I could tell you not to leave us here and go in your in law’s house. But afraid it’s the way nature fixed the departure of a girl’s.

Geet: I will come back every week bhabhi. Maan promised you know?

Geet replied in a cracked voice.

The door opened and Pinky came inside

Pinky: ye lo, you guys are not even ready and crying like some small babies? Bhabhi go and get ready first, she’s still here, so you need to save some tears for later.

Painky joked and both wacked her in return.

Ria: you are looking like a fairy angel Geetu. Maan is going to faint before wedding

Geet grinned at her words

Pinky: waise Geet, you are supposed to shy like some bride Geet. Here you are grinning shamelessly

Geet: you want me to kick you out now? i can also do that

Ria: Geet don’t came out of the room unless me or your bhai will come. And Pinky go downstairs and wait for the groom side. Go

Geet: haan you go and get ready


All came down hurriedly when they heard the music outside.

Arjun: Ria come quickly. They are already near the entrance

Ria: haan baba, I’m already here.

Ria came out with the Puja Thali.

Arjun and Mohindar came forward to welcome them all. While Mohindar and Anukalp hugged each other, Arjun and Adi helped Maan to come down from the horse.

All together came towards Ria, who was waiting for them. But Pinky, Pari and others together came in front making a bridge, in order to stop Maan for moving forward.

Pinky: areee jiju, why in so much hurry. At least wait to us to complete the transaction

Adi: accha? What kind of transaction can happen in the road?

Pari: are you going to be our jija ji? No right? Then stop talking

Adi looked at others for help while all laughed to see Adi’s reaction

Maan: accha tell me what you guys want now?

Pinky: okay, you need to pay to get inside

Arjun: areee first let him get inside na?

Pari: no ways bhaia. He needs to pay to enter into the house and marry our Geet

Mohindar was about to interrupt when Daadi ma stopped him

Daadi ma: let them enjoy beta. At least they should enjoy their side of plays

Adi: Now that’s good Daadi. You should help us and take our side, and you are supporting them

Natasha: now our daughter is way too precious na? So Maan need to pay just to see her.

All screamed in happiness to get more supports from the elders

Maan: okay okay now tell me how much I need to pay?

Pinky: well as our Geet is this much precious, we can ask for crores, but we can’t make you run away. So pay half of 1 crore.

Rahul: what? Are you guys are mad? You are asking for 50 lakhs just to enter into the house

Pinky: no no, you get us wrong. it’s just to get a glace of Geet as well.

Adi: but Maan can’t see Geet’s face before wedding now. So why to pay you guys?

Maan: okay no need to fight. Let me talk

Maan came forward and said something softly near pinky’s ear. Pinky grinned and put her hand forward and Maan placed a bundle of money in her palm. She then let him cut the red ribbon and enter inside.

Before going inside Maan looked upward, and saw Geet’s shadow. He can easily understand what’s she wearing, but as a reflection by the window glass.

He smiled and thought to himself, he can pay more than that just to see a glance of his jaan

Maan came near Ria, who smiled at him and did the aarti. Then he took blessing from Mohindar, Arjun and Ria.

Ria: you don’t need to do that Maan

Maan: but I wanted to bhabhi. Cause I know you are Geet’s mother. so I have to take your blessing as well.

Ria smiled at him and hug him saying, that’s what he can get and think as the blessing from Geet’s mother. Mohindar smiled proudly to get Maan for his gudiya


Maan was sitting with his family, when Mohindar and Arjun came towards them.

Mohindar: everything is okay na? is anyone facing any problem?

Natasha: bhai saab, you please stop stressing. Please sit here and relax. Everything is perfect

Arjun: Maan, wo papa wanted to gift you something. So we actually bought a car for you.

Maan: what? Papa aap

Mohindar: nehi beta. Please don’t take is negatively. It’s just we wanted to gift you something and Arjun suggested about the car

Daadi ma: beta, why you are doing these extra expenses? You could have asked us before buying this?

Maan: papa, can I ask for something?

Mohindar: haan beta. Just tell me.

Maan: Can I ask you to consider me as your son just like Arjun bhaia? I don’t want to be a son in law for you. I want you to think me as your own son

Mohindar: you are my son

Maan: then why all these? Why these car, honeymoon ticket and all? Papa you already accepted me, forgave me for my wrong deed that I lied with you. And for me it’s more than enough that you agreed to give me my Geet. Now please don’t make me low in front of me by giving these things to me?

Arjun: but Maan it’s just a small gift

Maan: it can never be a gift bhaia. And trust me I can never think of taking them. I can never make myself ready to use car that my father in law provided me using all his years of savings. I just need all your blessing so that I can work harder and earn all the necessary things to provide Geet whatever she needs in her near future. Nothing else

Mohindar was about to something, but this time Anukalp interrupted,

Anukalp: you are way too kind to us to give us your gem. I know Geet is way too precious for all of you and by giving us Geet, you gave us the most important thing that we wanted.

Maan: please papa. I can’t take this. You just pray for me so that I can take care of Geet till my last breath. That is all I need from you all

Mohindar smiled at him and hug him in gratitude.

Precap: Marriage + SR

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Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 60)



I’m really very overhelmed to read each of ur cmnts n wishes for my recovery. really guys u all rock. after Sargoshiyan’s end i’m really going to miss u all Cry
This update is specially for Deepthi… Happy Birthday Year… Heart
Part 60

It was already evening. Geet was applying the last minute touch up and listening to all her friend’s gossips about what they will do against the groom’s side to pull Maan’s legs in sangeet.


Pinky: but I don’t think groom side’s people have zero plans for sangeet. They surely have some plans as well


Pari: well they can have, but they can’t at least dance like us girls, right?


Pari asked making all laugh.


Geet: guys, do whatever you want to with the boys, but please don’t disturb mom, dad or daadi ma, okay?


Suhana: oh ho, from now you are taking your in-law’s side, haan Geet?


Before Geet could answer all heard the music started in the downstairs of the party hall.


Pinky: I think they already reached


Ria entered into the room hurriedly.


Ria: what are you guys doing here? chalo let’s go. They all are over there, and you guys are still getting ready. Geetu are you ready? Then I will call Arjun to come and take you downstairs.


Geet: haan bhabhi. I’m ready


Ria: okay then let me call your brother


Geet: but where’s papa?


Ria: he’s in downstairs talking with all the guests baby. Now come on, let’s go




In downstairs all the guests are coming one after another, and exchanging greetings with maan and his family.


Suddenly Maan got a call from an unknown number, so he just excused himself to take the call.


Maan: hello


No reply


Maan: hello, who’s there?


Ragini: I just wanted to wish a happy married life to you and Geet


Maan: ragini? Is that you?


Ragini: I’m sorry Maan, for whatever dad did with your family. Especially what he did to Anukalp uncle and you.I.. I really… really never knew that he could step so low just for fame and money


Maan: hey, please don’t cry. It’s not your fault. So stop feeling guilty on all that, please ragini?


Ragini: I wanted to meet with you, I even bought a gift for you both, but never had the courage to face you all


Maan: don’t do that. I’m telling you na, it’s not your fault. And I’m fine now, nothing I lost on that shot, nor do I have any hard feelings against you and aunty


Ragini: thanks. Please convey my greetings to Geet as well


Maan: well you can do that as well. Tell aunty that I’ve requested her to come and give us blessing on our marriage


Ragini: but Maan. it’s not


Maan: please Ragini. Both the families have made a bond long time ago. Even when we both were born. What if your father turned grey and tried to kill dad or me. That will never break the tie that aunty or you have with us. please?


Ragini: I will try


Maan: okay then, see you tomorrow


Ragini: yeah, bye Maan, and thanks


Maan: my pleasure. Bye




The party is in full swing. Both the groom side and bride side showed their performance from dance to sing. And all enjoyed a lot. When the last dance performance ended, all were about to go towards the buffet where the food were served. All of a sudden the light of the hall shut down and just a light fall onto the piano.


There Maan was sitting with a small smile teasing his lips. Geet smiled at Maan and all claps for him with a thought that Maan is going to sing a song for his soon to be wife.


But what actually happened, no one even thought about it.


Voice: this song is for my little princess, who came in this world and gave me the new reason to live. Whose one small smile made me feel the peace that I can never feel even when someone will give crores of money on my feet.Cause she is way too precious for me, my little angel, my Geet.

(MUST listen this the song, its way too touching n beautiful. i tried to upload it in mp3, but my net is making me hell angry Angry)

And then another light fall on Mohindar, and all gasped to realize from whom the actual surprise is coming.


I’m giving you away
But I’m not letting go
The memories, they flood my mind
Of the little girl I know


Mohindar sung those lines, while coming towards Geet, who was still looking at her papa with mouth wide open. Yes she heard her father’s song from many old recording. But never thought her papa will sing again in his life. And that too only for her, on her sangeet.

Once upon a time
You held my hand so tight
You’d close your eyes and say a prayer
Then I’d kiss your head goodnight


Mohindar completed those lines and Geet hugged him tight as if to believe it’s the reality, not any dream of he, that she used to see from her childhood.Mohindar smiled at his daughter and pressed a kiss on her forehead in adores.


As we dance I keep our love deep within my heart
And thank God for giving me this angel in my arms…

Mohindar pulled her in a dance with him. Geet grinned in happiness. But just the thought of living her family and going into another city, away from all make her teary again.

You’re my little angel
So baby don’t you cry
It’s time to spread your wings and fly
If there’s one thing this father knows
The hardest part is letting go
But you will still always be…
Daddy’s little angel


As if understanding her situation Mohindar wiped those tears from her face with a small smile. Only a father knows how hard it is to give his precious bundle of joy to someone else’s hand. But alas! It’s the nature of earth that one day every girl leave their parents to make their own home.


It seems like yesterday
Has come and gone so fast
Now my baby’s all grown up
But the memories will last


He smiled at her daughter who was still in his arms, hugging him tight with teary eyes. He still remembered how small she was, used to cuddle in his arms in her sleeps. Who used to knock on his door late night just because she had some dreams that teacher was going to snatch all her chocolates as she got low marks in her exams.


It’s hard to say goodbye
When you’ve always been so near
But for now I’ll hold you tight
Like those times that I hold dear


Mohindar tried to lighten her mood so eyed her to Maan who was looking at them with a wide grin plastered in his face. Geet could understand who’s made the music and helped her father to do all these. She mouthed “I Love You” to him who just bowed his head in their direction.


As we dance I keep our love deep within my heart
And thank God for giving me this angel in my arms…

You’re my little angel
So baby don’t you cry
It’s time to spread your wings and fly
If there’s one thing this father knows
The hardest part is letting go
But you will still always be…
Daddy’s little angel


Arjunand Riawent forward and hugged Geet tight when they saw her crying in his papa’s arms. Geet too hug both of them, today didn’t know why she felt like not going to leave them, she didn’t even know when she would again get the chance to hug them like today


When you were young, I used to laugh
At the funny things you’d say
Right now I just can’t help but smile…
On this blessed day


Maan smiled at them and continued to play the piano.Daadi ma smiledand gave a side hug to Natasha very well-known of what she’s feeling as well. When anukalp just smiled to see their strong bond, and he knew, another one is soo to come in this circle, just after one day.


You’re my little angel
So baby don’t you cry
It’s time to spread your wings and fly
If there’s one thing this father knows
The hardest part is letting go
But you will still always be…
Daddy’s little angel

I’m giving you away, but I’m not letting go…


Both father and son hugged their little angel, making all emotional just to see the scene in front of them. 

Some tried not to cry when they remembered how hard it was for them to give their daughter’s hand in others. 

Some flinch and hold their daughter in their arms, they didn’t even know what they will do when it will be their time to arrange their daughters’ marriage.

tadaaa… how’s it? i know you guys expected romantic dance of maaneet. but it’s done in almost all daily soap n ffs, so i tried something different. hope you guys likes it Smile

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Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 59)



Part 59

Geet’s monologue:


I looked at myself in the mirror, draped in a white salwar kamiz. I still remember that day. It’s still fresh in my memory. The day when Maan participated in his first live concert, when I went to him just to tell him that I cannot live without him, when proposed me in front of the whole world, when he was being shot.


Somewhere it still felt like a hard pain, somewhere deep inside of my heart. When I saw his white shirt turned into red in his own blood, when he was lay unconscious on the pool of blood.


I don’t remember exactly what happened, who called ambulance, or who were with me that time. All I saw was only Maan’s lifeless body. Apart from that everything was like some blur image in my memory.


When we reached in the hospital, doctor was trying hard to pull my hand away from him, but I was not ready for it. How could I let him go? What if he didn’t come back to me? I left him for some hours and what took place in those hours. I didn’t want anything bad happened to him anymore.


Then I could remember that they left with him. I sat on the floor drenched in his blood. I could hear many voices, but none of those voices attracted me, as I kept looking at the closed door, waiting for just one glimpse of my maan.


Suddenly my thoughts broke feeling someone’s hands on my stomach


End of Monologue


I smiled at our image on the mirror


Maan: you are again thinking over it?


Geet: I am trying to forget Maan


Maan: then try harder, and one more thing. Try to stop thinking about the pasts and enjoy this day, as from tomorrow everything will change.


He said and pulled her closer.


Geet: you will never leave me, right?


Maan sighed and turned her and made her face him.


Maan: Geet, stop thinking about that day. See I’m in front of you. Come on jaan, it’s our haldi ceremony today. And I don’t want you to come down with a sad dull face. Okay?


Geet: Yes, finally all is going to be alright.


Geet said while giving him a bright smile, making Maan smile as well.


Geet: by the way, may I know what you are doing in my room?


Maan: what else? Come to greet you a very very good morning


Maan said in a cheeky voice


Geet: oh really? But we are going to meet in downstairs after half hour, remember?


Maan: yeah so?


Geet: so?


Maan: come on Geet, you know my bid with Pinky and all you’re those stupid friends. I have to put haldi 1st in your face


Saying so Maan put out a small polybag and show her the turmeric paste


Geet: no ways Maan. You know that mom is going to apply this as a blessing on my face, and if she will see the paste on my face, what if she will feel bad?


Maan: no ways, our mom is not like those typical saas bahu serial type mom, you too know that, right?


Geet: but all will make fun of me.


Maan: then declare to them proudly that my pucchu love me the most


Geet: really? So that they all can happily pull my legs in public? Wah, what an idea?


Maan: okay fine then. I thought you would be happy as I come here taking so much risks, just for applying haldi on your face


Maan sighed while making a very sad pouting face, making Geet curse on her big mouth


Geet: arreee, I was joking pucchu. In fact I was also thinking it from last night that how to apply haldi 1st on your face.


Geet said while holding Maan from his waist


Geet: but then I’m worried as well for my friends’ big mouths, when they will see the mark on my cheeks


Geet said pouting


Maan: I will be there na? No one can pull my jaan’s legs


Geet: sure na?


Maan: of course, cause only I have that right


Saying so Maan giggled and in return got one smack on his shoulder


Geet: I will run away from this marriage, remember that before making fun of mine


Maan pulled her closer and huskily whisper near her ear


Maan: run as far as you can. At the end you have to return only to me, remember that


Saying so he passionately sucked her earlobe, making her moan


Their little romantic moment was interrupted by a knock on her door


Both looked at the door horrified, thinking who it was now on that side of door


Geet: who’s it?


Pinky: sleeping beauty, wake up from your dream land. You are already getting late. Guests are already started to come


Geet: pinky just  give me 10 mins to get ready. I’m almost done


Ria: okay baba, take your time, but first open the door geetu. Let us help you


Maan: say them to wait for 5 minutes


Geet nodded and said the same to them


Maan hurriedly take some haldi on his hand and applied a little portion on haldi on her left cheek, and filled another check with his wet smooch, making Geet red in blush


Geet too did the same, but planted a soft kiss, too shy to do the same like Maan


Maan: I will wait for you downstairs, don’t be late Jaan


Geet: okay, but be careful, don’t hurt yourself


Maan nodded and left the room smoothly using her window, not before planting another kiss lovingly on her forehead


It’s what that is exactly happening from last 5 days, as soon as Maan and his family shifted in Delhi for the marriage function.


And when I was getting hard for Maan to enter into Handa House, he came up with his another lie. Well it’s just for the sake of her Jaan. He acted like he’s suffering from food poisoning, while eating hotel’s foods. So yesterday morning Mohindar himself went to bring Maan here in Handa House. How can he let him son-in-law to suffer in any problem.


Well, if some lies can never hurt anyone, and bring a bright smile on your love one’s face, then they are good, aren’t they? *sam winking*


Precap: Haldi Ceremony, and Maan’s surprise to Geet in their sangeet


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Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 58)


Part 58

Adi was pacing in the back stage, waiting for Maan


Adi: I just hope he can make it in time, it’s getting late


Maan: for how many times I told you not to talk with your own self yaar


Maan said from his back while smirking at his nervous face


Adi: finally you feel like coming sir? There the audiences are planning to throw rotten tomatoes and colorful shoes on us


Adi said totally frustrated


Maan: accha baba, I’m really sorry. Now just give me exactly 5 minutes. I just need to check all my guitar cord before stepping in the stage


Adi: okay okay, do it now, hurry up


Maan was checking all the strings of his guitar, when Adi looked at his gloomy face. No matter how much his best friend can try to behave normally in front of him, but he can never hide his expressions, as this Adi know his best friend from childhood


Adi: Is Geet okay now?


Maan: yes, why?


Adi: then why are you sad?


Maan: who said I’m sad? Just little bit worried about the performance?


Adi: and do you think I’m going to believe your stupid excuses?


Maan: I’m saying the truth, now let’s go


Maan said while standing up on his feet, but Adi hold his elbow and stopped him from leaving


Adi: what’s wrong Maan? Spill it up or else I’ll make sure you will not be in the stage, forget about performing


Maan: can we talk about it later?


Adi: no, right now. Come on Maan, tell me the truth, we are the best buddies, remember?


Maan sighed heavily


Maan: It’s over


Adi: what? You mean, I mean are you out of your mind?


Maan: I can’t harm her relation with her father, damn it


Adi: but it doesn’t mean that you have to take this much big step. Do you think you both can be able to live without each other? Are you kidding?


Adi said totally frustrated


Maan:It was always my fault. So I have to take the decision at the end to make things normal.


Adi: you want to take some time? We can manage over there before your entry


Maan: no it’s okay Adi. Let’s go


Adi: fine then






Host: now let’s welcome today’s biggest surprise, all of yours favorite singer, for whom you all are eagerly waiting to see performing. Now just hold your breath for the one and only Maan Singh Khurana, for the first time on live concert.


All started clapping and whistling in excitement


Maan’s monologue:

I wish you are with me today. Standing in front of me, smiling at me, looking at me proudly. How I wish you would be here when I needed you the most Geet. Don’t know how I will manage to spend my days without you beside me where only in these hours I’m feeling this much frustrated.


Geet’s Monologue:

I head the host telling about Maan, peoples’ cheering for him. I know what’s going on in your mind, how you are managing. But you will not have to feel alone Maan. Your geet is coming


Her chain of thoughts broke hearing Pinky and Arjun’s argument.


Arjun: do you think I’m flying some aero plane?


Pinky: please bhaia, just speed up a little bit more


Arjun: so that the police can take away my driving license


Pinky: or else we will miss his performance bhaia, see he’s already starting his 1st son and he will be in stage for two songs only


Arjun: you guys will take many chances in future. But if we will face any accident then who knows you will miss your life as well


Geet: shhh, you guys are not letting me hear his song in peace


Geet shouted enable to control her anger, by watching both of them arguing like kids


Both stopped their argument and Arjun increase the volume

Play me


wo o ooo, wo o ooo

Aasaan nahin yahan aashiq ho jaana

Palkon pe kaanton ko saajaana

Aashiq ko miltaa hain gham ki saugaatein

Sabko na miltaa ye khazaana

(It’s not easy to be a lover here

To adorn thorns on eyelids

A lover gets gifts of sorrows

Not everyone gets this treasure)


Maan sung those lines sadly. He never knew one day his own written lines will fall on him, will match with his own life


Baaton se aage, vadoon se aage

Dekho zaara tum kabhi

Ye to hai shola

Ye hai chingaari

Ye hai jawaan aag bhi

(Ahead of talks, ahead of promises

See sometimes

It’s a fireball

It’s a spark

It’s wild fire as well)


Geet closed her eyes. She remember how Maan broke his own promise to be with her always, not for himself, but only for her own happiness


Jismon ke peeche bhaage ho phirte

Utro kabhi rooh mein

Hota kya aashiq, kya aashiqui hai

Hogi khabar tab tum hein

(You run behind bodies

Sometime get down into the souls

What is a lover, what love is

You will get to know)

Wo o ooo ,wo o ooo


Maan finished the song and looked ahead to see the huge crowd in front of him. Waving at him, dancing with his tunes. He smiled and waved towards them


Maan: are you all enjoying?


Mass crowd: yesss


Maan: you want some rock songs now?


Mass crowd: yesss


Maan: okay then, I want you all to sing with me as well


Saying so Maan looked at Adi who was with the drum, Adi nodded back at him that he’s ready, smiling Maan grabbed his guitar again

Play me


Sinbad the sailor jahaj mein jab chala
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Dhundh raha tha ek nayi duniya ka pata
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo

Wo ho anjaani raahon mein tha o o
Wo ho leharo ki baahon mein tha o o

(when Sinbad the sailor was travelling in his ship

Listen my friends

He was searching the address of new world

Listen my friends

He was in unknown paths

He was in the arms of waves)


Arjun was trying to find little space to park his car, but there are so many cars already in the parking lot


Arjun: looks like it will take time, you guys go and enter inside, and I’m coming behind you


As soon as Arjun said that Geet hurriedly came outside started to rush towards the entrance


Pinky: geetwait, tickets are with me, you can’t go inside without ticket


Arjun: pinky, take care of her okay? Don’t leave her side


Pinky: okay bhaia


Saying so Pinky to rushed behind geet


Sab ne kaha tha in samundaro mein jaana nahi
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Khwabon ke piche jaake kuch bhi hai paana nahi
Mere yaar sun lo suno
Wo ho apni hi dhun mein raha o o
Wo ho suntan tha dil ka kaha o o

(Everyone told him not to go in these oceans

Listen my friends

By going behind dreams you will not get anything

Listen my friends

But he was in his own tune

He was used to listen his heart)


Pinky holds Geet’s hand, stopping her to go in the front


Pinky: are you mad? Did you see the crowd? You can’t go over there. Let’s wait here


Geet: no Pinky, I need to show him that I’m here


Pinky: but Geet, you are still not perfectly fine


Geet: I’m fine Pinky, please let me go


Pinky: no Geet, let’s wait for Arjunbhaia then


Pinky said firmly


Uss ke the jo sapne
Wohi uss ke the apne
Aisa tha sinbad the sailor (sailor)… (2)

(Whatever dreams of his, was only his own

Like this was the Sinbad the sailor)… (2)


Geet: please  pinky, let me go. I need to fulfill my promise. I told him that I will be there to cheer him up


Geet pleaded, making Pinky sighed in defeat


Pinky: fine let’s go, but don’t leave my hand, no matter what, okay?


Geet nodded her head. Both hold each other’s hand and started to walk towards the font.


Uss ka jahaj khila tufano mein
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Phir bhi na aayi kami uss ke armaano mein
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Wo deewana aisa hi tha o o
Wo sapno ka hamrahi tha o o

Uss ke the jo sapne
Wohi uss ke the apne
Aisa tha sinbad the sailor (sailor)… (2)

(His ship bloomed in storms

Listen my friends

Still there was no decrease in his desire

Listen my friends

He was crazy like this only

He was the partner of his dreams

Whatever dreams of his, was only his own

Like this was the Sinbad the sailor)… (2)


Both the friends were walking in between the crowd of people, but not finding any way to be in front. As all the people were trying to find a place to be the first one to stand in front, making it tougher for Geet in her weak health


Wo kuch pane ki chaah mein o o
Wo badhata raha raah mein o o

Gehara samundar tha unchi unchi lehren
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Kashtiya jin dekhi mushkil se the hare
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
(In the want to get something

He kept on moving forward

The ocean was deep and waves were high

Listen my friends

The ship was settling with difficulty

Listen my friends)


Geet was trying to make a path for herself, when suddenly she felt two of the man making a wall arounf her. She looked up and saw a known face.


One of Maan’s securities saw Geet and came along with another to help her out of the crowd. They protectively circled her and make her stand in front


Security: are you okay mam?


Geet: thank you sandeep


Security: it’s my work mam


He smiled and continued to stand beside her and Pinky, so that no one can touch or push them


While singing Maan saw Sandeep’s back in the front near the stage. He knotted his eyebrows in confusion as they were supposed to stand on the back stage.


He was about to come in front to tell them to go in back, but stopped abruptly. As soon as sandeep stand on one side, he saw her face, looking directly at him.


He concentrated on his song thinking it’s just his mere dream, making Geet frown in anger


Wo ho saahil ta kaa hi gaya o o
Wo ho manjil ko paa hi gaya o o

Uss ke the jo sapne
Wohi uss ke the apne
Aisa tha sinbad the sailor (sailor)… (2)

(He finally came to the sea shore

He got his destination

Whatever dreams of his, was only his own

Like this was the Sinbad the sailor)… (2)


He again looked at the front, and this time saw his Jaan’s frown cute face. Both looked at each other and all there confusions disappeared. 


He understood that it’s his Jaan in real


She understood what he thought at first to see her here


Both smiled at each other in happiness


Tum ho toh, gaata hai dil
Tum nahi, toh geet kaha..
Tum ho toh, hai sab haasil
Tum nahi, toh kya hai yaha
Tum ho toh hai
Sapno ke jaisa hasin ek sama…

(When you are there my heart sings

If you are not there then there is no song

If you are there then it feels like I have everything

If you are not here then it’s nothing here

If you are with me

This atmosphere looks like dream)


Maan sung those words looking directly at her. Finally his dream come true, his Jaan is here, right in front of her. She’s still looking pale, her eyes teary, but a beautiful smile teasing her lips, making him realize that today he’s the happiest person in the world


He didn’t know how she came here, what her family thinks about him. he only knew that he can never live without her.


Maan didn’t care what will happen in their future, whether people will accept them together, but he will not let her leave, not in any cost


Jo tum ho toh yeh lagta hai
Ke mil gayi har khushi
Jo tum na ho yeh lagta hai
Ke har khushi mein hai kami
Tum ko hai maangti yeh jindagi…

(When you are here then I feel that

I have got every happiness

When you are not with me then I feel that

There is something missing in every happiness

This life only wants you)


Maan jumped out of the stage making all astonished. He just kneeled down in front of Geet and sang then lines making Geet cried in happiness.


Did he just propose him in front of the world?


Did he just said that he will fight to win her family, as he still didn’t know that her papa already accepted him.


As soon as Maan complete the song, Geet kneeled down beside him and hug him tightly.


Maan: I can never spend one second of my life without you. I love you Jaan


Geet: I love you too Maan


Some of the audience cheer for them in awe as it’s the most unique way to propose someone, whereas some crabbed in jealousy to realize that Maan is already in love with someone. Pinky screamed in happiness, Adi clapped for the Romeo Juliet, Arjun smiled to see the two innocent soul in love with each other ever so sweetly.


He broke the hug and kissed Geet’s forehead. He was about to climb up to the stage when Geet stopped him


Geet: Maan I need to tell you that


Maan: shhh, you don’t need to worry. I will win your papa’s love, I promise. You just relax and wait for me in back stage. Sandeep take Pinky and her in the back side.


Maan: thank you guys who ever come today to cheer me up. I thank each of you for all your love and appreciation that you guys bestowed upon me. And I want to share a small secret of my life with all of your today.


I used to believe in love, but in a different way. Yes for me love existed in this world. But it’s not always about the feelings between a boy and a girl. I used to think that I am deeply in love with my music. But less did I know the song of my life would come to me as Geet. My Geet, my song of life

Today i want to say the world that I’m deeply in love with Geet, and I will always be with her no matter what happens in our near future, Maan and Geet will be always together


All clapped at his words, at his true love. Pinky hugged Geet in happiness while Geet felt like she’s fallen in love with this man once again.


Maan: thank you guys


Saying so Maan turned around smiling at Geet, to reach near her as soon as possible. But the gun shot sound made everything silent. Geet looked at Maan shockingly. Adi shouted and ran towards Maan.


But before he could reach, Maan fall down with a thump.


Geet stood there still in shock, as she saw his white short getting red in his blood


Precap: The LAST PART

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Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 57)



Part 57

It’s already morning,


Maan looked at his Jaan who’s sleeping peacefully holding his hand tightly. He smiled unconsciously as he remembered how embarrassed he was some hours ago.


One by one all came to see her, but she was already in sleep due to the medicine.


When Arjun entered in the room Maan tried to stand up and remove his hand. But in her sleep also Geet just mumbled something and clinched his hand tightly.


Ria tried hard to control her smile, whereas both Maan and Arjun choose not to look at one another.


What made Maan worried was Mohindar’s absence. He didn’t come for once to check on Geet. It made Maan sad that it might be because of him this long gap created between them.


Maan’s chain of thoughts broke when Geet stirred a little in her sleep.


He put the chair closer to her


As soon as Geet opened her eyes, her eyes searched for Maan. Maan smiled warmly at her and pressed her hand in assurance that he’s still there with her


Maan: hey sleeping beauty


Geet: hey


Maan: how are you feeling now? Is it paining?


Geet: how can I feel any pain when you are with me?


Geet said innocently making Maan sighed


Maan: you are a crazy little woman, you know that?


Geet: yes, crazily in love with her Maan


Geet said while giving a wide smile to him


Maan tried to smile while thinking about how to tell her that he need to leave now.


Geet: hey what happened?


Maan: nothing, just wondering, you know


Geet: wondering how to tell me that you need to leave?


Maan hold her hands and bring himself more closely to her


Maan: Jaan I should leave now


Geet: yeah, I understand.


Maan: but before leaving, I want a promise from you


Geet: what promise?


Maan: you will be happy even if we will not be together in future


Geet: Maan, won’t you try to talk with papa?


Maan: I promise you that I’ll not force you in this relation, even if you will leave me and move apart but promise me Geet you will live you life happily


Maan said Geet while putting her hands on his head, making geet whimper in pain


She tried so hard not to break down when her family in just outside the room. Even when her Maan is leaving her, just for the sake of her happiness, her father’s happiness.


Maan: Promise me Geet that you will marry and live happily with whomever your papa will choose for you


Geet nodded while trying to suppress her cry


Geet: but promise me you will never stop singing, and will be more and more famous so that all girl will drool on you like the way I used to


Maan chuckled while trying not to spill his tears


Maan: I’ll make sure in future both you and your daughter will drool on me, making your husband feel offended and jealous


Both smiled trying to lighten the mood


Maan: Take care Geet. Be happy


Geet: I love you Maan, I really do


Geet cried enable to hide her pain anymore


Maan: sshhh, I know jaan. I know that you love me. But i want you to love your family more to choose them over me. Make them proud of you Geet


Geet: I will. Please don’t say bye now. I can’t bear it


Maan: no ways. I will surely find you in my concert in future


Saying so Maan pecked her forehead and left the room hurriedly. But both of them missed the person who was listening to them from outside the room, with guild imprinted all over his face


Geet sobbed in pain to see Maan moving away from her. She tried her best not to be weak, knowing it will only cause more pain to her Maan. But now when he left, she couldn’t able to control her whimper.


It hurts. It hurts a lot that someone stabbed her heart with a sharp knife. She hide her face on the pillow in order to stop her crying sound.


After a minute or so she felt someone putting a hand on her shoulder, and then sitting beside her.


When she looked up she saw her father’s moist eyes.


Geet tried her best to stop her cry. She already hurt Maan, now she don’t want to hurt another one she loved the most. They both were her whole world. She will made sure that her father will be happy now


Geet: I’m sorry papa, I will not disobey you. See, Maan too left now


Mohindar wiped her tears and hugged her tight.


Mohindar: no beta. I’m sorry.


Geet looked up at her father’s face, while still hugging him tightly. After so many days she was with her father now.


Geet: papa aap


Mohindar: in my own misery I never saw the place where my own daughter will be happy. I’m sorry beta. Your momma will be so angry on me today, I broke my promise Geet. I couldn’t able to take care of you. Couldn’t able to take care of your happiness


Geet: no papa, please don’t cry. You are the best papa one could get. I’m sorry that I hurt you. I will never do it again. Please papa, don’t cry


Geet pleaded while wiping his tears


Mohindar: I will talk with Maan’s father. I will ask maan’s hand from them. I promise beta, I will do whatever you want, but please never ever think about leaving me


Geet: It’s ok papa, aap pleae shant ho jaiye


Mohindar: you know Geet? After your mother left me, I felt that I’ve left alone in this big world. Just then you cried out as if to reminder me that you are still there for me. And when I took you in my arms, I got the reason to live my life. In all these years, you two become my reasons to live, to survive. And I’m truly proud that God gifted me an angel in the form of my little Geet


Geet: I love you Papa. I’m sorry that I hurt you


Mohindar: you can never hurt me beta. Now you better be fine soon, then we will contact with Maan’s family.


Arjun: well they are already here, now if you also agreed, we should talk soon before these two kids do something else


Said Arjun from behind


Mohindar and Geet looked at the door and saw Arjun and Ria smiling at her, whereas Anukalp, Natasha and Daadi ma was also present along with Pinky


Mohindar stood up and went towards them.


Mohindar: I’m sorry maa ji for everything that happened


Mohindar said guiltily to Daadi ma


Daadi ma: ye bhi koi baat hua? You did what one father should do as a father. Let’s forget everything and talk with Pandit ji.


Natasha: haan, aab to bas jald se jald mujhe aapne bahu ko ghar lekar jaana hai


Anukalp: but yes in all these Maan got a lesson.


All looked at him confusingly


Anukalp: never to enter in someone’s house without permission.


Anukalp joked. While all laughed


Natasha went near Geet and pecked on her forehead


Natasha: you made us so worried beta. Never do that again


Geet: I’m sorry aunty


Natasha: aunty nehi mom. Abhi se adaat daal lo ma bolne ka


Pinky chirped near Geet


Pinky: you guys should do all these dramas later. Because of you I lost the chance of watching Maan’s very first concert. You fool


Daadi ma: well you guys can still go


Pinky: but how? We don’t have any tickets


Daadi ma: you can take ours. Waise bhi, iss umar mai mujhe koi shokh nehi hai jumping ki


Pinky gave the most big grin and looked at Geet


Pinky: chal na Geet, please. I planned so much to shout and dance in front


Geet: but pinky, how can we go?


Mohindar: go and enjoy. Arjun will take you both then


Geet: papa aap?


Mohindar smiled softly at his daughter.


Mohindar: Go and tell him that you will be with him onward, every single day, in his every single concert to cheer him up


Geet grin widely at her father while fresh tears roll down from her eyes

Pinky: Geet now get up, we need to hurry up. Only half hour left to start his first performance. 


Pinky said while pulling Geet by her hand


Arjun: okey, you guys hurry up. I’m going to take my car from parking


Saying so arjun left with his car key


Geet self-thought: I’m coming Maan. Your girlfriend will not miss your 1st concert. Oppsss, your soon to be wife. Wo bhi officially with all of our family members’ acceptance


Precap: Geet and Pinky in Maan’s concert.

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Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 56)



Part 56

More three hours left


Arjun filled the form and now sitting in front of the room. He is feeling guilty to talk with his father like that. But the guilt of not being able to take care of his little sister’s happiness, not to be with her when she was in a vicious situation to make this big step, is far big and not letting him breath for a minute.


Another scream came out from the room, making Arjun close his eyes in pain. The screams are coming inside of Geet’s throat, even when she is unconscious.


Tears welled up from Arjun’s close eye lids. His gudia is like his own daughter, who is the biggest part of his life. That small girl, who never even saw the shadow of pain and hurt, is now on the room, screaming in pain. And he can’t even do anything apart from sitting here and wait for the doctor.


He wiped the tears and hides his face on his palm and sighed heavily. He has had enough. Now Geet herself will decide what she wants. And he will not let his father to step into her path. Not this time.


Yes he is guilty for talking with his father this way. He shouldn’t do it. And he will seek the forgiveness for his words, but he also had to show his father the reality, the reality that his father did not understand in his possessiveness of saving his daughter from the pain he once felt years ago.


Meanwhile in the small mandir in hospital:



Mohindar is praying for his daughter’s wellbeing when he feels someone’s hand on his shoulder. Turning around he saw Ria sitting near him.


Ria: please don’t feel bad on Arjun’s words papa. He’s just worried for Geet


Mohindar: I know beta. I do understand his feelings. And may be somewhere I deserved all those words


Ria: Papa, can I say you something?


Mohindar nodded


Ria: I know you were just trying to protect our Geet, but maybe we should not be so hard on her. We could take information from others about Maan. Like how he is with people, how’s his personal life, did anyone heard any mishap about him related with girls. You know?


Mohindar: I did a big sin Ria, and I know today Geet is here only because of me


Ria: but papa, she was happy today. She was actually thinking forward to have a talk with you. When I was leaving she was actually talking positively. I never thought she would take any drastic step like this. I would not leave her today. It’s also my fault.


Mohindar: no you are not in any fault. It’s all because of me. I told her that I was wrong by accepting your mother’s decision when she told me to choose Geet over her. Or else I would never lose my your mother in law over a daughter like her


Ria looked shockly at him


Mohindar: I lost my daughter. The girl who always used to tell me that no can harm her because she’s her papa’s princess, is now on the OT harmed by her own father


Mohindar chocked and let his tears fall down from his eyes. Only he knew how he’s feeling. His only daughter is fighting for his life and he is the reason of all these is killing him within


Ria can’t able to talk for some minutes. She keeps thinking how Arjun will react after hearing that. Because this is the only reason for which Geet took this big step. Geet’s that latter can make her understand in how much pain she was while writing that. But it’s already done. She should not let this issue stress any more


What you said is already said. You will not tell anyone what you said to Geet – Ria said softly


Mohindar: But


Ria: I know you never meant it, you can never mean this. Because we all know how much important she is for all of us. So let’s pray that she will be fine and forget whatever happened in these days.


Something is not meant to come out. Let them hide for the betterment of every relations – she thought to herself


Near the OT:


Arjun hear the sound of someone approaching.


Arjun: now what do you want? Don’t you think you actually ruined much enough? Now let my sister live in peace.


Pinky: bhaia please let him meet Geet for one time, please?


Arjun look up hearing Pinky’s voice. He thought it’s his father. But whom he sees make him guiltier.


Maan is standing there folding his hand together in front of him. And Pinky is standing behind Maan.


Maan: just for once, please let me go inside. I just want to stay with her for once bhaia, please.


Maan pleads while his face is showing the pain he is bearing within him


Arjun sighed. How can he stop Maan not to meet with Geet. He doesn’t have that strength.


Arjun: she’s still in OT. Doctors are washing her stomach to take out those medicines.


Maan looked at the OT door while Pinky squeezes his hand in assurance of Geet’s safety.


Arjun: and sorry Maan. Those words were not meant for you. I thought it was papa.


Maan only nods and go to the OT door, trying hard to show one glance if his jaan. Arjun can see the restlessness and turmoil running inside him


Two hours left:


As soon as the OT door opens, Arjun rushed there. Maan is already standing there, on that same position from last 3 hours.


Doctor: she is out of danger now. We washed her stomach and did some tests which are showing that nothing is there in her blood. Just make sure when she will be in her sense, don’t let her talk that much. It will be painful for her because of the sour throat. She will be moved on a cabin now. So you all can meet with her. But only one in once as many voices will wake her. Let her sleep


Arjun: thanks a lot doctor.


Doctor: you welcome. And yes can you come with me? You need to complete some formalities regarding the cabin and operation


Arjun: sure doctor


Arjun looks at Maan and said


Arjun: you go and stay with her. I’m going with the doctor


Maan look at him totally shocked


I trust you – Arjun smile a little at him and go with the doctor


Soon Geet is shifted in a two bed cabin. Ria came and help the sister to change her dress and to make her sleep in a comfortable position. And now only Maan is sitting beside her, holding her hand, waiting for his jaan to open her eyes and to let him take his breath out as because from last seven hours he is living like a dead soul.


At around mid-4am,


Geet opened her eyes, but stopped again for the light that was not letting her open her eyes. She heard some whispering something, then someone holding her hand, someone caressing her hair.


She somehow opened her eyes to see the doctor coming inside along with a sister. She looked around and whom she saw made her focus on that particular person only.


Doctor checked her and told her that she can stay this night and can leave the next day and instructed her to take complete bed rest and liquid foods.


All the time Geet was keep looking at Maan. It’s like everything around her turned completely blur


Arjun left with the doctor to talk, while Ria thought to give them some time alone and left with Pinky.


Maan came near her bed while Geet keep looking at him; she was not even blinking what if he would disappear.


Maan quietly sat on a chair in front of her.


Geet: naraz ho?


Maan: don’t talk with me


Geet: this much angry?


Maan: how could you do this? You never even thought once about me? Never even thought how will I live with a thought that my life left me


Geet: I’m sorry, how would I saw you going away from me. Its better


Maan: wait till you are ok. I will take you in a terrace and jump down. Then you will understand what I felt in all these hours


Geet smiled


Maan: now stop smiling


Geet tried to say something and coughed. At the same time chocked in throat pain


Maan: sshhh. Don’t talk. No need to talk. You rest now.


Geet: no, you will go away then


Maan: I have to go jaan


Geet: but stay tills the morning, please


Maan: I will be here, just right after you. Now sleep jaan


Geet: promise you will not go away when I will sleep


Maan: I promise I will be here and you will find me here when you will open your eyes after your sleep


Geet clenched his one hand and tucked it inside of her face and closed her eyes. Maan pecked her forehead and soon she went into deep slumber.


Precap 1:

Maan: I promise you that I’ll not force you in this relation, even if you will leave me and move apart but promise me Geet you will live you life happily

Maan said Geet while putting her hands on his head, making geet whimper in pain

She tried so hard not to break down when her family in just outside the room. Even when her Maan is leaving her, just for the sake of her happiness, her father’s happiness.

Maan: Promise me Geet that you will marry and live happily with who ever your papa will choose for you

Geet nodded while trying to suppress her cry

Geet: but promise me you will never stop singing , and will be more and more famous so that all girl will drool on you like the way I used to

Maan chuckled while trying not to spill his tears

Maan: I’ll make sure in future both you and your daughter will drool on me, making your husband feel offended and jealous

Both smiled trying to lighten the mood

Maan: Take care Geet. Be happy

Geet: I love you Maan, I really do

Geet cried enable to hide her pain anymore

Maan: sshhh, I know jaan. I know that you love me. But i want you to love your family more to choose them over me. Make them proud of you Geet

Geet: I will. Please don’t say bye now. I can’t bear it

Maan: no ways. I will surely find you in my concert in future

saying so Maan pecked her forehead and left the room hurriedly. But both of them missed the person who was listening to them from outside the room, with guild imprinted all over his face

Precap 2:
Mohindar: Go and tell him that you will be with him onward, every single day, in his every single concert to cheer him up

Geet grin widely at her father while fresh tears roll down from her eyes

Pinky: Geet now get up, we need to hurry up. Only half hour left to start his first performance. 


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